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Indigenous Anzac POW recognised after discovery of antique photo album – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Until recently, the final resting place of Indigenous soldier and WWI prisoner of war Robert George Garner was an unmarked section of grass in an unassuming corner of Sydney’s Rookwood Cemetery. β€” Read on

Tasmanian Genocide ~ Australia has a Dark History

Tasmanian Genocide When the British landed in Australia, they found a whole black continent & killed almost all of them. There was a neighboring island called Tasmania & they killed every single person on that island. There’s a book on it called β€œThe Last of the Tasmanians” Every single person was killed, every man, woman […]

Edward VIII’s racism and hatred of β€˜filthy, nauseating’ Australian Aboriginals is detailed | Daily Mail Online

Ancient Aboriginal tradition celebrating football-sized bunya gets revival in Queensland – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

An ancient Aboriginal tradition celebrating the harvest of the spiky, football-sized bunya cone is being revived on the Sunshine Coast β€” more than 120 years after the last traditional gathering. For thousands of years, Aboriginal people on the east coast of Australia gathered to celebrate the harvest of cones from the bunya tree, araucaria bidwillii, […]


Thank you Guys for an amazing sketch for our new flag. We are AUSTRALIANS of many races today. All my Brothers fought for Australians freedom from Suppression. Freedom is every person on Earth’s Birthright. The time for self rule is near. We did not lose our family for a flag, perhaps uniting as a symbol […]

Ninety year old aboriginal elder

Ninety year old aboriginal elder sat in his humpy eyeing two government ‘Welfare’ officials sent to interview him . One official said to him: “You have observed the white man for 90 years.You have seen his wars and his technological advances. You have seen his progress and the damage he has done.”The elder nodded in […]

Australia has a very dark past. 26/1/2019 is a somber day for Australian Aboriginal Nation yet today it is Australia Day when white Australians celebrate the British Army Invading and mudering men, women and children. They celebrate Australia including the arrival of Murding Soldiers from England – strange that πŸ™

Today I will empathise with my indigenous friends over the usurping of their land and slaughter of their people and the despicable treatment of them up until May 27, 1967, and since. When I see an Australian flag now, all I see is white Nationalism. Change the date. Change the flag. This Day First Nations […]

Only in Australia

Australia has many deadly creatures – Mythic Australia takes it up a few notches. For further spins on Australia, visit our website, Mythic Australia:

The stolen Wandjina totem takes Cultural Appropriation to a new level | Sovereign Union – First Nations Asserting Sovereignty

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