I dreamed I was eating a book. It was made from 8” by 12” slabs one inch deep. It tasted like cheese but cut like watercress. As I chewed, I understood. As I looked around, others were reading the same title, but traditionally, I couldn’t determine which was best, eyes only or digesting it my […]

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REMEMBER: Crosby Stills, Nash & Young’s Lost 1970’s Album Human Highway #AceBookDesk report

#AceBookReport – May.02: Nash, a skinny, shaggy former member of the British group The Hollies, and Stills, a soulful, straw-haired survivor of Buffalo Springfield, knew plenty about grabbing listeners by the ear. A year earlier, they’d discovered — at Joni Mitchell’s house in California, maybe, or Cass Elliot’s, no one’s quite sure — that they […]

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(AMERICA) History of LOC Report: Books and libraries were essential to America’s founding generation & most of the founders received vigorous classical educations and most of U.S Congress had access first met in New York City #AceHistoryDesk report

#AceHistoryReport – Apr.27: It follows, then, that most of the members of the new U.S. Congress, which met first in New York City and then in Philadelphia, were also avid readers. In both cities, Congress had access to sizable libraries: the New York Society Library and the Free Library of Philadelphia: History of the Library […]