“NOT RECOMMENDED.”  a poem   January 18, 2020 (Saturday)

Mystic Poet

“NOT RECOMMENDED.”  a poem   January 18, 2020 (Saturday)

What have I learned,

These last (few) years,

With some clar i ty?


That    NOT to anyone   would I    recommend me,

For any purpose.  And what am I?   Am I strong or weak?

Well, whatever I am,  it appears to me   it must be pretty bleak,

When I can’t guarantee    DELIVERY      for what thePEOPLE  want,

Consistently.   (i.e.)  a stable mind       and a deliberate hunt.

Perhaps, I’m good to know       y’know   for a greeting at The Market,

Or a hugOR a “GoodTOsee you,”    but I’mQUITEsure    do not “park it,”

Herewith all the highest hopes;   it appears I’ll disappoint. Show quoted text

Mystic Poet

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