This is Australia First Nations People respect to all Elders Past ~ Present didjarigura djuguru didjarigura gumal


Planetary Conjunction, Dec 21, 2020, ULURU

Australian Solstice Ceremony Lore Keepers A Global Light Message

Budyari mulinawal mullabu didjurigur mullabu yura good morning all women all men, I bring you this message from the Solstice Ceremony Lore Keepers.

Still seems to be a bit of confusion as to intent and time for ceremony in December, hopefully this will clarify matters a little.

The time on a clock or watch is used to keep track of Mother’s cycles, her solstices, equinoxes, lunar phases, tides and weather patterns. We have no need of clocks or watches when we are attuned to Mother’s cycles.

Mother needs warming, and we have at our disposal the most efficient warming energy in the universe, LOVE. When enough people send thoughts and energy of pure love to Mother, Mother feels the love and it warms her heart.

A hibernating Serpent requires a warming to awaken. When we warm Mother we initiate an incubation process that will rouse the Rainbow Serpent from her long slumber, bringing forth the changes to Mother that are said to come next.

Please send pure love to Mother from wherever you are, at the time of the solstice in your location, and together we will warm our sacred Mother to her heart.

didjarigura djuguru didjarigura gumal

Additional Information:

Know this is a great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020 – the same date of the December Solstice. It will be the first Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction since 2000, and the closest Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction since 1623.

Global Family, we ask you to be in a space of PURE HEART. Create small groups or simply be on your own and send love to Gaia at the above time. An opportunity to assist Gaia and all Light Beings. A chance to greatly assist the Planetary Upgrade.

To work out your time zone, visit websites to convert times. December 21, 9.02 pm AEDT.

Many groups are forming around the world to send LOVE to Gaia at the above time. The purity of your Heart Love is the Focus dear one xo

We would like you to part of this Global Event – Light Family.

Sending Waves Of Universal Love, for Light Workers to join in a space of Global Unity.

Please Share Light Family

With Love & Gratitude for Mother Gaia


Global Family, Uluru Central Australia.
Thank you Artist


First Nations Peoples it’s war. Declared in 1788, hostilities continue more than 229 years later.


Tean days to go before I’m back in the war zone. Yes, for First Nations Peoples it’s war. Declared in 1788, hostilities continue more than 229 years later. The modern-day leaders of the fight against Our Peoples are Turnbull, Shorten and all of their white supremacist cohorts. The daily atrocities committed against Indigenous People are intentional. The murders, the stealing of children, the alarming imprisonment rates, to name a few, are so carefully planned by the LNP & ALP on behalf of their colonial slave masters significant industries, in particular mining companies. Let’s not be fooled; this is war. I for one will not begin to consider a treaty or anything resembling the prominent CONstitutional Recognition with such cowardly murderous, bloody thirsty creatures. The only gains we have ever achieved has come via our ability to continue to fight this illegal government. They have given us NOTHING. They won’t change now, so why even bother to negotiate with such despicable people. Demand our rights and take the fight to them. We are this land, we are proud, and such treacherous evil cretins won’t defeat us.

Australia is the only country that has never even bothered to attempt a treaty with First Nations Peoples. That in itself should be a warning of how weak any settlement they embark on will be. From a personal point of view, I do not want to enter into any formal agreement with such a blatantly racist government. If the murders in custody were to stop, the children cease to be stolen, when they end the racist regime called the Intervention and many other genocidal policies they adhere to, they might be an excellent time to commence discussions with the government. Until then, it’s like going to a neighbours party after he has just burned your house down.


β€œThe Little Eva Mine Site” on the doorstep of my home Dry Creek Waanyi/Garawa Land Trust.


The area is known as β€œsick country” and our Fathers Tommy & Don George were the Tribal Ceremony men that had the songs to protect and persevere this area.
Their duty was to keep this area safe and untouched from mining or anything else.
Since their deaths this duty has fallen to me and my brothers, you must be an INITIATED MAN through Tribal lore to talk for this country and carry LORE & Ceremony.

β€œThe Little Eva Mine Site” on the doorstep of my home Dry Creek Waanyi/Garawa Land Trust.

Australia is so RACIST the very Governing body that is supposed to represent & protect us the Northern Land Coucil is run by WHITE PEOPLE! – Anthropologist, Archeologists, Lawyers and Advisors…sitting in powerful positions to control our LAND RIGHTS!

In light of Rio Tinto destroying a scared site……this will make sense NOW!!

I was a Lone Wolf Vs A Mining Gaint…..I won

The struggle continues……

nitv #BlackLivesMatter #AboriginalLivesMatter #AboriginalSacredStiesMatter #AboriginalStoriesMatter #AboriginalHomelands

Australian Past ~ Scubby D. Dingo

Advertisements Ten years ago, Australia had five car manufacturers, Ford, GMH, Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi. Now we have none. All gone overseas and the reason given? Costs were too high. Funny that the cars we are now importing (Malaysia etc.) are no cheaper. I remember back in 1968 living in Brisbane when the three major […]

Australian Black Lives Matter too


ANZAC Australia Second World War 1946. We give our alliance – Gratitude to the American Defence Forces for saving our Australian Soldiers. Many folk around the world still don’t know American had never fought in past world Wars until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor In Hawaii leading America to War. Japanese then bombed Darwin Northern Australia murdering Australians. Thank you America

Advertisements Somewhere buried in the fields of France is an Indigenous man who gave his life for his country. He had barely time enough to live. He was not even old enough to enlist; he was not meant to be there. The military records don’t show his name β€” he passed himself off under the […]

#aborignallivesmatterAustralian Prime Minster shame

Advertisements Scott Morrison says there was no slavery in Australia. Indigenous people were blackbirded and used in the pearling, sugar cane and cattle industries. They suffered terrible abuse, they were denied their wages.Between the 1860s and the 1970s, the stolen generations was taken from their homes and sent to work on cattle and sheep properties […]


Australian First Nations People #aboringallivesmatter


OH, England is a pleasant place for them that ’s rich and high;
But England is a cruel place for such poor folks as I;
And such a port for mariners I ne’er shall see again,
As the pleasant Isle of Avès, beside the Spanish main.

There were forty craft in Avès that was both swift and stout,
All furnished well with small arms and cannons round about;
And a thousand men in Avès made laws so fair and free
To choose their brave captains and obey them loyally.

Thence we sailed against the Spaniard with his hoards of plate and gold,
Which he wrung by cruel tortures from the Indian folk of old;
Likewise the merchant captains, with hearts as hard as a stone,
Which flog men and keelhaul them and starve them to the bone.

Oh, the palms grew high in Avès and fruits that shone like gold,
And the collars and parrots they were gorgeous to behold;
And the negro maids to Avès from bondage fast did flee,
To welcome gallant sailors a sweeping in from the sea.

Oh, sweet it was in Avès to hear the landward breeze
A-swing with good tobacco in a net between the trees,
With a negro lass to fan you while you listen to the roar
Of the breakers on the reef outside that never touched the shore.

But Scripture saith, an ending to all beautiful things must be,
So the King’s ships sailed on AvΓ¨s and quite put down were we.
All-day we fought like bulldogs, but they burst the booms at night;
And I fled in a piragua sore wounded from the fight.

Nine days I floated starving, and a negro lass beside,
Till for all I tried to cheer her, the poor young thing she died;
But as I lay a gasping a Bristol sail came by,
And brought me home to England here to beg until I die.
And now I ’m old and going I ’m sure I can’t tell where;
One comfort is, this world’s so hard I can’t be worse off there:
If I might but be a sea-dove, I ’d fly across the main,
To the pleasant Isle of Avès, to look at it once again.

~ #blacklivesmatter #aborignallivesmatter




β€œOur voices are being sanitised, diluted and whitewashed by the white gate keepers at NITV! To all my Aboriginal mob working at NITV keep doing what you’re doing…I ain’t mad at ya…got nothin’ but love for ya, whateva it takes for you to get up outta da hood..hell im with ya – Jarrbikgala


First Nations People ~ Australia





Yes it has to be said. Mission managers are still in place. Theres no freedom of the media for Original people in Australia, it’s controlled colonial racist propaganda. It needs to be called out for what it is. Our stories, told our way by us….no ifs or buts about it. Our empowerment is built within our own story telling that is shared with our human family around the world. This identifies our existence, who we are, our values, our world view….this must be done without gubba manipulation.

J Jay Samuel Davis

J. Jay Samuel Davis – Western Australia Australia the Worst For State for Racism


William Buckley
β€œThe whole system is rotten in Worst Australia. I was imprisoned for a parking offence and I didn’t own the vehicle. I never received a parking ticket, never received notification from Council about a fine, never received notification of a Court Action. The Police came to my home and carted me off to the lock up. No telephone call, no lawyer and when I complained they incited the prisoners to threaten me. I did complain to the Ombudsman but the Police investigated the complaint and covered it up. When I perused the matter further they send a Counter Terrorist Unit after me and they threatened to lock me in a mental institution. Lucky for me my wife and many of my friends were physiologists and the Head of the Mental Health Division was at my wedding. After 12 months of getting nowhere I chained myself to the Town Hall to protest the Injustice of the Court, the Police and the Government.”

J. Jay Samuel Davis – Western Australia Australia the Worst For State for Racism
J. Jay Samuel Davis – Western Australia Australia the Worst For State for Racism

Anzac Day: Indigenous soldiers thought β€˜when we got back we’d be treated differently’


Anzac Day: Indigenous soldiers thought β€˜when we got back we’d be treated differently’

Often shunned by an Australian society that did not recognise their service, today Indigenous veterans have led the national Anzac Day march for the first time.


True as Only in Australia


For all of you men who are married, were married, wish you were married, or wish you weren’t married, this is something to smile about the next time you see aΒ bottle of wine!

Wayne, driving home from one of his business trips in Northern Queensland when he saw an elderly Aboriginal man walking on the side of the road.

As the trip was a long and quiet one, he stopped the car and asked the Aboriginal man if he would like a ride.

With a silent nod of thanks, theΒ oldΒ man got into the car.Resuming the journey,Β the old man just sat silently, looking intently at everything he saw, studying every little detail, until he noticed a brown bag on the seat next to Wayne.

β€˜What’s in the bag?’ asked the old man.

Wayne, looked down at the brown bag and said, β€¦β€˜It’s a bottle of wine. I got it for my wife.’

The Aboriginal man was silent for another moment or two.Β 

Then speaking with the quiet wisdom of an elder, he said: β€˜Good trade !!!’


Australian History in Cricket


In Novemeber 1931, Donald Bradman was dismissed for a duck in a Sheffield Shield match against Queensland by an Aboriginal man named EDDIE GILBERT.
Donald Bradman had arrived at the Brisbane Cricket Ground a national hero that day, he had already been elevated to God-like status. But The Don was brought back down to earth – both literally and figuratively – by a fearsome spell of bowling from a man who at the age of 4 he was taken from his mother to live in a dormitory in the Cherbourg Aboriginal settlement at Barambah. As a part of the assimilation process the boys were taught to play cricket. Eddie recalled that ..
β€œfor a long time cricket didn’t appeal to me. I was very fond of throwing the boomerang and this helped me develop my right shoulder and wrist”.

commentary of the pictured play….

β€œβ€¦.Gilbert’s second ball was confidently defended by The Don but his third, a short lifting delivery, clipped the peak of Bradman’s cap as the great man lost his balance and fell backwards onto the turf.

β€œThe fourth ball, another fast short one, flew over Bradman’s head through to the keeper before the fifth ball knocked The Don’s bat out of his hands as he attempted to play a hook shot. Having barely survived the onslaught, Bradman attempted another hook from Gilbert’s sixth delivery, but only succeeded in edging behind to the wicket keeper to be dismissed for a duck.”