Melbourne, Australia

In the Spring of 1854 two young Danish farmers established a tobacco shop in the heart of Melbourne and watched the City grow around them. Over the years Damman’s shop occupied every corner of the Collins / Swanston intersection except the Town Hall corner. George Damman arrived in Melbourne on a sailing ship in 1851, […]


~ Australian Bards And Bush Reviewers – Henry Lawson

While you use your best endeavour to immortalise in verse The gambling and the drink which are your country’s greatest curse, While you glorify the bully and take the spieler’s part — You’re a clever southern writer, scarce inferior to Bret Harte. If you sing of waving grasses when the plains are dry as bricks, […]

England Yet ~ HENRY LAWSON

England yet! by Henry Lawson Henry LawsonShe’s England yet! The nations never knew her; Or, if they knew, were ready to forget. She made new worlds that paid no homage to her, Because she called for none as for a debt. The bullying power who deemed all nations craven, And that her star of destiny […]

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