Cardinal Pell Loses Appeal Against Conviction For Sexually Abusing Children | Michael Stone

Good news: Top Vatican official Cardinal George Pell has lost his appeal after having been convicted of sexually abusing minors by a criminal court in Australia. β€” Read on We are keenly waiting for the Pope to defrock him. That will make history πŸ“œ so be it. If the Pope refuses or doesn’t act […]


“THE 4% SOLUTION?!” a poem, a.k.a.: “In Defense of The Catholic Church!” posted: September 9, 2019 (Monday)

“THE 4% SOLUTION?!” a poem, a.k.a.: “In Defense of The Catholic Church!” posted: September 9, 2019 (Monday) The Church speak-eth: “We’re NO darned better AND no blessED worse, Than other population groups in The-Multi-Verse! We’re The Catholic Church-reps – and we’re NOT s- x per-verts! (because) ONLY 4% OF OUR PRIESTS ARE ‘GROPERS’ & THE […]

A ship called Ahoy~

β€œA SHIP CALLED AHOY!” a poem a.k.a.: β€œYou’re Purr-fect!” β€œAhoy There!” & β€œThank-You, Sir!” August 16, 2018 – Thursday. HER. [Thank YOU for singing β€œYOU-LOOK-WONDERFUL-TONIGHT,” When you see me LIKE THIS! – when-I-feel-(I’m)-”such a fright!?” And, perhaps, you should DROP ME, like a dang sack o’ spuds, For-I-oft feel bovine, chewing long on my cuds! […]

Disgraced Cardinal Pell AUSTRALIAN CATHOLIC church

Disgraced Cardinal George Pell, has allegedly compared himself to Jesus Christ in a letter to supporters. I really hate to state the obvious, but…. JESUS NEVER ABUSED CHILDREN GEORGE ! I don’t know what I find more vile and heinous, the fact that George is comparing himself and his β€œsuffering” to that of Jesus Christ […]

John Denham told a court he had remorse for sexually abusing 59 boys, but a judge rejected the claim | Newcastle Herald

Notorious Hunter Catholic priest John Denham sentenced to even longer jail time for child sex crimes. β€” Read on THIS IS JOHN DENHAM. The sadistic former Catholic priest has been sentenced for the sexual abuse of his 59th victim. He took the boy from the school playground to the church presbytery, raped him, left […]

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