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Indigenous Anzac POW recognised after discovery of antique photo album – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Until recently, the final resting place of Indigenous soldier and WWI prisoner of war Robert George Garner was an unmarked section of grass in an unassuming corner of Sydney’s Rookwood Cemetery.
β€” Read on www.abc.net.au/news/2019-04-25/century-old-photo-sparks-recognition-of-anzac-pow-unmarked-grave/11029028


Only in Australia does Coffee prices go through the ceiling when Day Light Saving Starts. Do you know all the States in Australia are on different time lines! That’s why we talk SLANG not English, drunk on Coffee. No one knows the time here. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š Perhaps that is why they drive on the wrong side of the road. Do you know in Australia some towns in NEWSOUTHWALES park backwards, believe it or not? πŸ€£πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜…πŸ˜†


gif_temp.gifCoffee Makes The World Go round

Aboriginal Health and Children in detention #NTCOSS2017 Speech @NTRoyalComm Mick Gooda reports ” What children have told us β€œ | NACCHO Aboriginal Health News Alerts


Indigenous Australians know we’re the oldest living culture – it’s in our Dreamtime

Indigenous Australians know we’re the oldest living culture – it’s in our Dreamtime


Albert Namatjira died a broken man, his family hope a new film can restore justice | NITV



Elaboration of the notes already seen as they were just supposed to be memory queues. This is the general gist of where I think people’s heads are at on these points.


Clinton wants a real meeting and is going to get it. Not a 10 min photo op but the meeting he walked here for. He is going home to rest and reflect on what he has learned and will be back on November 4th where the PM has been invited to sit in a real circle with us all and take the time to actually listen. The government has been put on notice that its illegitimate house is in shambles, confronted with some of the issues that aggrieve us and given time to collect itself. The outcome of this next meeting, will determine what comes next. The PM and opposition leader have failed their first test of humility and character. They will only get a second

  1. That the PM, opposition leader and governor general have been notified that the first nations have begun to talk about treaty but not a treaty with Australia.Inc , A entity questionable of sovereignty itself . Clans and Nations have started to call for treaties among ourselves. Treaties to reaffirm songlines of connection, strength, knowledge, trade and trust. It’s not about giving one all the right to speak but letting us all work out who speaks where n for what, so when we have a problem or need help we can mediate, train ,support and resource through right channels. What we have we got and what can we do for each other? Start with the foundations of what we can agree on of what has always been and build from there, the process is fluid. We need to communicate because it’s the only way we win.
  2. Those who hold the memory and spirit will never accept constitutional recognition or Noel Pearson’s road map to treaty. We know a fire sale of the country when we see it. Assimilation into one of the most corrupt and racist documents in history is out of the question, to do so would assure the fulfillment of its founders intent. Our death, the extinguishment of the oldest nation by the youngest and a country lost. The only thing that needs recognising is the human rights abuses perpetuated by successive governments.

  3. We are seeking international observers and resources as we do not believe the government can be trusted with facilitation and support when it is actively a beneficiary of systematic crimes against those seeking redress.

  4. The first call to action to unify our mob is to negotiate treaties from east to west so we can mobilise to defend and rebuild communities from intervention and closure. We prove our treaties by action and commitment. The Government has been requested to re-open and rebuild these communities with a move towards making them sustainable by following community direction in the rebuild process. However we have no faith that the government will honor such a request and will mobilise ourselves, the Australian people and the international community to take the leadership government lacks. The forced closures of communities and removal of people from their land and homes in WA was what set Clinton on his journey, lets prove to our brother that we can do this.

  5. Communities need to be reunited; government sanctioned closures and NT intervention forced many from their lands putting families and individuals in positions of vulnerability. Instead of support they received separation and incarceration at the hands of a systemically racist police system. The timing of completion of all Aboriginal privatised super prisons in WA to coincide with the start of the closures is not lost on us. Justice and incarceration should be heavily scrutinised lest Australia slip full circle back into it’s not so distant prison colony days. The recommendations of the 40 year old deaths in custody would be a start but the truth is the whole β€œjustice” system needs de-corrupting and more importantly decolonising.

  6. The N.T intervention must end and a full process of review and transparency must be enacted. The Australian military has been used by the government to dispossess under the guise of child protection, lies proven demonstrably false. Land and community assets returned with compensation would be a small step towards redress. NT we actually have power at the ballot, we may be sovereign and not acknowledge your law but we might be tempted to use it to dispossess Nigel Scullion of his seat, I hear he doesn’t like sitting much anyway.

  7. Family services in all states and territories needs to be scrutinized for procedure. We still have children being taken at alarming rates. Inter-generational poverty born of ones dispossession is not a crime. The apathy of the benefactors of grand theft country should be. Those being shamed should be supported; those who should be supporting should be ashamed. A movement towards treaties of family support will be pushed for among all our families so we can have a defense of document to protect our children and develop our own community care capacity.

  8. We have no future without our youth, our children die by their own hand rather than face this country and what it has done to us, what does it say when a 9 year old has no hope for the future? Resources must be immediately mobilised to take advantage of the release of findings from the royal commission into youth detention to put an end to child prisons. The building of support structures for youth must be highest priority; we can’t afford to lose another generation.

  9. The government blindly destroys land and heritage older than their historical record for nothing but a greed of petty dimes. We have demanded a moratorium on ALL mining lease’s affecting closed communities and communities under the intervention. We have also demanded a moratorium on all leases and development on registered and recently deregistered sacred sites and sites of cultural and ecological significance. The entire heritage act needs to be thrown out. Sites of world heritage importance and our longest record of humanity is not a β€œlife style choice”.

  10. Beyond ceasefires of hostilities against the land and our kin we must be returned the rights of control and interest to that which ALL life in this country depends, our rights as custodians to water and land is key to all Australians survival and a safeguard against their own government’s corruption. We must move towards bans of nuclear and fracking if we want a survivable land for our children.

  11. It’s about time the aboriginal advisory council gets disbanded and others who have facilitated false narratives to be exposed, not only was the whole concept of unrepresentative handpicked yes men insulting; they also served to hide the crimes of the government by providing illusions of false legitimacy. Just consider it a budget saving, they were pretty hopeless anyway. It’s time for the end of mission managers, people need to hear the truth then face and work with us to fix it.

  12. We cannot trust anything from the government until Andrew Forrest is removed from indigenous policy advice and his business and dealings are scrutinised by an independent corruption commission.

  13. We are taking back the national conversation about our future as it should be and the government has been offered a seat at the circle to listen. The first invitation is November 4th, because if Turnbull thought this was a 15 minute conversation he was wrong, we will be waiting for a real leader to sit at our circle. We have a lot to talk about.

Our land rights are coming and the Australian people will support us, because there is no longer a backyard to lose, the dream of a home beyond most, the economy dependent on selling infrastructure and raw resources at bargain rates to generate illusions of wealth in acts of intergenerational piracy, corruption at all levels. If there were to be a treaty with the Australian government it could only ever be a treaty of their submission and dissolution of their house and constitution. After over two centuries of genocide we still remain and remember and by such stand above them by lore on every level, morally, legally and spiritually. The founding document of their federation is born in racism, rotten and illegal to the core. Their parliament doesn’t represent its people and I think the people see it, I think people don’t give themselves enough credit, this country is whatever we make it but that power only comes to those who realise it’s not about what we want, it’s about what needs to be done. We are prepared to tear things down and build something new together, no fear and no blood as equals.

The first peoples of this land aren’t seeking saving; we are trying to show the people how to save the country.