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Can you blog 💥💥💥

Blogging is an art. Photography is an art. Anyone who’s the best at their sport is more of an artist…And everything we do is a means to become more ourselves. To figure out who we are, to invent ourselves. Or write ourselves into existence.And given enough time, you could become pretty good at it.So, yeah, anyone can blog. Anyone can create an account, start a blog, write posts, take advantage of all kinds of social media platforms…


“WHAT IF?!” 😁

“WHAT IF?!” April 4, 2018. Wednesday.

If you were “God,” would you condemn (pause)

Or-forgive – the livelong day?

Would you,


Overlook –

Or judge in every way?

If you were GOD,

Wouldn’t YOU (maybe),


Hoping just to bring a smile and help them on their way?

Well, get right out there!

Don’t delay!

It’s time to lift this tortuous gray (of)


Of “Sayers-Nay!”

No sad tomorrows!

No fearful fray! 🙂

fin. ❤