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Narcissistic personality disorder this monster self gratification ejaculation. Next time this monster will say she wanted to be murdered.

Cornelus Bezuidenhout molested a 6 year old girl then told the court “she knew exactly what she was doing and wanted it” He will be deported after serving just 7 months !

This absolutely vile pervert tried to blame his 6 year old victim for him molesting her !

Once again a child abuser proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they cannot be rehabilitated because they simply do not acknowledge that they have done anything wrong !

A pervert who sexually assaulted a kindergarten student claimed she ‘knew exactly what she was doing’ and ‘wanted it’. Cornelus Bezuidenhout, 75, who claimed to be a ‘good Christian’, made the vile comments to police last January after the girl pleaded with her parents to keep him away.

That’s not very Christian of you Cornelus, not only did you molest one of god’s chosen (the children) and forever traumatize the little innocent angel, but then instead of owning your mistake and asking forgiveness you tried to pass the buck to the 6 YEAR OLD GIRL !
I doubt very highly that Jesus would be behind you on this one !

The South African national – a father of five – who now lives in Melbourne, had been looking after the girl after befriending the parents of his niece’s friend. He had repeatedly molested the child after collecting her from kindergarten, taking her on trips to the park and playing dolls in a bedroom. On one occasion he touched the little girl while he shared a meal with her parents.

The brazen sex offender was caught after his terrified victim pleaded with her parents not to let him come around to their house. ‘He’s not as nice as he seems,’ she warned, telling her shocked parents Bezuidenhout had ‘touched her private parts’.

What an incredibly brave and articulate child, showing courage and wisdom beyond her years.

The child was forced to recount her ordeal to the court just days before Christmas last year, telling a judge her abuser had hurt her. The devout Baptist pleaded guilty to two charges of sexually assaulting a child aged under 16. He had initially denied abusing the girl, telling his wife of 26 years that nothing was wrong.

He continued his outrageous behaviour when questioned by police, telling them the little girl was trouble.

Bezuidenhout blamed his victim for her abuse, telling detectives ‘it was no accident’. ‘It was purely for her, as she wanted it,’ he said. ‘It was a game … she knew exactly what she was doing.’


Bezuidenhout said he abused the girl only to ‘please her’ and that he was a ‘good Christian’ who had been unable to maintain an erection for the past five years. What does that have to do with anything ? You don’t need an erection to be a child sex offender.

He actually had the gall to tell the police-
‘This little girl should know boundaries because she’ll get herself into trouble,’
Umm no Cornelus, it is YOU who should know boundaries and it is YOU who has gotten himself in trouble…. but it is nothing you don’t deserve !

He went on to muse that it was ‘unbelievable a five-year old seduces a 75-year old man’.
County Court of Victoria Judge Gabriele Cannon agreed. ‘The punishment must be just,’ she said.

Judge Cannon condemned Bezuidenhout for his ‘gross breach of trust’ and labelled his comments to police as ‘repugnant’.

‘You knew what you did was wrong … you blame the six-year old victim,’ she said. She sentenced the civil engineer to 22 months in jail, with a non-parole period of 10 months. With time served, Bezuidenhout will likely be deported back to South Africa in a little under seven months.

So Judge Cannon says “the punishment must be just” and then gives him what equates to 7 more months in prison ? Somehow that doesn’t sound very just to me.

Our judges comments suggest that they get the impact that child abuse has on our children, but then their actions speak much louder… when they hand them pathetically lenient sentences which equate to nothing more than a slap on the wrist. This gives the opposite message that our children’s lives are not valued by our society.

We simply must start punishing these vile creatures with much harsher sentences to send a loud and clear message that our children are valued by us and that if you hurt them, you are going to prison for a VERY long time !

One good piece of news is that He will return to South Africa alone after his wife filed for divorce. I guess he’ll blame the little girl for that too.

Cornelus Bezuidenhout you make me physically sick ! You should do everyone a favour when you get back to South Africa and go play with a Hippo ! How dare you try to blame an innocent little child for your sick perversions!

It never ceases to amaze me how arrogant and deluded these disgusting perverts are, blaming an innocent 6 year old for his heinous actions. Unbelievable!

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Even Angles cry they are sensitive too

Listen to the way they softly whisper

” help me”

Always listen to a whisper

Did you miss me

NO you were always to busy

While the Angles heart was slowly drowning

Wings forlorn falling softly around her body

Did you hear the whisper disappearing home

These are the moments we never capture again


Even Angles cry they are sensitive too

Listen to the way they softly whisper

” help me”

Always listen to a whisper

Did you miss me

NO you were always to busy

While the Angles heart was slowly drowning

Wings forlorn falling softly around her body

Did you hear the whisper disappearing home

These are the moments we never capture again

Mind Exercises Matter

Mind Exercises Matter
Yes! You can definitely train your brain to improve focus. If you practice yoga, you’ll know that performing a few yoga postures and breathing exercises can help you to concentrate better. Also, meditation has shown to benefit people by increasing their focus levels significantly. Did you know that as per research, Buddhist monks who have been meditating everyday since so many years faired better on attention and concentration tests?
But if the aforementioned methods don’t seem to work for a restless soul like yourself, try to do simpler concentration exercises. There are plenty of resources available online, but here are a few things you can do to get started:

Pick up any book and tally the sum of words in a paragraph. Then move onto the next paragraph and count again. Repeat this until you’ve completed counting the number of words on one or two pages. Doing this everyday can increase concentration. Think of an inspirational word or a sound like “om” and focus on it for about five minutes. Once you realize that you have directed all your concentration on this word or sound, try to concentrate further for another 10 minutes.



a poem

a.k.a.: “The Day Krazy K’s Mom Threw Caution To The Wind!!”

July 8, 2018 (SUN-day)

With Kaleena “Krazy K” Ramos’ “passing” still fresh in our hearts and minds, with the funeral scheduled for today (Sunday, July 8, 2018) at The Catholic Church at 3:00 P. M., emotions run high in Alpine! Due, perhaps, to these emotions, brawls and vandalism have put local law enforcement on “HIGH ALERT!”

Yesterday (Saturday) at the local funeral parlor, Kaleena’s mother presented and recited the framed poem “Kaleena’s Style,” (in this site below) to a near-packed audience at the open-casket ceremony. Before reading the poem, her mother announced that she was going to be more like her daughter, taking more risks in life from here-on-out and living with a passion few achieve and society may well NOT tolerate. However, in view of these sentiments, we present this RESPONSE to that heart-felt declaration of Krazy K’s mom:

SOME PEOPLE LIKE SUICIDE, and they’ll never yield;

Some-really-like-warfare – with danger on the field,

To dodge the bullets and avoid every mine;

Somehow those-positions (to-some) feel fine!


Or, maybe, driving too fast (pause) through the aeroport!

DEATH WISHES! (pause) Maybe we can DIE during sex!

OR – disregard The Guilds – and get cursed with a hex!

Aren’t we chattering bones? Laughing-nervously; filled-with-woe!

We’re dancing to our death, on a smoking volcano.

Maybe Evel Knievel – said it best:

“I need adrenalin, more than the rest;

I wanna-risk-it-all, take a fall,

Get broken bones & really-“hit the wall!”

And where do these thoughts of death wishes come from?

Do they reside – in a bottle of rum?

Are we just programmed, with D. N. A. strands?

We-all-want-to-die – AND LIVE! (pause)

So keep “dealing the hands!”

THE MYSTERY was figured-out, by all women kind,

Way before Christ or The Buddha did find,

“GOD TRICKS US ALL, into-one-thing-or-another!”

Women want children: a death wish for mother?

Work ‘til we die; eat the wrong foods;

Drink too much liquor; take drugs for moods!

What’s-the-use-in-living, if we’re “dying” to die?

Within 24-hours – we’re-all-ready-TO-FLY!

To-The-Gates-of-Hell – or out into space,

Where there’s no oxygen, but we love NASA’s “race!”

Have we been mis-programmed, by some Demon Divine,

To die or to live?

Is either just fine?

But-we-live-in-societies that flourish on THIS:


IF it really didn’t matter, which way you went,

We’d be outta control, or we’d be HEAVEN-SENT!

So, gird upon your loins, You Fearless Death-Wishers,

Being like Jesus – and those other fishers,

“A life full of risks, within reason,” it’s said;

“Might just insure that you’ll never be dead!”

fin. ❤


In this quiet moment in the early moments of the morning I Jesus came to Luke and awakened him for this moment was to reveal a important truth so all of you could draw closer to myself and take within my love to your very being of who you truly are. When the beautiful Mary of the recorded words welcomed me to their house , she washed my feet with expensive perfume . Not that was her consideration but her heart loved me without thought of financial value, but heart value only.
Today or this moment how much love do you place upon true reality and the heart connections that connect us, or are you seeing the physical as the reality in value. Know what you share with me and through my Father brings you into the life eternal and it is now and forever. I Am your I Am if your heart is beyond the noise and confusion of this earth. To be real is to embrace life with the love you were created from in the beginning. All else is just the journey to bring you home to me if that be your choice. Many leaders in the worlds eyes are moving to confuse you from who I am under many darkened disguises of love in the world and in the rejection of your hearts and mine being one and only love. For I died to free you from Satan’s kingdom and was raised again so we can be forever connected in a love that is not only deep but is true reality. I call you now to not compromise my light for the confusion of not understanding the the true value of life through love. Be that love each day knowing I am with you and hear your prayers. Do not overthink this which I am and have taught my called ones over the centuries for the answers to my message remain where I have always placed them in your Heart. I Am.

Blessings dear Lord for this message, allow us to take heed of what you have shared with us . Give us the will to love from our hearts.