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Remember all those lost moments ~ LETTER TO MY HUSBAND

I don’t know what got us here makes me feel that it’s all fallen into pieces since the day I first saw you . You know those moments you think that this can’t be happening to you when and the world keeps spinning and how your mind keeps straying back to see you again. And remember how you gave up and hide behind a door. I couldn’t keep you out of my mind, oh yah, I found you, didn’t I . Remember when I said don’t you want to play with me, and how you gave up? And remember the journey, you trying to sort me out, looking for a reason to like me. How guarded, secret you were and do you remember how patient or pathetic I was. You see I never missed a step backwards. When your eyes sparkle at me and when you throw back your head and laugh I knew you really loved me.

Letter to my Husband ©

Letter to my Husband 🏝️
I love you just the way you are ❤️❤️©️
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    I don't know what got us here makes me feel that it's all fallen into pieces since the day I first saw you . You know those moments you think that this can't be happening to you when and the world keeps spinning and how your mind keeps straying back to see you again. And … Read More
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  • Letter to my Husband 💥💥
    Letter to my Husband
  • Letter to my husband
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The Promised Land ~

“NON-SEEKING!” a poem – to celebrate the eventual end of another Friday! 06/21/2019


Who knows-where-that-will-go!

Just two steps ahead – and one step back!

Do it again! For-nothing I lack!

I’ll do my best!?* * – another’s-idea-of-BAD!

I’ll let THEM judge! I won’t be sad!

For, I’ve had so much – of-sad, based-on-YOUR,

IDEA OF PERFECT, your-idea-of-“pure!”

I AM NOT pure; I am not vile;

I’ll always walk an extra mile,

To see your face -and touch your hand,

Hoping to experience “your promised land!”

And, if that do[es]n’t-work, I’m still OK;

I’ll wait! I’ll wait! for another day!

Then, I’ll-try-again, and HOPE FOR NAUGHT,

For nothing here have I sought!

fin <3

You are a powerful Woman 💃

Never underestimate the power of a kind woman

Kindness is a choice of incredible inner strength

The sadness,

some people will only love you as much as they can use you

Their loyalty stops when the benefits stop

Some people don’t love you, they don’t really care about you

They just need to stay connected to you

They love the benefits, so they do the minimal

A little phone call, a little text here and there, just checking in, thinking about you ect

What they are really doing is keeping a connection between you in case there’s nothing going on in their padock

Don’t make yourself available, you’re better than that

Kind people are strong, faced adversity head on and that’s exactly what you did

Be the best version of you, smile be kind to you, you’re adorable, cute as hell

You are a powerful woman ©️

  • Kindness
  • Kindness
  • Kindness
    Signature with gaps (written in broken manner) reveals that you are clever and selective. Not only this, you are also somewhat introvert in nature i.e you like being in your own company. Reminds us of Mystic Poet
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written to my Best Friend! on Sunday, June 16, 2019

Bless yourself, when you sneeze, or-else nobody might!

Say: “Excuse-me!’ and-go-have-an-ice-cream, if-someone-wants-to-fight!

Love and kiss and hug a lot – with-your-most-special-friend,

And try to smile and laugh and sing – and-“The-Blues”-will-likely-end!

For, I’ll-bet IF-you’re-kind to-yourself, “The Blues” will seldom come,

But, sometimes-in-This-World-of-Ours, you-might-get-an-upset-tum,*

Or get-a-little-sick – or stub your toe,

But THAT’S OK, just so you’ll know:

* – stomach

YOU’RE V E R Y LOVED! Aren’t we all,

Loved SO-much? So, DO stand tall!

Pat yourself on-your-precious-back;

Be kind-to-yourself! You do-NOT lack,

For anything! at all, my Dear,

And try – to never-ever fear!

Remember:-Eat-good-food – and get-a-little-sleep,

And-a-little-exercise! and-go: “Peep!-Peep!-Peep!”

And BE KIND TO OTHERS! ‘specially-if-they’re-“down!”

Being-kind-to-others [is]-one-of-the-BEST-therapies, I’ve found,

To be kind to you, you precious Honey!

Everything-will-be-fine, and-you-don’t-need-much-money!

For, I-know-you! You’re-The-Richest-Person-in-town,**

And you never have to wear a frown!

Just gather with friends – and fa-mil-y!

Be kind to ALL! It’s GREAT THER-A-PY!

fin <3



** -’cause you have the most friends!

P. S.: Even-if-you’re-short, (Randy Newman was wrong!) * I-know-a-lot-of-short-folks-who-are-“health-fully-long!” * And, even if you’re fat! or thin! or-a-“kook,” * anorexics-and-bulimics-are-still-OK-in-“My-Book,” * For I AM The Lamb, The Shepherd, and-your-pal, * And-I-KNOW-you’re-a-real-swell-guy-or-gal, * And-if-need-help, to-love-the-beautiful-YOU, * I’ll do my best – to help you through! * And we’ll bless each other, each-and-every-day, * And send love around, in ev-er-y way! * And – remind everyone, to love without end, * And-hold-hands-and-giggle, as we-pray-and-send: * JOY! to-the-World, for a bright, new day, * is SURE to come! You-and-me! We’re-OK! :) – Yay!

Mim I am, don’t you dare flaunt me ~ I am Women hear me roar 🙃Woman

I am Mim
I am Mim
Mim I am
That Mim-I-am
That Mim-I-am!
I do not like
That Mim-I-am
Do you like
Green eggs and ham
I do not like them
I do not like
Green eggs and ham
Would you like them
Here or there?
I would not like them
Here or there
I would not like them
I do not like
Green eggs and ham
I do not like them
Would you like them
In a house?
Would you like them
With a mouse?
I do not like them
In a house
I do not like them
With a mouse
I do not like them
Here or there
I do not like them
I do not like green eggs and ham
I do not like them, Mim-I-am
Would you eat them
In a box?
Would you eat them
With a fox?
Not in a box
Not with a fox
Not in a house
Not with a mouse
I would not eat them here or there
I would not eat them anywhere
I would not eat green eggs and ham
I do not like them, Mim-I-am
Would you? Could you?
In a car?
Eat them! Eat them!
Here they are
I woould not
Could not
In a car
You may like them
You will see
You may like them
In a tree?
D not in a tree
I would not, could not in a tree
Not in a car! You let me be
I do not like them in a box
I do not like them with a fox
I do not like them in a house
I do mot like them with a mouse
I do not like them here or there
I do not like them anywhere
I do not like green eggs and ham
I do not like them, Mim

A train! A train!
A train! A train!
Could you, would you
On a train?
Not on a train! Not in a tree!
Not in a car! Mim! Let me be!
I would not, could not, in a box
I could not, would not, with a fox
I will not eat them with a mouse
I will not eat them in a house
I will not eat them here or there
I will not eat them anywhere
I do not like them, Mim-I-am
In the dark?
Here in the dark!
Would you, could you, in the dark?
I would not, could not
In the dark
Would you, could you
In the rain?
I would not, could not, in the rain
Not in the dark. Not on a train
Not in a car, Not in a tree
I do not like them, Mim, you see
Not in a house. Not in a box
Not with a mouse. Not with a fox
I will not eat them here or there
I do not like them anywhere!
You do not like
Green eggs and ham?
I do not
Like them
Could you, would you
With a goat?
I would not
Could not
With a goat!
Would you, could you
On a boat?
I could not, would not, on a boat
I will not, will not, with a goat
I will not eat them in the rain
I will not eat them on a train
Not in the dark! Not in a tree!
Not in a car! You let me be!
I do not like them in a box
I do not like them with a fox
I will not eat them in a house
I do not like them with a mouse
I do not like them here or there
I do not like them ANYWHERE!
I do not like
Green egss
And ham!
I do not like them
You do not like them
SO you say
Try them! Try them!
ANd you may
Try them and you may I say
If you will let me be
I will try them
You will see
I like green eggs and ham!
I do!! I like them, Mim-I-am!
And I would eat them in a boat!
And I would eat them with a goat…
And I will eat them in the rain
And in the dark. And on a train
And in a car. And in a tree
They are so goodm so goodm you see!
So I will eat them in a box
And I will eat them with a fox
And I will eat them in a house
And I will eat them with a mouse
And I will eat them here and there
Say! I will eat them ANHYWHERE!
I do so like
Green eggs and ham!
Thank you!
Thank you

Mim I am
I am Women 🙆 
I am Women
A woman who knows
What she brings to the table
Is not afraid to eat alone


“SEARCHING FOR WHAT TO CALL MY BLUE BIRD!” a poem, a.k.a.: “I LOVE WATCHING YOU!” 🙂 The last day of April 2018 – April 30th.

How-can-I-describe you?- I haven’t got a clue!

To say (just) INDESCRIBABLE – has no “romantic glue;”

IF you were some music: You-are “sounds that I like,”

I’d play you, I would – and I won’t have “to mike.”

I can say you’re SO PRETTY – and-ADORABLE all day –

And still, something’s lacking – such words are quite gray:

BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS sometimes come to mind,

You’re CUTE, and I’m blushing, when-you’re-gazing so kind:

You’re ATTRACTIVE and SEXY – you-”pop”-for-me-too,

SCRUMPTIOUS and GLAMOROUS – I just wanna coo,

Like a dove or a song bird, out-back in your garden,

All-of-these-adjectives; I-still seek your pardon,

‘Cause you’re STUNNING and LOVELY and DARLING and HOT,

And still! All falls short, To describe what you’re got!

So, I guess I’ll just give-up; I-can’t find no word!


fin. <3


A celebration to you, the beautiful Lady… the giver and nurturer to our most greatest universal gift of all. Life 🌿💕✨Thank you 🙏🧿🦋



” ‘B,’ WHEN YOU FINALLY DECIDE TO LIVE, IT’S TIME TO CRY, LAUGH & MAKE SOME DECISIONS!”* a poem May 23, 2019 (Thursday) for: “B!”

” ‘B,’ WHEN YOU FINALLY DECIDE TO LIVE, IT’S TIME TO CRY, LAUGH & MAKE SOME DECISIONS!”* a poem May 23, 2019 (Thursday) for: “B!”

“‘B,’ my friend! I want a friend!”
“Are you my friend until The End?”

What’s a friend? I will decide;
My friend’s WITH ME? ALL-through my ride!

(S)he’ll go with me and make-each-decision:
MAKING-THEM-ALL will-be-her(his)-“mission!!”
For-I’ve-ABDICATED – “my life stream throne!”

I NEED you here, to tell me what to do!
Tell me anything you want, for-I-NEED-YOU!

WHAT? You’re not doing? What I DESIRE?
Make-me-“GOOD” decisions, to entertain-and-inspire!
IF NOT – then KILL ME! I’ll NOT complain!!!
[I REFUSE to use – any more of my brain!]
I won’t complain! Lock-your-hands-around-my-throat;

IF you-don’t-do “right-by-me,” you’re-my-enemy-too!

What kind of friend are YOU? Aren’t-you-my-friend?
Won’t you stay with me – TO “MY” BITTER END?
And: DECIDE! for: ME! I-demand your help;
Of course, IF-I-don’t-like-your-choice, I’ll-give-out-a-yelp,
And bite off your [friendly] hand, which-may-be-trying-to-feed-me!

I’ll get upset! but I might not cry;
Yes, I will!!!! I’m-surely-gonna-die,
At your hand, you bastard, for EACH-DECISION-IS-TOO-BIG!
Why don’t you kill me, you IRRESPONSIBLE pig!

fin <3

  • – Just make those decisions! You may not have to take responsibility for them, “B,” but why not make them anyway!! 🙂 – Smile, “B;” perhaps, it could be worse


Somewhere along the way

From the corner of my eye 👁️

I saw you from yesterday

I hid in the corner of my favourite place

Watching you penning little words together

On scraps of paper ✏️

I knew that you were writing those verses to me

Sweet, sweet silence

Has the most delicious tingling

That flows through my body

Little moments of flirting

Dancing with a desire never committing.

Lifes desires to quickly

Slowly building bridges to join hearts and minds as one of the most beautiful, and exciting new journey through this process of claiming the desires of two hearts and two souls meshing together

Paradise won we surrendered to the sweet taste of naked skin desires to behold

Overcoming past lives leaving behind the baggage and lost in time

Joining as one

Oh, how sweet thou art

To finally find we fitted like a piece of paper laid naked

A Letter to my husband

From Kindness to her husband
Series @bestofnatureblog
Letter to my Husband 💋💋
  1. My first love was chemistry then a journey came and the challenges were amazing. You understand life’s like that, swept…

“PICS!”~ President Trump 😊 ~ J Jay SAMUEL DAVIS ~ My Dad is my best FRIEND 🤗

“PICS!” a poem March 11, 2019 (Monday)

As I look at President Trump’s picture, with the eyes-of maybe-“ten,”
Well, when I was THAT age, I remember when,
I’d wait at the bottom of the hill in Dillon,*
And the thought of my Dad walkin’ home was just-so-very-thrillin’,
That I couldn’t wait very long, so I’d run to him to greet,
And, when I caught sight of Dad, it was a real treat,**
‘Cause he was my role model – decent and kind,
And honest and true – and always I’d find,
Another thing to be proud of – that he would-have done!
And just being around him – was a whole lotta fun!

And I still also remember a farmer from Georgia, another businessman President,
Whose wife was comely-not-showy, and that-one said what he meant,
But he spoke also decently, with kind thoughts for ALL!
That wasn’t such a bad thing!!! (pause) as I recall!

Now, this president? Well, Dad says: “You’ve got to show respect,
For he is The President – which a majority did elect,
BUT! you needn’t respect – everything he might do,
IF – you-really haven’t a shadow of a clue,
Of the value of his decision – in any given moment!”

And – writing on a lady’s chest? Well, sorry! I-just-ain’t-got-no-comment!

You might conclude (at this point) President Trump isn’t exactly my favorite role model!

fin <3

Here is a marching band piece my Dad has conducted many times before:💙

* – I grew up in a little place called Dillon, Montana, where Sam, my dad, taught as a music professor at the college on the hill (Western Montana College).

** – We had treats back then; not tweets!😁😅

The Last Word ~ Good night my friends

The Last Word….Good night my friends….

“Imagination sees the complete reality, – it is where past, present and future meet… Imagination is limited neither to the reality which is apparent – nor to one place. It lives everywhere. Imagination is the life of mental freedom. It realizes what everything is in its many aspects ..”. ― Kahlil Gibran

Kahlil Gribran


“BEST FRIEND!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Reaction Time Of Love!” February 11, 2019! (Monday)

Your best friend? ‘TIS YOUR BODY!
For-you-take-it – to the potty!
You greet it early – early on,
On-each tomorrow, at the dawn,
When-you-get-stirr-ED, from your rest,
And each day? Well, it-is the best,
Means-of telling-you – IF-YOU’RE ALIVE!
Or – if-you have a chance to “thrive,”
In-this-new-day – to love and cry,
With others – and to-say, “Well, HI!”
To new friends, yes, and-to(o) some old,
TO BE real REAL – and – slightly BOLD,
To see all-the-beauty – EVERYWHERE,
Like – with the birdies! Look!? There’s-a-pair,
Who chirp – and ask – for-a-little-seed,
So they can feed&screw&breed!
In-the-perfect-cycle of this life,
It-finds-me with my lovely wife!
My BODY – opens up to her,
On-our-bilateral, guided-tour,
Of HER-BODY, plus: mind-and-spirit;
Her body? I-like! -to-be – quite-near-it,
[I AM ADDICTED! Don’t-you-know?]
TO HER! and-that’s-why – WE ARE ‘SHACKED!” 🙂 – Mmmmm! Lovely!

Friends are relatives you are blessed you
Make for yourself

True friends
Are the ones who lift you up
When no one has noticed
When you’re down and out
Friends 💙

Only those who are genuinely in love
Will Understand the difference between
Friends and
Best Friends who are lovers know the difference
Sleeping over is sex without love
True love ~ Sex = Best Friends

LOVE IT!”  a poem

LOVE IT!” a poem
There is no WINNING – and no LOSING!
There’s-only-you – and we are cruising,
Through our life, with sails wide open!
Pardon me! I-know I’m-often gropin’ –
And hopin’-too, that we’ll proceed –
Happily together – I’ll let you lead,
When you are strong, and, then, when not,
I’ll lead a while! Look-what-I’ve bought?
A “keep safe box” here, for your Heart,
Which is so precious, and LIFE is ART!
Success isn’t measured, according to mundane,
Preconceived notions! Let me explain:
For “winning” and “losing” are just judgment calls,
Taught in sterile, academy halls!
There’s only LOVING YOU, no more, no less,
Call-it: “win-win”-for-all, with-no-need to-impress!

Always on my mind