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Watch “Roy Orbison ~ Beautiful Dreamer.” on YouTube DAZZLED ~LETTER TO MY HUSBAND ❤❤

I will hold you in my arms forevermore

I will kiss you like forgiveness

You will hold me like hope

We have with both lived with a sharp knife at our lips

This is how we heal my Darling

Like a pressed flower Bud

snuggled together into eternity

We didn’t ask to fall in love, it happened

I think that’s part of a miracle blessing our union

From above

My HUSBAND is beautiful inside and out he loves me cause he knows exactly why I love him just the way he is when he’s holding me like a pressed FLOWER together in a Rose bud ❤
[ Dedication to my Husband ]

( just like my Dad did) 💥💥💥

Use your voice for kindness

Your ears for compassion

Your hands for charity

Your mind for the truth

And your heart for Love

Never take your Lover for granted

Cause you will never keep them

Someone will take your place

Cherish, Nuture, Listen and be happy

( just like my Dad did)

Thank you my beloved💥💥

My Love,

Just a moment ago, I thought about you
And my heart was filled with gratitude

Before another goes by I need to say thank you.

Thank you for all those late night laughs

And early morning hugs and kisses

Thank you for holding my hand when things are rough

Thank you for your love and being my best friend.

Thank you wiping my tears away when I lose control.

Thank you for showing me how not to judge or hate

Thank you for calming this wildness from me

Thank you for showing me good men exist

And thank you for the pleasure of being your wife 💛💜

Nearly forgot one thing💥Thank you when I look terrible and you sing to me,
“ You look beautiful tonight” 👓👓