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What Australians care about is all those poor souls dying and the American government of the day don’t give a ” rats arse ” about their own citizens @bestofnatureblog @acenewsservices

… all predicated of course on the incorrect assumption that the USA is a democracy and that the people choose the president. Well it ain’t. The founding fathers, mostly rich farmers or successful lawyers, back in the 18th century did not trust the concept of a “democratically” elected president. After Washington refused to accept the title of “king,” the then less than 1% came up withe concept of “electoral college” where the college membership would vote for the new “president” with a republican constitution and congress. Ask who appoints the electoral college? Why politicians in power of course. The college would be firmly under the control of the new “upper classes.” Thus America became an undemocratic republic which is evident to this day. The concept of “democracy” as we know it is snake oil sold to the the US masses by their rulers. If you don’t believe me, query why it costs millions of dollars to get a seat in congress and ask where the candidates get their money from?  Nearly all US politicians are owned from day one. Trump was different. He had his own loot and therefore was beholden to nobody.


It doesn’t really matter whether you like Donald Trump or you don’t

Over 70 million American People voted for Donald Trump and want to count every vote that was legal and

discard every vote that was not .

It doesn’t really matter if you like Joe Biden or you don’t .

 If this “Mexican Stand Off “between the Red [White] and Blue is not handled 

correctly then there will be trouble .

America is sitting on a powder keg .

Blind Freddy can easily see that Joe Biden was premature in announcing that he

was the 46th President Elect and should modify his rhetoric to embrace due 

process “The Rule Of Law” and the announcement by the 50 states as to who has won the electoral college in their respective constituencies .

Maybe Joe Biden has won and if so “good on him” .

Maybe Donald Trump has won and if son”good on him”

Handled incorrectly has the potential for a second civil war .

The American Civil War ran from 12th April 1861 to the 13th May 1865 

A battle between the Blue & The Grey one month after Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated as the 16th President of the United States .

Who would win that’s anybody’s guess however this time it could be citizen against 

citizen and neighbour against neighbour and rather tragically family against family 

It doesn’t really matter whether you like Donald Trump or you don’t .

Just for the record the opinions of foreign nationals~ foreign leaders

[with the exception of Vladimir Putin The American Media [with the exception of THE EPOCH TIMES which 

prides itself in “truth and tradition”] ~ Or the foreign media for that matter too.

It. Doesn’t really matter if you like Joe Biden or you don’t .

This marathon battle in my opinion will be fought out in the SUPREME COURT

of the United States And as we all know they are learned men & women of the

highest integrity who are not biased one way to t ’other

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#CoronavirusNewsDesk – Rishi Sunak has said the new lockdown restrictions in England will expire on 2 December “as a matter of law” @AceDailyNews


Sending Pray highest death rate in the world and still rising
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Coronavirus Australia live news: Australia records first day without a locally acquired COVID case since June

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“Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.” —
Pablo Picasso

If you have found yourself stuck in a rut wondering what you are really doing every day…

Uplift yourself daily with a positive thought…

Bring a new meaning to every day to make you realize that every day is equally important…

Develop success from failures…

Pessimism and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success…

When it looks the darkest…

And you think you can’t succeed…

Don’t quit !!

A persons big break through happens after the
darkest storm in your journey in life…

So stay focused on what you want for yourself…

You are worth it all and even more !!!

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Trudeau v Trump and People v Pocketbooks





Nicholas McDonald/Faulkner is a dangerous rapist who was released without any supervision !


Nicholas McDonald/Faulkner is a dangerous rapist who was released without any supervision !

Nicholas McDonald/Faulkner is a dangerous rapist who was released without any supervision !

Share this story so we can help to prevent any young women becoming future victims of McDonald aka Faulkner !

A rapist jailed for attacking three women has walked free without consideration that he be declared a dangerous sex offender in a decision the Western Australian opposition has deemed a “catastrophic failure”.

Nicholas Rodney Troy McDonald, who now uses the surname Faulkner, spent nine-and-a-half years behind bars for attacks committed over two days in November 2010.

The Dangerous Sexual Offenders Review Committee did NOT refer McDonald’s case to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

If they had, the DPP could have made a dangerous sex offender application in the WA Supreme Court, which potentially could have resulted in McDonald being subject to stricter supervision, including electronic monitoring.

The Prisoners Review Board instead placed him on a post-sentence supervision order.

Premier Mark McGowan said he was “surprised and disappointed” when he learnt what had happened.

“I’m going to get urgent advice on whether or not anything can be done about that, but clearly, it’s not a good situation,” he told reporters.

The Prisoners Review Board and the Department of Justice have been contacted for comment.

So what can you do about it ?

Email the WA Attorney General Mr John Quigley directly and DEMAND he place Nicholas McDonald on the dangerous sex offender’s list IMMEDIATELY !

Let him know that you and the rest of the FACAA will not stand for this insanity. Sex offenders can NOT be trusted in our society especially if they are unmonitored !

McDonald aka Faulkner is not a paedophile and has not sexually abused children, however he is a dangerous rapist who has sexually abused 3 young women who must now live with his actions for the rest of their lives.

Opportunistic rapists don’t care how old their victim’s are and many do rape both adults and children, if the opportunity presents itself.
So please make the time to email the W.A Attorney General at-

His email address is

Let him know that you are a proud FACAA and you will not stand idly by while dangerous sex offenders are set free, especially with no monitoring !

FACAA #ProudFACAA #NicholasMcDonald #Released #NoSupervision #DV #Rapist #OnBail #DVIsChildAbuse #WA #WAPol #WAPolice #JoinTheFight #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #Legal #Law #LegalReform #JuliasJustice #PhoenixProgram #WeWillFight #StandUp #FromHellWeRise #JamiesGuardians

Daniel Arriagada will not serve a day behind bars after being convicted of possessing more than 2,400 videos and images of the worst type of child exploitation material, it even featured toddlers


Daniel Arriagada will not serve a day behind bars after being convicted of possessing more than 2,400 videos and images of the worst type of child exploitation material, it even featured toddlers

A paedophile bodybuilder who had more than 2,400 child abuse pictures and videos in his possession will not be jailed. Daniel Jared Arriagada, 30, from Leichhardt, in Ipswich, Queensland, pleaded guilty to possessing child exploitation material which included images of toddlers depicting sexual acts.

Rather than being jailed for this heinous material, Arriagada walked free from Ipswich District Court on Friday after being handed a 12 month Intensive Corrections Order to be served in the community.

Judge Alexander Horeman-Wren SC said the offences Arriagada committed can carry a maximum sentence of 14 years behind bars.

Once again our judges have shown that they don’t consider possession of child exploitation material to be an offence worthy of severe punishment, once again they show that the victims featured in the pictures and videos don’t matter to our system.

Arriagada, a former prison guard and soldier, also pleaded guilty last week to trafficking steroids into Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre while he worked there.

Arriagada was caught with 1,265 pictures and 1,158 videos of ‘category one’ child exploitation material at his Leichhardt home in Ipswich on December 6, 2018.

‘Category one’ is the worst possible level of child exploitation material. Arriagada’s stash showed babies, toddlers and pre-pubescent girls under 13 performing explicit sexual acts. The 2,423 pieces of multimedia were saved on two mobile phones, a laptop and two hard drives, which were all seized by police.

All of that, and no prison time. He was caught smuggling steroids into a prison and was caught with a large amount of the worst category of child exploitation material…. and still no prison time !
How is that acceptable?

Judge Horneman-Wren SC said Arriagada’s stash of child exploitation material was ‘horrific’.’

‘Every child depicted is a victim. This (accessing images of child sex abuse) creates a market,’ Judge Horneman-Wren said, according to The Telegraph.

Arriagada said his behaviour was due to a relationship breakdown but judge Horneman-Wren said it was ‘not an explanation or an excuse to access such awful child abuse material’.

So no excuses accepted, but still no prison time. WHY ?

Crown Prosecutor Amanda Robinson said Arriagada should spend no less than 15 months of actual jail time.

Defence barrister Scott Neaves proposed he serve a 12-month ICO instead, arguing if Arriagada spent a short time in prison, he would be released without supervision.

In the end, Judge Horneman-Wren sentenced him to 12-months in jail to be served through an ICO. During this time, Arriagada will have two weekly visits with corrective services officers, attend counselling programs and stay at residential facilities for up to seven days when directed.

Somehow, I doubt this “supervision is better than a short prison sentence” rubbish !
How about a long prison term instead ?

Giving paedophiles no prison time after they have been caught with so many of the worst possible images and videos of child sex abuse, sends a message to the community loud and clear, that you will get off without prison time if you are caught doing this.

Not to mention, it sends a very bad message to child abuse survivors…. that their suffering means nothing to our system despite our PM ScoMo saying that survivors would be believed and heard. The judge may not have meant this, but those messages were exactly the result of his decision to not send Arriagada to prison !

Last week, the former prison guard received a suspended two-and-a-half year jail term for trafficking in steroids at the Supreme Court in Brisbane. Arriagada pleaded guilty to supplying and trafficking steroids at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, where he worked as a guard, in November and December 2018.

He and two others sold 1,000 units of the bodybuilding drug to prisoners over a four-week period, but made no profit. The former prison guard also apparently promoted steroid use while working at World Gym Ipswich but was fired after being charged in December 2018. He was sentenced to two-and-a-half years’ jail, suspended for four years.

Wow this guy is Teflon ! Seriously, an amazing ability to avoid prison despite horrendous convictions !

Daniel Arriagada despite the fact the judge has decided it is better for you to be under supervision in the community, we believe you should be locked up for the rest of your natural life !

The children, toddlers and pre-teens in your images and videos are very real and feel pain. Their innocent lives are forever changed because people like you get enjoyment from their pain. That is a crime that deserves a very long custodial sentence.

FACAA #ProudFACAA #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #DanielJaredArriagada #Ipswich #BodyBuilder #ChildExploitationMaterial #NotChildPorn #PornImpliesConsent #QLD #QLDPOL #QLDPolice #ChildAbuse #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLaws #Legal #Law #LegalReform #JuliasJustice #PhoenixProgram #WeWillFight #StandUp #FromHellWeRise #JamiesGuardians #NeverGonnaStop

I care about You


If there’s one thing that can help you get through the toughest of times, it’s knowing you are not alone. Having someone there for you, supporting you, can be what keeps you going, gets you through just one more day and one more day is all you ever need to make it through, one day at a time.

Things change, we change… and things that were soul-destroying as a child/teenager, looking back we can see that most were really not as tragic as we thought they were, and they certainly weren’t the end of the world at all.

However, for children suffering abuse or bullying it can be so bad that life can seem not worth living and whether it’s abuse, or a break up, or fearing HSC results, it’s all important to us at the time and as a child we have nothing to compare it to and pain is pain, fear is fear.

The worst pain, or the most horrific fear you can imagine, is still the worst pain and the most horrific fear for you, whether it seems silly to an adult or not, is irrelevant.

I look back on the times in my life where I didn’t care if I lived or died, and the few times where I actively sought to escape the pain permanently, and the thing that kept me going….. was someone.

Not always a friend, sometimes an acquaintance, or even a complete stranger. It could be someone I met on the street, someone who could see my pain, sometimes just a voice over the phone, or an internet message, but always… someone who cared.

Most of the time they didn’t really know me or know what was wrong, but they cared enough to see I was in pain and that was enough for me to not feel quite so alone and to feel that just perhaps…. it was worth going on…. and just maybe… things would get better.

The funny thing is, most of the people who got me through don’t even know the impact they had on my life. The lady who sat beside me at the railway station, she told me she could feel my sadness and that she just wanted to give me a hug. I cried in her arms that day, I didn’t speak and all I remember her saying is “I’m sorry.” I had never seen her before nor since that day, but she gave me the gift of her time, and her shoulder, and that was enough to keep me going.

The hand on your shoulder, the words, are you ok? Or I’m sorry, can make a world of difference. Just being there, just noticing another is in pain, can be enough to give hope and we all have the ability to give hope to someone else.

There’s rarely a day I don’t see posts on Facebook saying “I’ve had enough,” or “When does it start to get better?” We all have those days where life is tough and there seems no break on the horizon, days where it would really help to know we’re not alone.

Unfortunately, these can be the times that people turn away from us, overburdened with their own problems the last thing they need is someone else’s.

So, if you see someone who’s in pain, sad or alone, even on FB, take the time to say I’m here, or I care, or just listen, because you just never know the impact you may have on another’s life and your words, or your time may just be what helps someone else get through one more day.

And to the people out there who struggle silently, who are always the first to help others but never share just how close they are to the edge… you, I want you to know I see you, I want you to know, I care, and most importantly, I want you to know, it’s ok to take time for yourself.

Your pain is just as important as anyone else’s, your feelings count, it’s not a competition of who has the worst problems, or who can voice them the loudest. I’ve learnt over the years that you just never know what someone’s going through, we’re all different, some people share everything and that’s awesome that they’re comfortable doing that. That ability to share means they are the ones who tend to get the most sympathy and the most support, but that doesn’t mean our other friends are less in need of our care.

I’ve lost friends over the years to mental illness, they rarely, if ever, showed they were in pain. In fact, they were the ones first in line to help others, always smiling and joking.. but it was a façade. I wish they had said something, I wish I had said more, then perhaps they would still be here.

I guess if there’s a lesson to be learned from this it’s that we are all different, some of us are comfortable sharing our problems, other’s not so much, but we all have a need to connect and to know we’re not alone.

So, especially at this time when many of us are isolated from family and feeling particularly alone, try and reach out to a friend. Ask how they’re doing and when they say great or fine, say ok…now, how are you really doing ?

And listen to the answer you’re given, really listen. You just never know how much your words can mean to someone else.

Your concern may be what just gets them through another day.
(TC) xox

FACAA #ProudFACAA #Child #Abuse #ChildAbuse #YouAreNotAlone #SurvivorsSunday #SurvivorsOfChildAbuse #EndingChildABuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLaws #HealingSurvivors #ChangingLives #HopeForTheHopeless #VoiceForTheVoiceless #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #ChildrensChampions #WeWillFight #StandUp #NeverGonnaStop #SaveTheKids #NoExcuses #FromHellWeRise #LegalReform #JuliasJustice #JamiesGuardians #PhoenixProgram


A Rose by Any Other Name


A scraping of chairs as blunt pencils came to rest

Smiles of satisfaction from chair borne robots who had met the test

Mid the comfortable, constant hum of cool air, their mission was complete 

Page upon page of political correctness as ordered by Gods elite 

Soon it would be official and nicknames for soldiers strictly taboo  

Canberra believed monikers were offensive and hurtful too

Yet when it comes to soldiering, humour is always part of the game         

No formality in the ranks, and normal to be blessed with a nickname 

Such identity brimmed with wit, often used no matter where  

More so before entering fog of war, for it helped all to dare    

Their new proud titles often included place of birth and personal flaws 

It was part of the camaraderie that existed, be it peace or war

Greeny, Pitty, and Smithy  were among surnames branded with a Y

Pom, Irish, Kiwi and Zulu, all born elsewhere, were never offended by the cry 

Not forgetting the beloved Mad Spaniard and Chook Fowler, always in the fray 

Gypsy, Black Jack, Bruno and Sunburnt eager and ready to lead the way  

Drongo, Sleepy, Bludger, Walkabout, Keg eyes and other calls used so free 

All so proud of the titles dubbed by their happy family  

That was all before “Polical Correctness” came to bully bands of brothers  

Such madness had never existed to dampen spirit for each other   

Around their campfires they sang the Regiment’s favourite song

Which if sung in public would be very wrong 

Came the time their column marched into the gathering shadows of night 

Until at long last, the old generation faded from sight  

Today, a new column carries the scarred, aging sacred torch with pride

Odds are that most have nicknames, as they march in step, side by side 

Names like William Hunter, Charles Mason–Jones or Ronald Kelly quickly fall  

And become Billy Bunter, Charlie Two Names and Ned Kelly to constant calls 

Their bonds proven in strife with yells such as “Tubby, I’ll cover you mate”  

PC will surely fail, for the ANZAC Spirit and bawdy songs will never, ever abate   

So gather your blunt pencils and mindless scribbles scattered on the floor 

As you leave, switch off the lights and close the office doors 

Then go join the real army and learn about soldiering life 

Where there are always smiles and laughter, be it peace or terrible strife 

Camaraderie so powerful and where nicknames are answered with grins 

The Brass may try to stop it, but the troops wry humour will always win 

***PC-The cursed Political Correctness