“WEST TEXAS GALLERY!” a poem. November 4, 2018! Sunday! Based on an excellent suggestion, there may be an emerging Art Gallery! Here in Alpine, Texas, U. S. A. A little, hole-in-the-wall place, devoted to Beauty, Eccentricity and Naughtiness, with touches of The Sublime! This poem suggests what it might be called and what you might expect! Expect IT, out of time and space! Enjoy!

A splendid ART GALLERY we’ve just GOT to see!

“ECCENTRIC LADIES!” Art-Nouveau – and – Tee-hee!

Provocative! Seductive! A story with each,

Succulent Offering! and – MANY a “peach!”

LADIES! Attractive – some-unclad – unashamed!

Some with sunglasses – Some possibly maimed!

Some, they have names – that you WILL recognize!

Some are obscure – but you’ll still sympathize!

And those that-are-obscure – are still very-much-in-fashion!

All of them DRIPPING – and OOZING – with passion!

Here in West Texas! $5.00 to tour –

Prints are ON SALE! Originals – are obscure!

With tea! scones! and-(sometimes)-crumpets! But there’s limited space;

Yet, I am NOT suggesting – that you simply MUST race,

But DO please – come early – before-(the)-crowds-do-arrive!


fin ❤

AND – Oh, yes! There’s-a-garden! And EVE will be there!

And she has-got PLENTY of-apples – to share! 🙂 – Oh, My!



“DEFYING DESCRIPTIONS!” a poem All Saints Day Thursday Nov. 1, 2018

I won’t take a label! For I’m ONLY ME,🤐

And-I’M-NOTHING-to-boot – just-you-wait, Dear – and see!

I wanna surprise you – I’m NOT who/what you think!😁

I’m much more than that* – so SOMETIMES I STINK!! 😮

And sometimes – my perfume! It-wafts-up to-The-Throne,🙄

Then Angels will cry: “THAT ONE?! What’s (s)he sown?😮

Who is (s)he NOW? What has (s)he done?

WE-CAN’T-LABEL-HIM(her) – This is so much darn FUN!😁

We’re here and are sitting – on the edge of our seats!!😶

WHAT ENTERTAINMENT! What next? of his(her) feats!”🤗 (mum knows that you naughty boy) 😉

“I AM – What I shall be – the DIVINE ________**,

Who’s ALSO – some _________*** ” – Let’s hear an AMEN!!

I’M WHAT I SHALL BE! Not what you (might) expect,


But I’ll keep you “in stitches;” I AM – The Elect! 🙂 – Ho, ho, ho!

fin ❤

* – AND much less than that!! ❤

** – Feminine! or Masculine! or Homonym!

*** – depending upon your last “insertion,” try: FELLOW, SHEILA, BOBBLE-HEAD, et al


Watch “Three Dog Night – One 1969” on YouTube. JFASTERFERT POET

“SAD! HAPPY!” a poem!! [ 🙂 – Yea! What else is new? ] a.k.a.: “Strange, Yet Complementary Bedfellows!” TUESDAY: October 16, 2018

Sad-AND-Happy are ONE because –

Without-some-Sad (pause) Ha-ppy-can’t-“buzz!”

For, without the Sad-which-is-Happy’s BEST FRIEND,

Happy would get Sad too! and both would end!

Without-Anti-Christ – Christ-would-go POOF!

Without The Hard, (pause) Soft’s so aloof!

Sad & Happy – sleep together!

And they can-handle – any weather!

IF-the weather’s-“blue,” overcast and dreary,

Sad gets so HAPPY, whereas Happy is weary!

They-like-to-switch-off – to keep-things gay and true!

“I-love-you!” says Happy; “Yah, but I’m-so BLUE!”

“Well, I’m kinda orange! So what shall we do?”

“Let’s complement-one another: You laugh! I’ll- do-BOO-HOO!”

And our-two-friends, through life – well, they strode hand-in-hand!

And-brought-joy-and-some-suffering – throughout The Land!

And one did exalt – and one doth weep long!

And one is out-going – and one has no(?) song!?

EXCEPT!!! – songs of sadness – which do-have their good place –

For-they-give rise to-HAPPY-TUNES! & they keep-the Human Race,

BALANCED – and-uncertain-of-The-next-act-in-The-Play:

COMEDY-and-TRAGEDY! Have a little (of both) each day!

fin ❤


“TINY DANCERS IN SEARCH OF ANSWERS!!” a poem August 24, 2018 (Fish Friday) a.k.a.: “There Ain’t No Stinkin’ Answers ‘Round Here; So – Have A Beer!”

I got up early morning, before the CRACK of Dawn,

In search of God and angels, to lay THIS STUFF upon –

To answer frequent questions – (like) 6 million Jews, too much?

To find some rhyme or reason – to try to get in touch –

With who-the-Heck’s in charge here – I-got-lots-o’-answers,

To way too many questions – about us tiny dancers!!

We’re dancin’, ever vigilant, upon volcanoes’ edges,

With wars and famines, rapes and murder – and-child-abuse-in-”the hedges!”

“COME ON, NOW!” I said aloud – “Let’s see you face to face!”

With pauses big, there’s something wrong – with this hellacious place!!

When there’s no GOD accountable, except for one who’ll say:

“My MOTIVES-are-incomprehensible, and I’ll just have MY WAY,

And do whatever I shall please,

And bring you dancers to your knees,

And force-the-THANK-YOU-and-PRETTY PLEASE!!

So, WORSHIP ME, you dancing fleas!”

You know, there’s NO ONE a (pause) round here,

Who’ll just “fess up;” it’s awfully clear,

There is no God, of ONE – or TWO,

There’s just this CACA MEME ZOO –


Is-the-fear that binds the human race,

TOGETHER! – in collective insanity!


Just DANCE WITH GLEE! 🙂 – Hee, hee, hee!

fin. ❤

Diary of a Mad Man💥💥💥


conclusion to page 53): . . . . . . & to BE AWARE of BEING pure awareness most of the time or, dare I say, 100% of the time . . . . now that’s something, isn’t it!

So, Babe, that is only a poem, right? It can not possibly be
anything I really believe – right? Because, if I did really believe
that, I would be mad . . . . right? THE MAD HATTER!!


Rose’s Story: tremendous Head Pains (maybe death) – – – OBE (an Out-of-Body Experience) – – – BACK in (the) body (& things have apparently changed)

JESUS’ Story: (also myth?) Crucifixion (apparently dies) – – – in a tomb or in Hell 3 days – – – Back in (the) body (i.e.: Resurrection) – and, of course, things have apparently changed

= just 2 stories, describing basically the exact same event(s) : i.e.: AWAKENING
I.E.: BECOMNG AWARE OF YOURSELF AS PURE AWARENESS / i.e.: becoming The Paramahansa (like the guru Yogananda) According to Joseph Campbell, Hansa means: WILD GANDER; Paramahansa means SUPREME WILD GANDER – from his Book FLIGHT OF THE WILD GANDER {and the theme of that book? That you must go DEEP – ALONE – into yourself and FIND YOURSELF – i.e.: That YOU are Divine!}


Paramahansa Yogananda https://g.co/kgs/UhUjYp

Paramahansa Yogananda

Diary of a Madman😁💥💥

Because so many have expressed an interested in the conclusion of the un-rhymed poem “The Bodhisattva Vow,” first presented HERE, on page 52 of “Diary of a Madman,” a.k.a.: “The Contented Heart,” we have decided to (quickly) present the ending to that poem (which, of course, ends on page 53). So, we are presenting a portion of PAGE 53! Whoopee! Here it is:
{from p. 52} . . . . I AM PURE AWARENESS, at other times . . . like a few hours ago, I am just MAD and nothing makes sense! & what’s the story today? I guess- {will} I give Dad the “stuff” I have found on the dangers of white filling material(?) SUFFERING is enjoyment? – A VERY difficult teaching . . . meant just for me. SIGN POSTS!! Little clues I have left myself . . . Hansel & Gretel’s breadcrumbs . . . to find my way home from the cottage of the Evil Witch, conditional reality . . . back home to BEYOND EDEN or BEYOND WONDERLAND, the unconditional realms? {Do such realms really exist? Preposterous! Of course NOT!} I AM removed from The World . . . my discipline(?) . . . falling into “more or less” states of awareness – trying to fathom the one, pure truth: that I AM PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, pure awareness ALONE. A-lone – A Lone Star – trying to return to the Garden of Eden – trying to get past the Mighty Guardians (that) I posted at its gates, to scare me from ever entering, purposely making them as scary as possible to return to The Tree of Life, the apparent end of the “infinity” of conditional existences. – The Tree of Life? : the absolute unknown. Is it LOVE? – EROS, AGAPE? . . . Amor(e) . . . . Mi amor – Mon Cheri * The names of the 2 Mighty Warriors I posted at the gates leading to Shangri La – ? Twiddle Dee & Twiddle Dum, the Mighty Ones. I AM THE CREATOR. I AM YOUR CREATOR. I am Alice. I am Lewis Carroll. I am the story of Alice in Wonderland . I am Lewis Carroll, writing. I am writing. I AM . . . . writing. & to BE AWARE of BEING pure awareness. Therefore, most of the time or dare I say, 100% of the time . . . now that’s something, isn’t it!” [the apparent end of the poem!!] ❤ {O. M. G.}

” Be kind to unkind people
they need it the most” 💜💜“I’LL BE RIGHT BACK!”

“THE HARDHEADED BRAT OF BREWSTER COUNTY?!” a poem August 7, 2018 -💣💣

“THE HARDHEADED BRAT OF BREWSTER COUNTY?!” a poem August 7, 2018 – Tuesday. a.k.a.: “Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs: IF You Have Questions, Call The Thiefs; If You’ve No Questions, Then Something’s Wrong – You-Need-An-Attitude-Adjustment … And A Different Song!”

“YOU! YOU! – You-you-need,

To ‘get on board’ and learn to read!

And-agree-more-often with conventionality!

IF-you-don’t, Mr. Hardhead, hardship you’ll see.

STUBBORN – is what WE think you are;

‘Get-with-the-program’-Mister! Then-you’ll ‘go far!!’

Hard Head! Resistant! to OUR decree,



🙂 – And so it went, and so it goes!

I-feel-the-condemnation, DOWN TO MY TOES!

And-yet! I-still-think-these-folks-are-filled-with-s – – –

I’d like them, for a change, to suck my _ _ _,

Or, actually, I really guess I don’t care

Any more (pause) for, this hardheaded “bear,”

Has heard these phrases once too often,

And thinks, perhaps, that in a coffin,

THEY should be put – with all of those,

That THINK – that I should stick my nose,

Into their armpits – and smell the roses!

And sim-pl-y – Adapt, THEIR SILLY POSES!

Q: Are my poor views, so filled with c _ _ _,

They THEY’ll – forever – continue their flap,

To say:

“You’re stubborn! YES! Hard-headed YOU, to have your own opinions, when they ‘don’t ring’ TRUE, with OUR ‘good judgment;’ you need a life / That patterns OURS; so-you-won’t-create strife / We NEED-to set you, set you – STRAIGHT! / Perhaps! We haven’t got-to-you-TOO-LATE!!”

“No, no,” said I; “you’re-not-only-late –


But, I’m sure, I-am-too and-I’m-OK-with-that:

YOU DON’T SEEM TO BE* – but that ‘don’t’ make me the brat!” – 🙂

fin. ❤

    • OK with that!!