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Secrets ~

“CHISTLED IN STONE!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Power of Certainty!” a.k.a.: “Nonsense And Certainty Are Sometimes Best Used In The Same Sentence!” August 18, 2019 (Sunday)

“NEVER LIE,” his mother said;

“Never Ever!” was-put-in-his-head!

“TO LIE is anathema!?” So, one fine day,

He met a woman pursued along the way,

By thieves with guns! “Please hide me, sir!”

“Of course,” said he, so-in-the-closet-went-her;

When the gunmen arrived, they asked: “Is she there?”

“Yes, she-is-I-can’t-lie!” was the-last-thing-she’d-hear,

Before she got shot – with a lot of bullets!

It-was-then, he-thought: “Are we all locked in turrets?!”*

“Turrets Of Conformation?” I-wonder, should-we consider,

ANY rules sacrosanct? Isn’t it better,

To apply the rule when it’s best,

When it’s needed? To-do-that, lest,

We overlook that rules are-given for-the-human,

Not to rule us! If-the-rule-controls, well-then,

They’re simply CONFORMANCE TAPES, running in our brain,

We need to weigh all things! It’s easy to explain:

That we are sometimes urged, that some things are-ALWAYS right!

“Nonsense,” say I, and I’ll say it through the night!

For-instance, from Shakespeare: “Neither-a-borrower-or-lender-be!”

Nonsense! Sometimes you give what’s needed! “Yes, you-can pay it back to me,

Which-is wonderful, My Friend, but it’s-also-wonderful NOT-too!”

Life’s rules can-be jealous mistresses!

The best decision?


fin <3

  • – a high tower in a castle where people and secrets can be locked away?

I dunno No ~ keep trying πŸ˜‚

“TRY A LITTLE BIT!” a poem August 20, 2019 (Tuesday, for the two of you!)

She remembers me today, but what about tomorrow?

Can there ever really be – surcease of sorrow?

Maybe, but ONLY – IF-YOU “go with the punches!”

I-dunno! What-d’-ya-think? Have you ever-seen “free lunches?”

Perhaps, it’s just a matter – of acceptance of your “fate,”

And, also, if you’ve got an important appointment, don’t be real late,

‘Cause IF YOU ARE – your special lover might just disappear,

And then all that you’re left with is a memory and a tear,


And: Isn’t NOT TRYING kind-of a sin?

IF YOU R E A L L Y WANT SOMETHING, why not least kinda “go for it!?”

At least – TRY A LITTLE! Try – a little bit!

” ‘Why are you tormenting me like this? ‘

‘ Because I love you! ‘

‘Oh, OK! Thanks!’

‘Don’t mention it!’ ”

The Mystic Poet πŸ™‚

Tom Cat JπŸ˜‚