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Hi, I’m a baby Bandicoot, I’m cute right?

Hi, I’m a baby Bandicoot, I’m cute right?
Well I was.
I died today. I died because a cat decided I’d be fun as a chew toy.
I’m dead because people think I don’t matter enough to keep their cats indoors or contained.

I’m endangered but that doesn’t matter either because your cat REALLY wants to go outside and you feel cruel keeping them in.
But why is my death not cruel?
Your cat doesn’t hunt you say?
I say otherwise.

Please, don’t let my friends die too. Keep your cats inside, save our endangered wildlife and me.


Photo credit, Yas Hunter dedicated carer of this precious soul and many others 😦


Beauty of nature

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Just as the flow of the waterfall



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Mother Nature – Kindness to Nature

The earth has fantastic music

For all that listen

Take notice of Mother Natures music

Mother Nature provides enough for every mans needs

But not enough for mans greed


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Best of Nature

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