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Global Climate Strike

Global Climate Strike
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J Jay Samuel Davis

Zeb ~

“EVERYONE’S GOT TO DECIDE IF & HOW THEY’RE GOING TO DIE!” a poem, August 31, 2019 (Saturday)

I-USED-to: get-on-the-phone, on-the-phone, on-the-phone, with-Zeb all-day,

About philosophy & considerations & strategies – for a better way!

& HOW-TO and WHY-NOT & about how important it-is to talk,

And-we’d talk and talk often about-time, according-to-“The-Appropriate-Clock!”

Zeb-&-I would talk and talk, and I LOVED everything he’d say!

Then, one day ZEB DIDN’T CALL; he-just-didn’t-call, even-to-say: “Hey!”

And, later on, I heard My Friend Zeb-had “passed away!”

They said he got HOT – and wasn’t feeling OK,

So, they took him to a hospital, where he laid in a coma,

And he died THERE! There! in Oklahoma!

They said that DE-HYDRATION – was the “pivotal thing,”

Which ended-his-life – and Lots of time on the phone can bring,

Lot of good talking, but (also) forgetting about water drinking!

When I heard that, well (pause) I-HAD A TERRIBLE SINKING,

(FEELING) In my tummy, for I knew I had talked poor Zeb to death!

I KILLED HIM! as surely as if I’d given him too-much-cocaine – or-“meth!”

I FELT GUILTY AS SIN, and I cried for many days,

Until Zeb came-to-me-in-a-dream, and THIS consideration he did raise:

“Hi, Sweetie!” he said; “please don’t be ‘down;’

I beg you, My Love – wipe away that guilty frown,


And I died doing what I loved doing, SO DON’T YOU POUT!


Keep-it-up! and you’ll surely do,

Exactly what I did, which ISN’T SO-BAD!

Come on now! Don’t be sad!”

So, I-thought-about-it – and I-DECIDED – to-start going for walks,

And I looked at The Sun – and didn’t pay much mind to clocks,

And I took up sewing and singing and dancing in the rain,

Figuring, when I died, I wanted to explain,

To Saint Peter – at The Golden Gate: “I died OUTSIDE! I died – feeling GREAT;

I died – walking-here-and-there! OBSERVING! WALKING! a-round,

with my doggie my-LOVER &-my-“feet on-the-ground,”

And honestly, I DON’T REMEMBER HOW (I died)! Perhaps, The Sun absorbed me!”

Now, isn’t that AMAZING! and it’s great TO BE FREE!

If I die, I’ll die for ZEB! and BLUE SKIES, which, I think, is pretty-rare!

I’ll die for-and-about those things – upon which we all, maybe, should rightly care!

fin ♥