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“MY WIFIE, SUPER HERO!”ย Mr & Mrs Cuddly Poo ~ ๐Ÿ’™๐ŸŽญ๐Ÿ‘„

“MY WIFIE, SUPER HERO!” a poem in the continuing saga/series of /Mr & Mrs Cuddly Poo ~ penned TODAY! Super Bowl Sunday! February 3, 2019

She’ll eat a Super-Bowl-sundae, with enough-choc-o-late to-KILL,
A thousand water buffalo – and-even- Buffalo Bill!
She’ll “BLOCK” The Bad Guys with – one hand tied behind her back,
And, if-she-had-to – The-Whole-L.A.-Rams-Offensive-Team,
She could prob’ly sack!

She’s got-enough LOVE – for a million years,
Of total-LOVE-exposure, drying (up) a zillion tears,
And (pause) She gives me lots of kisses – and-e-nough I-LOVE-YOU’s,
To float a thousand battle ships –
And-make the headline news!

She is: MRS. CUDDLY POO, “The-Down-Under-Queen-O’-Hearts,
Who-loves: cat&dogs&littlekids – Evil Doers? Take-to-your-“carts,”
And “Get-outta-Dodge” before High Noon,
Or she’ll subdue you, with a pink balloon,
Or a feather duster!! stuck – (well!) You know where!
MY SUPER HERO WIFIE!!!! Of-her, you-better-beware!

BUT! She’s also a SUPER-CUDDLER, the best in any town,
And, if you’re nice, she’ll NEVER! let you wear a frown,
‘Cause-she’ll-make-you: SUPER-HERO-COOKIES, that-you-just-can’t-beat!
She’s a MARVEL!* A super-duper-wifie! and!-She’s-also: SUPER-SWEET!

fin โค

* – She might be in Marvel comic books some day!




In your garden of thoughts Cultivate Harmony Your Mind is the Garden Your thoughts are the seeds You can grow flowers Or you can grow weeds

Watch “Celine Dion Greatest hits full album new 2017” on YouTube

“LITTLE RUGRAT(S)!” October 2017. Monday.

Be nice to rugrats!

And they’ll be nice to you!

They might appear like fragile things,

But blessings can accrue!

They scurry ’round and peek-in-the-corner,

Looking for: Their Friend, Little Jack Horner!

They’ll play little tricky tricks on you,

And make little noises, like: “Poo-poo-pee-doo!”

Stay on their “good side,” if you know what’s good!!

‘Cause Their Daddy’s really big – just “knock on wood!”

{The final admonition of Yesua, the son of Yehsef, a little Hebrew boy living in a Roman-controlled province a couple millenia ago!}