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Gambino crime kingpin Francesco ‘Franky Boy’ Cali shot dead in New York

Gambino crime kingpin Francesco ‘Franky Boy’ Cali shot dead in New York


Facebook outage smashes record as deprived users struggle to cope – 7 News

Facebook outage smashes record as deprived users struggle to cope – 7 News


Facebook crashed

GREAT NEWS ! ACT Attorney General Gordon Ramsay has made laws that mean that ANYONE who fails to report child abuse can face prison time !


ACT Attorney General Gordon Ramsay has made laws that mean that ANYONE who fails to report child abuse can face prison time !

Yes that includes priests and other religious leaders, however we can’t help but wonder if they will adhere to this or any other law aimed at forcing them to break the so called “sanctity” of the confessional.

Adults in Canberra could face up to two years’ in jail if they fail to report child sexual abuse, under a suite of legislation ACT Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay will introduce into the ACT’s parliament on Thursday.

Ministers of religion will also become mandatory reporters, with no exemption for allegations aired under the seal of confession. Information from the confessional was already going to be covered under the ACT’s mandatory reporting laws come April, with a temporary exemption to expire on March 31.

If the ACT can bring this strong a law in why did the other states allow for exemptions based upon religious reasons ? Why did they bow to the religious leaders and the ACT did not ?

Sadly the Catholic church in Canberra have already come out and spoken about the fact that they do not answer to the laws of the land but instead answer to a higher power. Canberra-Goulburn Catholic Archbishop Christopher Prowse said while he supported mandatory reporting laws, there could be “no reasonable expectation” that forcing priests to break the seal of confession would make people safer and urged the government to reject the new measures.

Let me tell you something Archbishop Prowse, you could not be any more wrong if you tried ! the so called seal of confession has been allowing and enabling child rapists for centuries ! this idea that a priest or anyone else could rape a child and walk into a box, tell a priest they did it and then walk out completely absolved of all responsibility, all guilt and all sin. Then that priest who heard the confession MUST NOT go to the police and tell them what they knew (and if they do their god will smite them) has been responsible time and time again for centuries now for massive amounts of child rape !

If you do not reverse the so called sanctity of confession and FORCE priests to tell police if they are told about the rape of children then you are RESPONSIBLE for any further rapes that rapist commits after that confession because you did NOTHING when you could have stopped them in their tracks !

Well done to the ACT Attorney General Gordon Ramsay and his staff for bringing in these strong laws that stand up to the churches and religious organizations. All states should stand up to the religious organizations and put the rights of children to not be raped by repeat child rapists who are using confessionals to alleviate their guilt and responsibility for their rapes ahead of the rights of religious organizations who willingly and knowingly hide child rapists from the justice they deserve !

For the record we are not telling anyone to vote for Mr Ramsay or his party (who we have not named)

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Ehud Arye Laniado: Billionaire dies during penis enlargement surgery


Pell – Tasmanian Times


This is, in my view, a clear sighted analysis of Abbott and Howard and their sense of entitlement in second-guessing a jury who, unlike them, actually studied the evidence in the Pell case.

To do what they did, they had to ignore the evidence, insist that the Australian court process was fatally flawed, allowing prejudice instead of truth to rule, and, of course, they had to define the victims as self-serving liars.

All without evidence. All without compassion. All without any respect or regard for the truth or the Australian legal process. (note please, as prime ministers they each had the responsibility for keeping this legal process honest. Their refusal to accept its results merely confirms that they didn’t care so passionately about justice when they were in charge and their powerful friends weren’t in the dock.)

Both Howard and Abbott have shown that they don’t care about the law in Australia, and they think it shouldn’t apply to them or their cronies.

We let them run the country for years.



Australian Politics ( Labour) 🤣😁😂

Bill Shorten is my Shepherd, I shall not want:

He will leadeth me beside still factories and abandoned farms.

He will restoreth my faith about the Liberal Party,

He will annointeth my wages with taxes and inflation,

So my expenses runneth over my income.

Surely poverty and hard living shall follow if Labor win

Five thousand years ago Moses said:

“Pack your Camels pick up your shovels, move your arses,

and I will lead you to the Promised Land.”

Five thousand years later Bill said:

“Lay down your shovels, sit on your arses, light up a joint. This is the Promised Land”.

Next election Bill could take your shovel, sell your camel,

kick your arse and tell you he gave away the Promise Land.

I’m glad I’m Australian, I’m glad I’m free.

But I wish I were a dog and Bill was a tree.

Our sex life is so repetitive I have to imagine arousing situations in bed ~ By Golly 😁😆😅😄

Our sex life is so repetitive I have to imagine arousing situations in bed

By Golly 😁😊😉😆

Cairns yowie encounter raises supernatural questions about Australian creatures | Cairns Post


I am Australian 😁

We are Australian
We are the Freedom Country
Proud of our Heritage
We are strong
We are from all Bloods around the world 🤗

Australia 🤗

Alexander Anh Nguyen Tran was caught with child exploitation material with kids as young as 3. 

Alexander Anh Nguyen Tran was caught with child exploitation material with kids as young as 3.

He was serving home detention. Now on appeal he will serve no time !

Tran, 32 was originally caught at Adelaide airport last year trying to smuggle in 6 entire hard drives filled to the brim with child exploitation material, featuring children as young as 3 years old. He collected the material while he was living in Japan working as a kindergarten teacher.

Yes you read that correctly, while working as a kindergarten teacher he collected horrendous images and videos of children being horrifically abused and raped. While he was teaching kids around that age. There is something seriously wrong with this guy.

His excuse for collecting the material was nothing short of insane and pathetic. Apparently he was trying to get back at his parents because they wanted him to be a pharmacist. Not sure how that works exactly, mum and dad have dreams for their son so his response is to collect 6 hard drives full of images and videos of children being horrendously abused.

Last Thursday, illicit image smuggler and former teacher Alexander Anh Nguyen Tran was released on a three-year good behaviour bond, including a total ban on using social media. The ruling ends a beleaguered case marred by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions’ repeatedly shifting attitude to penalty.

At first it opposed home detention, then supported it, and after Tran’s sentencing filed an appeal claiming he had been punished in error and had to go to jail. On Thursday, the Court of Criminal Appeal upheld the CDPP’s challenge — but only in part.

It ruled an 11-month prison term was the appropriate penalty, but ordered it be suspended without any time in custody. “The purpose of this sentence is, essentially, for your rehabilitation,” Justice Malcolm Blue told Tran.

“You will have the opportunity to avoid serving the sentence provided you are of good behaviour and are prepared to undertake (rehabilitation) programs.

“If you comply, you will never serve the sentence … on the other hand, if you do not, you will be liable to do so. In May, Tran was sentenced to 22 months’ jail and ordered to serve the first 10 months of that time on home detention.

Four months later, the CDPP lodged an appeal insisting home detention sentences could not, as a matter of law, be attached to Federal penalties. It said Tran’s penalty had to be entirely custodial or wholly suspended — and argued he should be imprisoned immediately.

On Thursday, Chief Justice Chris Kourakis, Justice Blue and Justice David Lovell unanimously agreed Tran should be resentenced. They imposed a new 11-month term and three-year bond — both beginning on Thursday.

“The conditions of the bond are more or less the same as those imposed by (the District Court),” Justice Blue told Tran.

So in other words the South Australian director of public prosecutions did not agree that home detention was the appropriate sentence for Tran, considering there was a pre school 250 metres away from his home we have to agree. The SA DPP asked to have him put behind bars and Justice Malcolm Blue agreed but suspended his sentence ?

Justice Malcolm Blue said that he was doing this so Tran could get rehabilitation. What in the honest hell Malcolm ? child abusers can not be rehabilitated and considering this bloke has blamed his mum and dad for his offending I don’t exactly think he is very remorseful for his crimes.


May 2017: Tran is caught smuggling 2000 child exploitation material files through Adelaide Airport. He is bailed to live just 200m from Wilderness School, which is not notified.

February 21, 2018: Tran asks to serve his sentence on home detention. The Advertiser contacts Wilderness, which issues an immediate warning to students and families.

March 1, 2018: Federal prosecutors admit they did not know Tran lived near a school. His counsel offers a new home detention address — 800m from a school in Broadview.

March 9, 2018: Tran offers a third address, 250m from a kindergarten. Federal prosecutors do not object, saying GPS tracking will protect children and families.

May 1, 2018: Tran is sentenced to 22 months’ jail, with the first 10 months to be served on home detention and the rest under supervision in the community.

September 20, 2018: Federal prosecutors change their position and file an appeal, claiming partial home detention sentences are not “authorised under law” and Tran must be jailed.

January 17, 2019: The Court of Criminal Appeal cancels Tran’s home detention and resentences him to an 11-month term, wholly suspended.

So hopefully that confusing mess is all nicely cleaned up, we can sum it up very simply for you.

Tran gets caught trying to smuggle 6 full hard drives of horrendous child exploitation material into Australia. He collected it while working as a kindergarten teacher to get back at his mum and dad for wanting him to be a pharmacist.

He gets home detention to be served close to a pre school.

The DPP opposes this and wants him sent behind bars.

The judge agrees and sends him behind bars, but then suspends his sentence because judges in Australia don’t believe that child exploitation material is a crime and sends him for rehab which we at FACAA know does not work.

Why our judges do not rate child exploitation material ? why do they consider it a victimless crime ? Why do they consistently give pathetic sentences for this crime ?

If anyone can answer any of these questions we would love to hear them. We are all out of ideas.

Mr Tran, your crime was horrendous your excuse was nothing short of pathetic and now you are free to get “rehabilitation,” Justice Blue you were asked to send him behind bars but instead you set him free …. Why ?

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Menindee Lakes algal bloom kills ‘century-old fish’ in Australian environmental ‘disaster’ Shame On Australia.


Watch “Why the Aussie accent is so hard | Did You Know?” on YouTube

Welcome to Australia 💜

Bishop Blames The Victim, Claims ‘Immodest Dress’ Of Women Causes Sexual Assault | Michael Stone


Andrew Broad to leave Parliament following dating website scandal🙊🙈🙉

Andrew Broad to leave Parliament following dating website scandal

Australian News Police charge man with 54 counts of domestic violence and sexual assault

Police charge man with 54 counts of domestic violence and sexual assault