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“AIKIDO: LOVING PROTECTION?” a poem a.k.a.: “Tendencies To Hide In Cyber Space!” a.k.a.: “The Serpent In The Garden of Eden Has Materialized As Your Electronic Gear!” in the series: “No More Life Styles, But Device Styles?!” Saturday: Dec. 8, 2018

[Your “device” is talking to you:]

{You want; you want! So, [I] come in,
To-protect-you, Dear – from-ignorance-and-“sin!”
It’s my JOB! It’s my role!
I’m-your-protection – JUMP IN MY HOLE!
You are EXPOSED! What’s next, my Hon?
You’re-“silly’s”-“off-the-charts,” and-it’s-“bar none!”
This is love, I DO NOT control –
Come-on-now! Climb up this “pole,”
And HIDE-FROM-THE-WORLD; I’ll guard you (down) here;
Up-there, in-The-I-Clouds, you’ll-have-nothing-to-fear!
And – Darling, it’s OK – to fall asleep,
For I-AM-always vigilant – and-my-love-WILL ALWAYS KEEP,
You so protected – and happy – and free!}

“But-there’s-no-air-in-CYBER, and I’m-stuck-in-a-TREE!”

{Well! Hold your breath! Breathe shallow – and gasp!
I KNOW what is best – You’ll-be-safe!}


[The “electronic” snake slithers up to your ear – and whispers:]

“I’ll protect you FROM YOURSELF – I have THIS KIT,
And you can’t use the tools – I understand their fit,
About-using-electronics, in MY VERY SPECIAL WAY,
To-protect YOU – (pause) from whatever – you might say,
Which is obviously wrong – So-I’ll-protect- you-every-day,
And-as-you-turn-into-a-donkey, it’s-so-cute-when-you-bray!
It’s ALL – my way – my-SLITHERING-WAY-of showing you,
That you can’t think – You need ever-more protection too,
For, your-INCOMPETENCE – is what comes to my mind,
When I think how vulnerable you are – I’ll-protect-YOUR-precious-BEHIND!
‘Cause YOU CAN’T SEE – BACK THERE! Where evil doth abound,
Within MY BOSOM, true-goodness is found!
YOU NEED ME! Without-me? Just “take your life” too,
Because-just-think-how-WITHOUT-ME – you’ll be infinitely sad and blue!
SO-DO-BE -like-The-Ladies – in-Ancient-Bombay,
Who roasted with dead husbands, in the glorious Hindu way!”

[Awakening – to another dream, where Intel & Social Media Systems (and their overprotective “censorship coders”) & computer companies & systems do not dominate:]

I-now-find-myself – in-a-classroom, with a teacher I know:
The Course’s Name is called: “AIKIDO” and is taught just so!

“You-CAN’T-PROTECT-others – and nothing-can-PROTECT-your-SELF;
YES! You can SEEM-to-HIDE-on-the-airwaves! But-LIFE’S-AN-EMPTY-SHELF!”

You and your husband – have surely NOT SINNED!”

The Instructor, one J-Jay says:

“Sin is a myth,
That others will use – TO ‘PROTECT’ YOU with!
Smile OR Frown, precious dust in the wind,
Maybe we’re DONKEYS, but our tails AREN’T pinned!”**

    • a venomous snake! Shades of The Garden of Adam & Eve!
      ** – PIN THE TAIL ON THE DONKEY: a popular children’s game, especially at Birthday parties, where blindfolded participants, after being twirled around, try to pin a faux tail to a picture of a donkey on the wall! Good luck!

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