From Dubbo to Documentary: Wiradjuri ballet dancer Ella Havelka’s groundbreaking story | NITV



Fat one bubba and proud happy mom, Ernabella, South Australia, 1949. Healthy mothers healthy babies! Photo credit: Charles Duguid.


“Australian youth prisons are institutional racism in action. Criminalising the behaviour of young, vulnerable children – who are mostly Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander – creates further disadvantage and traps children in the criminal justice system,” Axleby said. Ruth Barson, a director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, said children should be … Continue reading First NATIONS PEOPLE AUSTRALIANS

Why you shouldn’t come to Australia! 🙃

Yes we have it all 😀 If you have a dream and dream is Australia First, you make it very clear in your head that we will accept with open, arms. Second, we have rules of law you must live with! Thirdly you will pay the highest tax in the world here on the money … Continue reading Why you shouldn’t come to Australia! 🙃