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Mystical IRELAND ~ mystic poet

May the sound of happy music

And the lilt of Irish laughter

Fill your heart with gladness

That stays forever after



~ Oh! Mr Best You’re Very Bad – Jane Austen Shared

Oh! Mr. Best, you’re very bad And all the world shall know it; Your base behaviour shall be sung By me, a tunefull Poet.– You used to go to Harrowgate Each summer as it came, And why I pray should you refuse To go this year the same?– The way’s as plain, the road’s as smooth, The Posting not increased; You’re scarcely stouter than you were, Not younger Sir at least.– If e’er the waters were of use Why now their use forego? You may not live another year, All’s mortal here below.– It is your duty Mr Best To give your health repair. Vain else your Richard’s pills will be, And vain your Consort’s care. But yet a nobler Duty calls You now towards the North. Arise ennobled–as Escort Of Martha Lloyd stand forth. She wants your aid–she honours you With a distinguished call. Stand forth to be the friend of her Who is the friend of all.– Take her, and wonder at your luck, In having such a Trust. Her converse sensible and sweet Will banish heat and dust.– So short she’ll make the journey seem You’ll bid the Chaise stand still. T’will be like driving at full speed From Newb’ry to Speen hill.– Convey her safe to Morton’s wife And I’ll forget the past, And write some verses in your praise As finely and as fast. But if you still refuse to go I’ll never let your rest, Buy haunt you with reproachful song Oh! wicked Mr. Best!– ~ Oh! Mr Best You’re Very Bad – Jane Austen Shared


Port Augusta is known as a ‘working class town’, which is ironic because no one there has a job. The city has been redundant since its port ceased to operate in 1973, making half of its name a lie. Attempts to resuscitate ‘Portagutter’ by kick-starting a new economy predicated on polluting the atmosphere with copious amounts of carbon ended with the closure of all of its coal-fired power plants in the 2010s. Now little more than a blight on the South Australian desert landscape, Port Augusta exists purely so people can confuse it with Port Pirie and Port Lincoln.

Port Augusta is cursed with a punishing climate that sees the mercury push 50 degrees, forcing feral punters to cool off in the flooded rubbish tip known as the Spencer Gulf. 500 algae-encrusted shopping trolleys were recently fished up from waters near the wharf to prevent jumpers from landing on them, but a sizeable trolley reef remains.

Aside from a derelict disused port, Port Disgusta boasts a world-class collection of abandoned buildings, towering razor-wire-tipped fences, beaches with more broken glass than sand, and patches of dirt in lieu of lawns. It’s also home to the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden, which showcases all of the nothing that grows in the Outback. A former hit with overseas visitors was the now-closed Baxter Detention Centre/refugee prison, which attracted tourists from all over Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and must have been incredible because most visitors stayed for years.

Port Augusta: Where the Dirt Meets the Sea.

Only in AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺

Australian Forests ~ Victoria

The heart of the Dandenong Ranges, this is Perrins creek road….a mystical place, full of intrigue and timelessness. I have been down this road on a few occasions and it seems to be there is always something new to find. Once you encounter this place, the memories never fade, nor does the longing to return….

This tree takes my breath away…which is funny seeing as it also keeps me breathing! The Red Tingle treesouth west Western Australia…AMAZING!

Western Australia
Western Australia 🤗
  1. My first love was chemistry then a journey came and the challenges were amazing. You understand life’s like that, swept…


I have spaces like this in the forest where I live The Peace is Beyond Measure and wildlife thrives… A.W Ontario


Australia ~ Wilsons Promontory

Wilsons Promontory is an amazing combination of pristine ocean and serene national park. Spectacular walks, lots of wildlife and great camping… And even glamping

Victoria ~ Wilsons Promontory
Have fun on this trip
Down South 💥


Ahhhhh…the blustery coast of Ireland…

Wild Ireland
Dance as if no one was watching
Sing as if no one was listening
And live every day
As if it was your last

‘Blue carbon’ banks: From the Conversation.

‘Blue carbon’ banks: From the Conversation.
Mangrove forests, which grow in salt water in tropical regions, are especially effective at locking up “blue carbon” – so called to distinguish it from “green” carbon storage on land. Louisiana State University scientists Robert Twilley and Andre Rovai estimate that “the wood and soil of mangrove forests along the world’s coastlines hold 3 billion metric tons of carbon – more than tropical forests.”
Coastal development is an enormous threat to mangroves, whether for vacation homes in Florida or aquaculture farms in Asia. Twilley and Rovai wanted to pinpoint what type of mangroves were the most effective at storing carbon. By comparing conditions in different settings where mangroves flourish, they determined that river deltas and estuaries offer the best conditions for mangrove growth and carbon uptake:

“Overall, mangroves in deltaic coasts such as the Mississippi River delta, the Amazon in Brazil and the Sundarbans in India and Bangladesh can sequester more carbon yearly than any other aquatic or terrestrial ecosystem on the globe. These are the world’s blue carbon hot spots.”

4. Mangroves versus marshes
Mangroves are actually benefiting from climate change in some regions, such as Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. Villanova University biologist Samantha Chapman has found that mangroves are becoming more abundant in these areas, moving into zones formerly dominated by salt marshes, which typically are found in cooler zones.

Mangroves protect coasts more effectively against large waves, so this change isn’t necessarily harmful. However, as Chapman says,

“it is important to note that marsh plants provide important habitats for numerous species of birds and fish. We don’t yet know how these animals will fare as mangroves replace marshes, nor do we yet understand other downsides of plant range shifts due to climate change.”

Moreover, she notes, mangroves are not building new shoreline quickly enough to keep up with sea level rise in all locations. As her findings show, there is still much to learn about how climate change will affect different types of wetlands in various locations.

The Last Word

The Last Word:

“Nothing living should ever be treated with contempt. Whatever it is that lives, a man, a tree, or a bird, should be touched gently, because the time is short. ― Elizabeth Goudge

We can do a lot better
Please help
Us 🕊🐣🐓🐍🐉🐤🐳
God bless you
Sorry 😓

Australia Day Victoria 🌼

But all my words come back to me in shades of mediocrity, Like emptiness in harmony I need someone to comfort me
Homeward bound – Simon & Garfunkel

Australia Day evening delivered a spectacular sunset across Victoria and as I look at all the fantastic stories on Instagram of the shots people were getting I downloaded my photos taken minutes from home at Point Roadknight and thought…I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else to witness that awesome event.