I resuced a Human Today ~ ยฉ


Kindness to Nature ~

Triune, shaping, restless power,
Life-flow from life’s natal hour,
No music chords are in thy sound;
By some thou’rt but a rattle found;
Yet, without thy ceaseless motion,
To ice would turn their dead devotion
Life-flow of my natal hour,
I will not weary of thy power,
Till in the changes of thy sound
A chord’s three parts distinct are found
I will faithful move with thee,
God-ordered, self-fed energy,
Nature in eternity

“EVERYTHING IS SACRIFICED HERE!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Is There A Plan B?” September 1, 2019 [SUNDAY]

“EVERYTHING IS SACRIFICED HERE!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Is There A Plan B?” September 1, 2019 [SUNDAY]

“We don’t need THIS, Mr. Mystic Poet;

Surely-NOT ‘this one;’ Surely, you know it!

NO-NO-NO-NO; we ask kindly that-you spare US!

We’ll stop reading HERE!” “OK!? (pause) Even-if I-promise NOT-t’-cuss?

I’ll just-write whatever occurs to me,

About: SACRIFICE, sacri- f-i- cially:”

Here, it’s “Dog Eat Dog!” and “Survival of Those Most Fit?!”

“Live and Let Die!”

Of course, I’m just “a twit,”

Writing of-how Jesus died, as an example of GOD!?

A sacrifice – of HIMself! Which, around-here, means: HIS BOD;


“Eat others – to live!” Yet, yes, I really care,


But “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” means-that Trump, with all his wealth,

Is surviving VERY WELL, as long as societies see LOTS OF MON- EE,

As-a BIG-PLUS, rather than something close-to in-fam – EE!

INFAMY! by-those with MUCH-more than they need,

And never really sharing, as they watch others bleed,

And be “kept out,” from, perhaps, getting a little share!

Oh, well, THAT’S LIFE AND DEATH, but I-smell no-death-in-the-air,

Because the dead smell’s been sanitized with odor spray or a raging fire!

It’s pretty obvious that THIS PLACE supports “THE CLEVER BUYER,”

Who declares: “WE CAN ALL LIVE AND LET LIVE!?”

And-then (s)he goes to survey for dinner, what The Slaughterhouse might give!

“We didn’t like THAT TEACHING, Mystic Poet; it hurt our ears!”

“Sleep well, Dear Friends! May a PLAN B(e)-available, allowing-us to-sleep, Through-our-tears!”

fin โ™ฅ

Little House ~

OK! “LIFE IS SIMPLE!” a poem, written with simplicity and innocence in “The Age of Trump & Pence!” August 29, 2019 (Thor’s Day!) Life is really simple! For instance, you-can-just write-a-poem! * Write it in your yurt – or-in your humble home, * As you’re sitting on NO PORCH, of-your sustainable, organic pad, * Smile, so NO ONE has any idea that you have EVER been sad! * It’s simple! It’s cheap! If you ever get lonely – remember! There are always sheep! * Wandering in the foothills! waiting for a chance! * To kiss a human on the lips – and do a little dance! * And there are friendly (?) black bears that LOVE human company! * And love to invite them to dinner, inci-dent-ally! * Anyway, SIMPLE! Keep it simple, my simple friend! * And – Don’t mind those bulldozers! that are – here to see your end! * One word: EMINENT DOMAIN! * “But WAIT!” “NO! Let us explain: * You live HERE, in the midst of all these “thought-projections” you have created! * And NOW – you get to deal with it! Mr. Simply All Out-dated!” * I used to think that SIMPLE – was a simple thing to do, * But, then, My Darling! Yes, my Darling! Then-I-met the likes of you! * You who have NO BAGGAGE, yet we all (I guess) just forgot! * That-it-takes-a-bunch-o’-baggage-to-sustain-no-baggage!! So, MORE BAGGAGE THAN EVER HAVE WE GOT! * And, as the woodland creatures, hungry for a meal, * close-in upon my little cabin – I offer them this deal: * “If you fine creatures will humor me, and-just-eat my arms and leg, * And leave the rest of me – so I can writhe and SIMPLY beg, * I will be grateful, yes, and you can eat me leisurely, since I won’t struggle at lot, * Because I am a simple man, and I can use a hole, for, when you get done with me, I won’t need to use no pot!” fin <3