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Thanksgiving Dinner AMERICA ~ TEXAN COWBOY

Turkeys are banding together (39 days and counting ’til Thanksgiving), hoping for safety in numbers! โ€œAN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM TURKEYS!โ€ a poem. a.k.a.: โ€œBe Afraid, Humans; Be VERY Afraid – Of Turkey Wrath! For Eating Us Turkeys Is A Grave Matter Because Turkey Grav(e)y Will Be On Your Lips!โ€ October 14, 2018 = 39 days […]

Care ~ perfection

“WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT!” a poem 16 Aug 2019 (Freya was a mother too!) Maybe a lot more people care,* but you expect them to act a certain way, AND THEY DON’T!!?!! So, you are OFTEN apt to say: For instance: “You really don’t care – because you’ve not called me today!” Or: “If […]

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