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Remember all those lost moments ~ LETTER TO MY HUSBAND

I don’t know what got us here makes me feel that it’s all fallen into pieces since the day I first saw you . You know those moments you think that this can’t be happening to you when and the world keeps spinning and how your mind keeps straying back to see you again. And remember how you gave up and hide behind a door. I couldn’t keep you out of my mind, oh yah, I found you, didn’t I . Remember when I said don’t you want to play with me, and how you gave up? And remember the journey, you trying to sort me out, looking for a reason to like me. How guarded, secret you were and do you remember how patient or pathetic I was. You see I never missed a step backwards. When your eyes sparkle at me and when you throw back your head and laugh I knew you really loved me.

Letter to my Husband ©

Letter to my Husband 🏝️
I love you just the way you are ❤️❤️©️
  • Remember all those lost moments ~ LETTER TO MY HUSBAND
    I don't know what got us here makes me feel that it's all fallen into pieces since the day I first saw you . You know those moments you think that this can't be happening to you when and the world keeps spinning and how your mind keeps straying back to see you again. And … Read More
  • My Prayer – Best Freind
    Letter to my husband Lyrics My prayer is to linger with you At the end of the dayIn a dream that's devineMy prayer is a rapture in blueWith a world far awayAnd your lips close to mine Tonight while our hearts are aglowOh tell me the words that I'm longing to knowMy prayer and the answer … Read More
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  • Letter to my Husband 💥💥
    Letter to my Husband
  • Letter to my husband
    Women with the highest walls love the deepest It's all connected, your gift your purpose as a woman Your imperfections, your destiny is moulding you Embrace all you are You are beautiful, worthy, lovable and adorable I know this information maybe painfully obvious You're not falling appart, you’re just falling into something different with a … Read More

It came for love 💕

It Came From Love

When I think of love it always begins with you, every day I am blessed to be with all you are, never let it slip away from our grasp, it should be this way forever

No one else can charm me the way that you do, your subtle angelic features, quaint lyrical laugh, your coy playful smile, I do melt when looking into those eyes, steel blue and limpid, so intoxicating

Your touch tells me of your devotion, the way you kiss me ignites my inner passion, the warmth just the feel of your body next to mine, all this is almost too much, should it end be gentle with me

Every day is a new adventure for us, never letting the mundane take us down, creating a moment of excitement is never dull, I cherish all you are and be to me endlessly

Sometimes late at night as I watch you sleep, I am amazed at your beauty, soft and supple your alabaster skin is, for this I count my merits, how was it you came to me that day

Happily we can pursue this lofty set of goals, how do we remain in love the rest of our lives, when the day is done you next to me, making love until mornings light, I do love you more for this

  Straight men – whats straight about men lol – some have Daddly long legs 🦵 Some have kissing lips that drive you mad as hell.


Straight men share why they love having sex in public toilets 10.20 am ‘I was on the train with this girl I’d been on a date with. We were snogging in the toilet, with my hand up her dress, when the door opened. ‘A middle-aged man in a suit was standing there reading the paper, and he looked at me in shock, like, “what the -?” then his expression changed to, “nice one mate!” ‘I think it was pretty obvious I hadn’t lost my keys up there. I was frantically pushing the buttons to close the door, and luckily it all happened so quickly that I don’t think she realised.’ This is just one of the toilet trysts Ian’s had, since nearly losing his virginity in the ladies’ loo of his local nightclub as a teenager. He remembers, ‘the floor was so slippery it became a laugh fest as we were all over the place. But we ended up doing it in bed a week later, so it did have a successful ending!’ Ian has since gone on to have numerous saucy encounters with women in public loos – and he’s not the only multiple offender. While getting jiggy in a public toilet is usually associated with gay men having anonymous sex, there are plenty of heterosexual couples connecting crotches in cubicles. Whereas cottaging emerged in less liberal times as a way for men to meet men (with secret signals to communicate their intentions), heteros with perfectly good homes to shag in are sneaking into toilets for the thrill of it. David was on a bar crawl with his girlfriend of a few weeks, when they had sex in the men’s room at The Barfly in Camden. He says,’it was quite early on in the night and we didn’t want to wait until we got home.’ David checked the coast was clear, then they rushed in and did the deed. David says: ‘Someone saw us come out, but we walked straight to the bar as if nothing happened. We felt a bit giddy – the dive bar vibes made it feel illicit – and it brought back teenage memories of sneaking around.’ David sees his night at The Barfly as the start of ‘being a bit of an exhibitionist.’ Having split up with his Barfly co-conspirator, David went upmarket with his next girlfriend, treating her to toilet sex at Le Meridien Hotel on Piccadilly. ‘We’d been seeing each other for about a year,’ he says, ‘and we were in town drinking cocktails in the hotel bar. We were feeling a bit amorous and getting a bit handsy – that’s when I said, “shall we…?”‘ David was surprised when his girlfriend said yes. ‘At first she wasn’t sure if I was serious, but when I said I was, we went for it.’ Having been to the hotel before, David knew his way round, and so leaving their coats and bags in the bar, they slipped off for sex in the men’s cloakrooms. ‘It’s a five star hotel, so nothing was going to go missing,’ remembers David. ‘And there was no worry about cleanliness. Afterwards, we went back to the bar to finish our drinks.’ David’s third lavatory love-in was at Victoria station, after a trip to Winter Wonderland. Still in a relationship with Miss Meridien, David says: ‘we’d had a few mulled wines, and Amaretto hot chocolates, so we were feeling happy and horny, and couldn’t wait until we got home.’ They looked for somewhere secluded on the way from Hyde Park Corner to Victoria station, but didn’t find anywhere. So when they arrived at Victoria with 20 minutes to spare, they ‘passed the time in the disabled toilet.’ While David’s always slipped under the radar, Ian’s had issues every time. (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk After ending up in a Portaloo with a woman he’d met in a pub, Ian found himself putting on a sex show for passersby in Leicester Square. ‘I was getting a blowjob – my eyes were closed and she had her back to the door,’ explains Ian. ‘When I opened my eyes, I saw the door had come open and people were walking past laughing.’ On another occasion, Ian had the opposite problem – he found himself locked in. He says: ‘I was in the Spice of Life pub in Soho with a work colleague. We’d been drinking for four hours and I was feeling really randy. She kept putting her hand in my lap, then when I went to the loo she headed me off and dragged me into the ladies. Somehow we were in there for about an hour. Ian came out of the toilet to find the pub was empty and the doors were locked. ‘I went through to the kitchen and kept walking until I found someone,’ he says. ‘They said, “get a feckin’ room next time!”‘ Toby, who describes himself as an exhibitionist who’s, ‘spontaneous when I get the horn’ had toilet sex at The Terrace, a Wimbledon bar that’s since closed. ‘It wasn’t planned, but protection was used,’ he says. Having met his date on Gumtree, Toby agreed to meet her in The Terrace at lunchtime as it was near where they both worked. ‘From the messages we’d sent, sex was definitely on the cards,’ he explains, although he hadn’t expected it to happen at lunchtime. ‘We’d actually agreed to meet again after work, but she had something come up, so it was either now or rearrange for another day. ‘We were both horny so we jumped into the toilet. It was a pretty quiet bar so I think most people guessed – and she squirted when she came, so it was actually quite handy we were in a toilet.’ (Illustraion: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk) Spurred on by his lunchtime shag, Toby arranged another rendezvous, this time for after work with a woman he’d met on Craigslist. He says: ‘she didn’t want to host or come to mine, so we agreed to do it in the toilet at Starbucks.’ The unisex loo meant they had more space – but it also kept other customers waiting. ‘Someone banged on the door,’ says Toby. ‘We ignored it at first and initially we didn’t hurry up, but then they knocked a second time and that put me off. ‘My heart was racing because I was nervous we’d been caught. I was worried Starbucks would open the door and see me butt naked having sex!’ The experience hasn’t put Toby off though: ‘I’d do it again, although not many girls will have sex in a toilet – and there are other “outside” places I prefer.’ Ian feels the same: ‘Of course I’d do it again! It’s passionate, hot and a bit naughty. If you’re prepared to have sex in a toilet, you know you’re into each other. David, meanwhile, says: ‘it’s definitely something I wouldn’t mind repeating although now I’m a bit older I’d like somewhere fancier – The Shard would be awesome.’ ‘Toilets aren’t the most romantic of places, but they have the advantage of being the most private commonly available space. ‘It can be quite a thrill as there’s always the possibility of being caught.’ For anyone considering sex in the loos, James offers some advice. ‘It’s probably not a good idea to mention it to a new partner,’ he suggests. ‘Once you’ve started having normal sex together, you could try going for a few drinks and then see if you can persuade them while in the moment. ‘If you try to discuss it before, they might see it as a bit too much. ‘If you are in a long term relationship, anything you can do to spice things up is going to have some benefit. In this case, you could talk about it first or else it may seem out of character. If you are both in agreement, the excitement of doing something a bit naughty could work wonders. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Preece adds: ‘Whatever you do, just remember to wash your hands afterwards!’

Anyway I Made this up👍

Time needed: 5 days, 23 hours and 6 minutes.

Letter to my husband

  1. Coming home

    Home is a place where you find trust hope and comfort all the days of you life

  2. HUG

    Hugging relieves stress enjoy the endorphins sending shivers down your spin

  3. Thoughts

    Saturate your thoughts of blissfully being held long after he fell asleep
    Glance over take a look and smile

Its okay to hurt sometimes ~


Story TIME long ago

I meet an Angel

He was a little boy ANGEL

He sat on my window ledges way above my head dangling his long daddy long legs in the wind

He was a beautiful ANGLE WITH black diamonds for eyes, his teeth shone as he sang just as Angles do to soothe you to a lullaby rocking in your soul

How I loved that little Angel boy

He told me when I grew up he would make me his wife to love and cherish until we flew away into the heavens of bright blue dazzling ⭐️ Star

As the years drift, as they do I waited in my bed every night for his return

Many things and many journeys, some okay, many unhappy times I never forgot my little Angel boy with those long daddy legs hanging over my window sill telling me stories of life he had seen and heard

I sit at my desk tonight with a tear in eye cause I know now what he was teaching me

That I would hurt many times on my journey through life that would hurt me , but it would be okay to hurt

What a precious little boy Angel he is

He has always been at my side, he never left me, he loved me in many past lives

My journey was to teach me to grow into the woman I am today

Hurting is only a moment in time that passes by the time you open eyes

Nothing ever stays the same , he said, times move on until one day I found him looking at me and I knew my LITTLE ANGEL BOY with those long daddy legs never left me

He is my Husband and he has loved my always

Just as he loved me the day I was born and he waited until I grew up ~ ©

Letter To My Husband ©

@bestofnatureblog ©
It’s okay to hurt ☹️

Law of Attraction in Studies “Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviors. Keep your behaviors positive, because your behaviors become your habits. Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny.” ~Gandhi

The universe is an amazing, powerful place, but is it really strong enough to bring you everything you desire? Can you really will yourself to get good grades without much effort?

Many people who believe in the universal law of attraction think that whatever you ask the universe for you receive. However, the law of attraction is a bit more complicated than “ask and you shall receive.”

The law of attraction is the idea that our thoughts are like magnets. If you want to attract positive things, you have to think positively. Negative thoughts bring undesirable results.

So basically, to get good grades using the law of attraction, you need to have a positive outlook in regards to school. You need to believe that you are an A-grade student — and act like one — and use the power behind your new positive thoughts to create a straightforward plan for success.

Banish Bad Thoughts, Feelings, and Fears
The first step to mastering the law of attraction and manifesting good grades is dismissing any and all negative thoughts, feelings, and concerns surrounding your education. You have to change your mindset and deal with whatever crap is holding you back. If you’re like the most people, you’re thinking, “I don’t have any bad thoughts, feelings or fears in regards to education.” You’re wrong.

“Last year, a study of more than 30,000 people revealed that harping on negative life events (particularly through rumination and self-blame) can be the prime predictor of some of today’s most common mental health problems. Results from the eye-opening U.K. study, the largest of its kind, indicated that it isn’t just what happens to us that matters, but how we think about it that shapes our psychological well-being.”

Everyone has crap they need to deal with floating around their subconscious mind. To reach your full potential and get good grades using the law of attraction, you have to uncover your mental blocks and erase them completely. The good news is, it isn’t as hard as it sounds and there are several ways to banish bad thoughts, feelings, and fears for good. It’s time to change your mindset.

Uncover Your Mental Blocks
The easiest way to reveal negative thoughts, feelings, or fears you have surrounding a particular part of your life is to complete a simple journal exercise.

Without putting a lot of thought into what you’re writing, create a list of your negative educational experiences and any thoughts associated with them. Start as far back as you can remember — sometimes small events in your childhood cause mental blocks in your adult life — and list any and all things negative in regards to your educational background and personal experiences.

Some things to consider while completing this exercise include: What embarrassed you? Were you picked on at school because you were different than other kids, didn’t own name-brand things, or stuttered your way through reading out loud in class? Have you ever had something embarrassing happen to you while giving an oral report What scares you? Are you afraid of being a failure? Are you afraid that people will think that you’re stupid if you don’t get good grades in college? Are you afraid of what your professors will think of you if you don’t pass a class?

What frustrates you about learning? Do you despise people who seem to get good grades effortlessly? Do you dread long nights of studying? Do you feel like your professors don’t understand you? Do you family and friends constantly criticize you about your dismal academic performance?

What makes you feel guilty? Were you a school bully? Did you steal a classmates milk money in second grade? Did you cheat on an exam in high school? Do you feel like you aren’t living up to your potential? Do you feel like you’re letting your family and friends down? When you finish this exercise, you might only have a few things on your list, or it may be five pages long. It’s okay. The number of items on your list doesn’t matter. What’s important is how you deal with the negativity you’ve uncovered.

Dealing with Your Crap
Psychology Today advises people to remove negative thoughts in one of seven different ways:
Learn to recognize thought distortions. That little voice in your head that’s saying “this exam is too hard” or “I’m not smart enough” is a good example of distorted thinking. In reality, those statements aren’t true, but your mind tries to trick you into believing them.
Challenge every negative thought by replacing it with a positive thought or affirmation. For example, if your subconscious mind is telling you that you can’t get good grades because your exams are too hard, you need to reply back saying, “No, my exam isn’t too hard. I can get good grades.”

Take a break from the negative by taking a few minutes for yourself any time you begin feeling overwhelmed or frustrated about your schoolwork. In five minutes, you can meditate or complete a series of deep breathing exercises to put your mind at ease.

Try your best not to judge yourself or others. Be consistently and consciously grateful. Keep a gratitude journal, and each night before bed write down three things you were grateful for that day.
Focus on your strengths. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Focusing on classes you do well in the majority of the time helps build up your confidence, making it easier to deal with more challenging subjects.
If you can’t get rid of your negative outlook on life by yourself, go to counseling. Another person’s point of view might help you to see your positive attributes more clearly.

Use Your New Mindset to Get Good Grades
Once you’ve cleared the negativity out of your world, it’s time to use the power of positive thinking to get good grades. If you’ve cleared all of your mindset blocks, you’ll feel pumped and excited about your new outlook on education. So if you don’t, repeat the process above until your mindset changes completely.

If you have changed your mindset, you’re probably wondering why you haven’t received your good grades. After all, mindset work is tough, so you might feel like the universe should have handed you results by now. These feelings are common, and often people stop believing in the law of attraction at this point.

Don’t give up yet though. Remember, the universe is powerful, but you still have to act like an A-grade student to be one. It’s time put the law of attraction into action.

Set Realistic Goals
You can’t be successful at anything without goals. So start by setting goals for yourself, but keep your goals realistic. If you are a student with a D average, you can’t expect to become an A-grade student overnight. Instead, set a goal to bring your D average up to a C average and work your way up to straight A’s.

Once you’ve set your goals, write them down — this part is important — and do it every single day. Quickly jotting down your goals every day keeps you focused on them. At the very least, you should be reading the goals you wrote down on a daily basis.

Create a Plan of Action
When you’re using the law of attraction to get good grades, your plan of action won’t look like every other student’s plan of action. Instead, you’ll work on a combination of studying and personal development. The personal growth work you do helps you maintain your new positive mindset, which gives you the energy and passion needed to get good grades.

Read one personal development book each week. It doesn’t have to be a book about mindset either. You may want to choose something related to the subjects you’re studying.

Keep a journal. Jotting down your negative feelings helps you clear them from your mind quickly, and writing out positive feelings boosts your mood. Exercise on a regular basis. Exercise increases endorphins, which make you happy. Practice visualizing your goals by creating a dream board that shows what life as a stellar student looks like — hang your dream board in your study area.

Set pop-up reminders on your phone filled with positive thoughts and quotes. You also need to create a study schedule to stay on track, but be careful not to make one that’s overwhelming. Make sure you schedule blocks of the day for breaks or just time for yourself. Also, make sure you’re getting enough sleep each night and eating healthy to keep your mind clear and maintain higher levels of energy.

What’s important to remember about the law of attraction is that all of your positive thinking won’t work unless you take action. If you want to get good grades in college, use the power behind your positive thoughts to fuel your passion, create a success plan that isn’t overwhelming, and follow your success plan daily.

( just like my Dad did) 💥💥💥 ~ Memories ~ told to me by my Father as a little girl

Use your voice for kindness

Your ears for compassion

Your hands for charity

Your mind for the truth

And your heart for Love

Never take your Lover for granted

Cause you will never keep them

Someone will take your place

Cherish, Nuture, Listen and be happy

( just like my Dad did)

Sad Story about someone long ago I once knew ~

Do you think you’re seen her naked, because she took her clothes off

Tell me about her dreams

Tell me what breaks her heart

What is she passionate about

And what makes her cry ?

Tel me abut her childhood. Better yet. Tell me a story you’re not in

You’re seen her skin, and you’re touched her body

But you still know as much about her book, you once found, but never got to open it

Only in AUSTRALIA 😺😺

The incredible imbecility of AOC

 No matter which political affiliation you have, this is truly funny. The good news is she is getting press time. Hopefully the people of NYC will realize what they elected  to Congress.

 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Daylight Savings Time: 

“If we change our times with the sole intent of increasing the amount of daylight we receive, that’s an extra hour of sun shine that will warm the planet. That’s one extra hour per day of extra heat warming our already unstable planet. We need to repeal Daylight Savings Time as a primary measure to decrease the rate of climate change. Less hours of sun shine equal less heat hitting Earth’s surface. We’re running out of time!”

And we are paying this woman around $170,000 plus benefits, and a pension for life. Unbelievable! 


For my heart does long to be held underneath the stars with a warm gentle soul; wrapping his kindness around me with comfort and care.

To look into those troubled eyes and see a star that longs to shine. A soul that wants to share, a heart that wants to love. A curious encounter of the worlds we share through all our colours alike.
The shades, the textures, the distances we hold between our hearts.

For with you I am strong, I am bold, and I’m never told to silence my being. I’m heard, I’m seen, I’m dancing delicately on clouds, that wrap me in the soft, gentle, purity, that keeps my heart beating strong; effervescent by the moon beam that draws light upon the hidden treasures only longing eyes may see.

I’m fierce, I’m brave, I’m unafraid to share the parts most fear, and that delicacy can come a mirror of their own unknown. I’ll hold out my hand let you grab it in time and hold gently and warmly in yours, and as I kiss your lips you’ll know you’re safe but the time will come when you’re gone.

For it is not what I’ve done or said or been, it is the trouble you battle against in your own mind. Undeserving, unworthy, not enough in your own eyes, but through mine you always shine.

Take heed my sweet, you are safe not to fear, for it’s open and ready when you need to draw near. I’ll not come with demands or expect what you can’t see, with
all these things in your head you just forgot to see me.

The gentle dance


Thought for the day🐝


This is really interesting…  Enjoy…  

When GOD solves our problems, we have faith in HIS abilities. When GOD doesn’t solve our

problems, HE has faith in our abilities.

One may observe God’s accuracy in the hatching of eggs…….

*Those of the Canary   in 14 days ;

*Those of the Barnyard Hen   in 21 days ;

*Eggs of Ducks and Geese   in 28 days ;

*Those of the Mallard   in 35 days ;

*Eggs of the Parrot and the Ostrich hatch   in 42 days .

(Notice, they are all divisible by seven, the number of days in a week!)

See God’s Wisdom in the making of an Elephant… The four legs of this great beast all bend

forward in the same direction. No other quadruped is so made.

God planned that this animal would have a huge body… too large to live on two legs.

For this reason He gave it four fulcrums so that it can rise from the ground easily.

The Horse rises from the ground on its two front legs first.

A Cow rises from the ground with its two hind legs first.

How wise the Lord is in all His works of Creation!

Each Watermelon has an even number of stripes on the Rind.

Each Orange has an even number of segments.

Each ear of Corn has an even number of rows.

Each stalk of Wheat has an even number of grains.

Every bunch of Bananas has on its lowest row an even number of Bananas, and each row

decreases by one, so that one row has an even number and the next row an odd number.

Amazing! There’s more…

The Waves of the Sea roll in on shore Twenty-six to the Minute in all kinds of weather.

All Grains are found in even numbers on the stalks..

God has caused the Flowers to Blossom at certain specified times during the day.

Linnaeus, the Great Botanist, once said that if he had a Conservatory containing the right

kind of Soil, Moisture, and Temperature, he could tell the Time of Day or Night by the

Flowers that were Open and those that were Closed.

The Lives of each of us may be ordered by the Lord in a Beautiful Way for His Glory,  if we will only Entrust Him with our Lives.

If we try to Regulate our own Lives, we will have only Mess and Failure.

Only God, who made our Brains and Hearts, can Successfully Guide them.

And did you also know…

Life without God is like an Unsharpened pencil – it has no Point.

I pray God bless you 

My Secret Waterfall Places 👄

You don’t need magic to disappear

You only need a destination

Your love is like a waterfall

Running wild and Free

The waterfalls are lovely here

But I have promises to keep

The waterfall keeps whispering his name

Calling me to surrender to his wild free ways like the waterfall sounds

Seducing my soul

And I have miles to go before I sleep

How glorious when I arrive to the seduction of the voice

My Secret Waterfall Place mm©