Cpt. Jack Sparrow

Cpt. Jack Sparrow dreams of yesterday’s eroticism on the high Seas of the Carribean ⚜️⚜️

The years have passed, the captain became the captain of the dark depths of the ocean

With the crew arrived again seaward bound
And being in an old dead bones
He saw his love rise from the depth of the ocean covered in tattoos long faded

She has those pert breasts I hunger for
And lips, lips are eager for love
He did not believe his own eyes,
But lost consciousness in half darkness.

And when my nymph opened one eye

Brown eyes wanted eroticism to behold Jack Sparrow was back at last with his beloved wench of the Ocean depths they went into the oceans of the Caribbean

She has tattoos on her hands,
And lips, lips are mean like red wine
And with surprise the captain found out
She has the daughter of that girl from Nagasaki.

The story of a beautiful dream
To my beloved girl, those lips are like cherries
Our captain continued not in the sea –
He always stayed in Nagasaki.

He was missing in a familiar basically,
Was looking at my daughter and her signs,
And saw the French features in her,
And the girl he fell in love with Nagasaki.

The captain has no other fate,
He doesn’t like any noise or a fight now.
So happy he has his daughter with her sweat betrothed
Living memory of holy love from Nagasaki!

On the storm in the storm when the thunderstorm is crying
And a seagulls cry, a victory cry in the dark.
High by the love of my sparrow of love
The greed of the waves of sea attack!

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Cpt. Jack Sparrow washed up on Australian shores to the delight of all Aussie Women 🤗🤗
J Jay Samuel Davis

Single Poem

“I Would Rather,” a poem . . .
Rather, I would live than write a single poem. To take a walk or touch a cheek or glide a comb, Through hair that is not dry, but lustrous be. I would rather not be sad, but find my life happy.
A poem is nice, but I’m inside, And I would rather run or glide, Through wind with sun embracing all my ways, For I am sad and lonely these days.
I have the will a poem to write, But I am scared to run outside and fly a kite, Too weak of will and body to engage, In acts of life, stuck on this page.
If I could do both, sure I would, To write and live if only angels could, Help me regain my happy will and hope. With poetry alone, companions mope.

FrantiÅ¡ek Dvořák, born Bruner, also known as Franz Dvorak or Franz Bruner (14 November 1862, Přelouč – 7 June 1927, Prague) was a Czech painter⚜️⚜️

He was the son of a tailor named Václav Bruner. He later changed his name to “Dvořák”, possibly for patriotic reasons. He displayed artistic talent from an early age and when he was fourteen, his father sent him to the pedagogical institute in Kutná Hora. At the age of seventeen, his desire for an artistic […]


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Cpt. Jack Sparrow

Good evening friends Cpt. Jack Sparrow ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️

Sea splashes, the breeze on the day is clear,
Over the horizon the sunset over the horizon –
Who can love them as passionate
Like a crazy pirate?

He is not a romantic to write about thunderstorms,
About the fierce battles of your own,
But somehow, getting in the sober dreams,
Left, not knowing, in mine.

May he choose all the wine of the world,
And the best dance for him is a duel,
Destiny fell in love with something,
forgive crimes and hops.

The salt wind is sweeter than chocolate,
And happiness for him is to hold the wheel,
And they are not afraid of the guns of the kanonada,
No breaking on board.

Whatever clouds walk in the sky,
And no matter how difficult the path may seem,
He has no punishment,
What is not in the ship’s cabin to sleep.

⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ Good evening 🌙

He fight will be with the feeling
And no doubt, no doubt,
Although not only out of love for art –
He is no less strong in the bills.

He’s the captain and no network
He can’t be lured, let him in the loop,
And the goal is one of all the plans of these –
Free from land to land.

Hope he meet the one that’s true there
He will try to protect him.
I’m not really open here…
Well, let’s leave… That’s not what we’re talking about.

While one hand breaks the sword,
Another luck caught a long time ago,
This is somewhere to get the bravery
Not enough of all treasures anyway.

Good evening friends Cpt. Jack Sparrow ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️
Good evening from ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️
Cpt. Jack Sparrow

Cpt. Jack Sparrow ⚜️⚜️⚜️Queen Of The Night ⚜️⚜️

Once again the queen night fell on the ground,
May she drive your worries away,
Take away the tired and problems of the day,
Will call the world of dreams, the stars of my stars.
Let your flight be magical to the stars today,
Let the soul break, the body will rest,
Your dreams my concern will protect,
For tomorrow, brighter than the sun, you will shine again!


CPT. Jack Sparrow – Prayers for Humanity

Fear attacked the countries of GodEveryone suddenly became careful. 🤔 🤔The new virus has arrived,What dressed up in the crown.The world is Panicking again,Christians are to become.In order to avoid cheating,Not even welcome!Together with the worldBuy some flour and rice. 🥨 🥨Opusteli all the prodmagiThere is no paper on the toilet! 🤷 ♀️Sugar, oil, salt […]

Cpt. Jack Sparrow⚜️⚜️⚜️ Kindness is Freedom ⚜️⚜️

KINDNESS IS FREE, sprinkle it all over the world and smile Kindness is truly priceless.And the old man who feed the pigeons,Even without knowing, gradually,This land is done by this land…And the child, having regrets the palace,And giving away a sandwich from the bag,I swear by kindness,What in trouble will not fail friends…Kindness is always […]