What are the dead giveaways of being in a relationship with a narcissist?


Itโ€™s a slow boil in the pot especially , if you find yourself lucky to have snagged a covert . You will go from the love of their life to virtually a stranger . All connection snipped as easily as a cable wire . You will long for tenderness and affection, you will grieve for what you believe you have lost and you will blame yourself askingย Where did all the love go ? How could something so deep , so treasured just disappear?

Your heart and mind will break over and over as you are begging them to tell you what went wrong . You know you were not perfect, but you are willing to try , to fight to save it at any cost you are so bent you are broken and dizzy with the fumes of constant gas lighting and living in a torture tunnel of CPSTD.

You are alone no one understands, or would they even believe you , would you even believe yourself at this point ? You have become a sunken eyed vessel after years of invisible abuse and neglect . You suffer cognitive dissonance as you know there must be a heart somewhere in the barrel chest of your tormenter .

The person you pledged your life to who you stayed loyal and faithful to will throw you overboard in the water knowing you cannot swim while texting a hook up Now pleading for a life raft they are more concerned with sending roses to a new supply the water enters your lungs and you are suffocating while they smirk and send a selfie to the harem army, you look at them one last time with a heart so waterlogged instead of beating it is crying tears as they take a new shiny object by the hand and never look back.

They walk away from all your years together, a home and children from memories and of the moments of a life shared thrown into the graveyard of the sea where you were left to die . You are the dead giveaway in a relationship with a narcissistic. Take swimming lessons until Michael Phelps is envious and back stroke the damn english canal if you have to . You are worth more . Donโ€™t let them have the satisfaction out of our mental death and burial, wipe that sadistic smirk right off their creepy plastered smile . Swim this for you without looking back .




โ€œTrauma destroys the fabric of time. In normal time you move from one moment to the next, sunrise to sunset, birth to death.

After trauma, you may move in circles, find yourself being sucked backwards into an eddy, or bouncing like a rubber ball from now, to then, to back again.

In the traumatic universe the basic laws of matter are suspended: ceiling fans can be helicopters, car exhausts can be mustard gas.โ€
โ€• David J. Morris

Flashbacks are our memories of traumatic life events.

They can occur in a number of different forms โ€“ as sounds, smells, pictures, bodily sensations, numbness, or a lack of normal physical sensations.

Often, theyโ€™re accompanied by anxiety or panic, where the person feels theyโ€™re trapped, and unable to escape.

Flashbacks can occur in dreams, as nightmares and night terrors.

They can interrupt our sleep, where we startle suddenly.

And often weโ€™ll feel panicky, and wake up in a sweat.

And because all the sensations are so frightening and intense โ€“ but also unrelated to whatโ€™s happening right now โ€“ the person thinks โ€˜theyโ€™ve lost itโ€™ and they fear theyโ€™re going crazy. ย ย 

Coping with these symptoms can be very difficult.

But thereย areย different strategies that you can use to help you.

They include:

When you start to experience the intense and scary symptoms, tell yourself โ€˜this is familiarโ€™, and โ€˜youโ€™re having a flashbackโ€™.

Tell yourself that โ€˜this will ease, and it is only temporary. The feelings will subside, and you will feel normal againโ€™.

Tell yourself the intense feelings are justย re-experienced memories. The traumaโ€™s in the past. You have survived the worst already.

Allow yourself to experience all the negative emotions. The anxiety, the terror, the panic, and the rage. Donโ€™t try to fight them off, or to repress and silence them. Doing that will only hamper, and slow down, the healing process.

And itโ€™s right for you to honour all the anguish and the pain. The suffering was intense, and it deserves to be acknowledged.

Reorient yourself, so your areย grounded in the present.

Breathe in slowly and deeply โ€ฆ then exhale slowly and deeply.

Allow the intense feelings to swell, then dissipate.

Allow a sense of peace and calm to gradually replace the terror, faintness, panic, shakiness and dizziness.

Keep your focus onย this room, and what you notice all around you. Use each of your five sense. What can you see, hear, feel, touch, smell?

For example, what does it feel like to be sitting in this chair? What can you smell? What different sounds can you hear? Birds chirping? Children playing? Cars passing by? A police siren sounding? A fridge or freezer buzzing?

Speak to your inner child โ€“ whoโ€™s feeling terrified. Reassure them that theyโ€™re safe and are going to be OK.

Remind them that theyโ€™re strong, that theyโ€™re fierce and capable.

Remind them โ€˜they survived it, and are moving on with lifeโ€™.


Broken Soul


Uneasiness and suffering spills out on everyone around the wounded soul who cannot see themselves.

What they have not observed, accepted, and healed within themselves infects everyone they meet.

Their instability shakes every encounter with uneasiness.

Their desperate longing for meaningful contact and peace, is steadily amplified by their unconscious and ill-mannered quarks of petty drama, or neglect.

Broken people often demand from others, what they cannot summon from within.

Many wounded people who cannot be at peace with themselves, force the people around them to walk on eggshells to create the illusion of calm they demand.

The cost of their feigned composure of phony harmony is your peaceful state of mind.

Their state of ease in a room, is only equal to everyone elseโ€™s state of unease.

They obliviously belly laugh, while others heart palpitate.

They smile, while you grit your teeth.

They exhale in satisfaction, as your diaphragm flutters with anxiety.

They ingratiate themselves into your deepest bonds of dependency, where you are more like a hostage than a friend, because you fear their meltdown should their affection go unrequited.

The commotion they create in your life is like a toxic and confusing haze of crossed boundaries, broken trust, and endless disappointments.

They are often mostly unaware of the energetic load and burden they place on others.

The truth is, they cannot help themselves; they are sick, and need professional help.

Few peopleโ€™s problems are more than you can bear, and without proper boundaries, in time, these people will wear you down to a frazzle.

Your hope and optimism is no match for their bottomless pit.

Your pep-talks and quick fixes are no match for the endless self-destruction loop running in their minds.

You can give them compassion, but they will settle for nothing less than your destruction.

If they donโ€™t get help, youโ€™re the one who will soon need it.

Their unresolved traumas will seep in, as your trauma.

Their wounds will become your wounds.

Their madness slowly becomes your madness.

If you will honestly look in the mirror at the stress on your face, and in your eyes, you will see what they are doing to you.

They are remaking you into their likeness; a terrorized person, who is desperate for peace!

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(BROOKLYN, N.Y.) Full Court Report: #NXIVM Trial: Keith Raniere sentenced on Tuesday to 120yrs-in-prison for โ€˜ sex-trafficking & other related crimes โ€˜ he purported to be able to offer self-improv ement-workshops but was in reality a puppet-master of a sex-cult #AceNewsDesk report


#AceNewsReport โ€“ Oct.28: Keith Raniere promised a path to happiness, seducing wealthy people who felt they lacked a higher purpose in life: His company, Nxivm, offered self-improvement workshops that became popular in Hollywood and business circles: But beneath the surface, Mr. Raniere was a puppet master controlling a cultlike criminal enterprise, prosecutors revealed at his [โ€ฆ]

(BROOKLYN, N.Y.) Full Court Report: #NXIVM Trial: Keith Raniere sentenced on Tuesday to 120yrs-in-prison for โ€˜ sex-trafficking & other related crimes โ€˜ he purported to be able to offer self-improv ement-workshops but was in reality a puppet-master of a sex-cult #AceNewsDesk report
Jeffery Epstein

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Jeffery Epstein

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Broken Soul



Is there any relatively unmistakable sign that would tip one off early on that his or her relationship partner is a narcissist?

Hello my friend. I can tell you the very first red flag I had.

We had been together, blissfully, for around a year. On my day off I decided to cook a lovely dinner for him when he arrived home from work. He was an hour late to start off with which was a pain but I guessed heโ€™d hit traffic so let it go. ( red flag , everyone elseโ€™s time is completely unimportant to a pwNPD, my ex ran late for everything).

Anyway, when he eventually arrived home, he came over to me where I was cooking our dinner. There was no usual kiss on the forhead, no sorry im late, no โ€˜what are you cooking up?โ€™ His first words were โ€œwhy did you put peppers in it? Itโ€™s bloody disgusting, im not eating thatโ€.

It doesnโ€™t sound like much, but it was the angry tone in his voice and a look of spite on his face which took me aback. He had never spoken to me like that before, nor had I seen him talk like that to anyone else in the two years Iโ€™d known him before we dated. He was usually so polite and mild-mannered that it shocked me to see him react like that.

I did retaliate to his nastiness, and he backed down (that too changed over the years, his shitty outbursts would turn into an all-day argument ), he laughed it off like he was joking, but I knew it wasnโ€™t a joke, his attitude and facial expression were not fake, he meant it!.

FYI, he ate the entire mealโ€ฆpeppers included!! ( red flag, they contradict themselves all the time).

It was the first incident I can remember thinking WTF was all that about?!. It was also the first incident that I made an excuse for his behaviour because it just didnโ€™t compute.

It took another 3 years for his nonsensical outbursts to become a regular occurrence but even then, my brain just referred back to the man I had fallen for in our first year togetherโ€ฆ the end, I only had glimpses of him but it was enough for me to keep trying.

If youโ€™re intuition is telling you โ€˜this is wrongโ€˜, donโ€™t ignore it like I did. I should have walked away that very first time my gut instinct warned me about him.

Donโ€™t invest yourself any further in someone who makes you feel bad, sad and confused because you will end up sick, tired and broken .

โ€œDonโ€™t invest yourself any further in someone who makes you feel bad, sad and confused because you will end up sick, tired and broken โ€

So true. Whatever person, if N or not, just take care of yourself and donโ€™t try to rationalize bad behavior away.

You didnโ€™t break them; itโ€™s not your job to fix them cause you canโ€™t unless youโ€™re a professional practitioner.

Donโ€™t look back youโ€™re not going that way again, my suggestions are to keep running

Broken Soul

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Be shocked

This is real

These guys are heroโ€™s

What these guys I witness no person should experience

Are you aware there are three webs

Broken Soul

Matthew McConaughey Says He Feared Going to Hell After Being Blackmailed Into Having Sex at 15


Actor Matthew McConaughey released a memoir titledย Greenlightsย in which he reveals that he was sexually assaulted as a teenager and feared he might go to Hell.ย  The memoir is a series of journals kept from the past 36 years of his life where McConaughey opened up about his life experiences, both the highs and the lows. [โ€ฆ]

Matthew McConaughey Says He Feared Going to Hell After Being Blackmailed Into Having Sex at 15