America ๐Ÿ™‡

KIND [ ] OF!” a poem Sunday: June 23, 2019

SUCCESS-and -FAILURE! Aren’t-they-the-same-event!?

One might stay! One? might-‘a’-went!

Then, can-they-trade places!? It’s-a-“TRiUMPhant-Point-ofView!”

Recently: “Withdraw-The-Order!”* ’cause-that’s-what-Donald-WANTS-TO-DO!

This-fellow-can-change-his-mind, with the click of a switch!

A threat of force!-or-a-“Twitter,” can-now-be-“A-Stitch,

A bloody, silly STITCH! IN-TIME,”**

Which-is-supposed-to-“save-us!?” But, you-know? Yeah! I’m,

Gazing-into “lifeless eyes,”*** Seeing each new-disguise,

And, yet, behind-each-“costume” [is]-the-same-deranged-gent!

Or-shark! Or-something! Can-anyone-make-a-dent,

In the thinking, in the thoughts – of-such-a-“beautiful,” rotten-mind!?


I remember, I remember – J. F. K.****

And I remember – his-charming- fa – mi-lay,

Jackie-O, his wife, and cherubs,

John-John-&-Caroline, when-there-weren’t-the[se]-Arabs,

Rather-The-Russians – were-threatening-“US”*-then!

I-wonder! Where-have those-“normal?”-days-been!

For, now, there’s-a-“Joker” with a-MODEL –

WIFE! and-children, prob’bly-nursed-by-a-bottle,

Scary! Creepy! but-not-FUN-like-The-Addams-Fam-ily,

More-like: “US!”* and-NOT-like “Amelie,”

A film-where-a-girl-tries-to-right-the-wrong!

TRUMP’s a cruel, demented song!

And, now, this “guy” is-trying for re-election!

I’m not so sure it’s the best selection!

Who knows what’ll happen! BUT – “He likes cruel to be kind!”

I kinda wish – another-President we-might-find!

fin <3

  • – https://www.wibc.com/news/national/ny-times-president-trump-ordered-military-strikes-iran-then-withdrew-order

** – “a stitch in time saves nine” means to deal with “a problem” NOW, rather than later, when it may have become a much more difficult situation!

*** – “. . . the thing about a shark, he’s got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes!” Robert Shaw, as “Quint” in the film “Jaws!”

**** – President John F. Kennedy, 35th President of The United States

* – A film where [you think] a “supernatural,” replacement family of “ghouls” terrorizes the new family on The Block!

Kennedy Family ๐Ÿ‘ช

Trump again ๐Ÿคช

Teacher said:

Let’s begin by reviewing some history. Who said: ‘Give me Liberty, or give me Death!’?

She saw a sea of blank faces, except for Little Akio, a bright foreign exchange student from Japan, who had his hand up:

“Patrick Henry, 1775,” he said.

“Very good!  “Who said:  ‘Government of the People, by the People, for the People, shall not perish from the Earth!’?”

Again, no response except from Little Akio:

“Abraham Lincoln, 1863.”

“Excellent!” said the teacher continuing. “Let’s try one a bit more difficult.

“Who said, ‘Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country’?”

Once again, Akio’s was the only hand in the air and he said:

“John F. Kennedy, 1961.”

The teacher snapped at her class, “Class, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Akio isn’t from this Country and he knows more about our history than you do.”

She hear s a loud whisper: .. “F–k the Japs.”

“Who said that? I want to know right now,” she angrily demanded.

Little Akio put his hand up,

“General MacArthur, 1945.”

At that point, a student in the back said, “I’m gonna puke.”

The teacher glares around and asks, “All right! Now, who said that?”

Again, Little Akio says,

“George Bush to the Japanese Prime Minister, 1991.”

Now furious, the same student yells, “Suck this!”

Little Akio jumps out of his chair waving his hand and shouts to the teacher. “Bill Clinton, to Monica Lewinsky, 1997!”

The teacher fainted.

As the class gathered around the teacher on the floor, someone said,

“Damn, weโ€™re screwed.”

Little Akio said quietly,

“Chuck Schumer when Trump got elected in 2016.”


“PHONE[Y] LAND!” a poem a.k.a.: “Don’t Let ‘Em Put You In A Box!” 30 May 2019 (Thursday)

Why-do-you-think-they-call-a-phone-“a phone,” derived-from-the-same-word-as
P H O N Y ?!
‘Cause-it’s-not-real! com-munication! It’s-so-fake, just-“a-bunch-o’-bloody-baloney,”
‘Cause-you ain’t around the one you’ve found, on-the-phone whom you should be- with!
The device was developed MILLENIA-AGO In-vented by-a “SITH,”*

‘Twas-invented-by-a-Lord, who-could-well-afford to-visit-in-laws-and-“acquaints,”
But (s)he was lazy, with-temper’ment-“hazy,” and-had-to “bind” many-saints,
Who did object, in a profound way – to such a hideous device!
A Sith Lord named COMMO, who lounged in pajam[o], was heading all this vice!

(S)he hyp-notized this world, with phones and radios and, of course, The King! TV,
And computer gizmos (to dull the mind)! It-was-done pro-gres-sive-ly!
The strategy was simple (and well conceived) get-us-away from: The Gift of Touch,
For everyone knows you need (at least) 12 hugs/day – or life ain’t very much!

Without these “contacts,” you-can’t-really-survive in any-kind-of reasonable fashion!
We’re crazy, it’s true, but-now-such-phone-use has-taken-away-real-passion,
Like: when you touch them savory “g-spots,” which-make sensitive-folk say: “GEE!”
And now people-are ever so-much-more depressed and cray-hay-hay – hay – – – zy!

I-usually-“run-around:” Trying-to-help, and-crying: “Come-on! Snap-out-of-it!”
I’ll-sometimes-grab-Lucy, either by her caboose-y or-by her j – – – y t – t,
Yelling: “Milk! Sweet Milk! Lucy! Wake up!” and-the-poor-dear won’t even notice!!

We’re-so ALL-in-THE-BOX, we-can’t-even-smell-our-socks,** and-JUST-wonder

fin <3

  1. – An ancient, extraterrestrial group of supernatural monks, who strive for universal domination! I have been diligently repulsing their advances for, almost, forever, having saved this small “solar system” numerous times and never really being properly compensated for my efforts. Your tax-free donations and contributions can be sent to my D. P. O. address: 777 Llama Square, #69, Baglung, 33300 D. P. O. Nepal. Namaste!
    ** – or The Roses!

Only in America

The owners of Northern Kentucky’s Ark Encounter — a wooden replica of the biblical Noah’s Ark — are suing over rain damage.

Yes, really.Advertisement

In the Bible, the ark survived an epic flood. Yet the owners of Ark Encounter are demanding their insurance company bail them out after flooding caused nearly $1 million in property damage. 

The Ark Encounter says in a federal lawsuit that heavy rains in 2017 and 2018 caused a landslide on its access road .

Crosswater Canyon Inc. and the Ark Encounter have filed suit against multiple defendants who comprise the business’ insurance underwriters after their property was damaged by heavy rains.

According to the suit, heavy rains caused a landslide and some structural support damage near the ark exhibit. The ark itself was not damaged

“Subsequent to heavy rains, a significant landslide occurred along portions of the slope, which eliminated the structural support for the roadway, caused significant damage to the road surface itself and the incorporated improvements, and rendered portions of the road unsafe and unfit for use,” reads the suit.

The lawsuit states that engineers fixed the roadway at a cost of $1 million, but when they asked insurers to cover the repairs, the insurers refused.

The defendants denied liability, according to the lawsuit, citing faulty craftmanship as the reason for the road issues.

But officials with Ark Encounter encouraged them to reconsider.

The defendants later said only a part of the Ark Encounter’s loss was covered under the policy, the lawsuit reads.

“By refusing to pay all but a very small proportion of Plaintiffs’ covered claim, the Defendants have failed to meet their Policy obligations and failed to handle Plaintiffs’ claim properly and in good faith, causing Plaintiffs to incur significant additional loss and expense,” the lawsuit reads in part.

The lengthy lawsuit asks for both punitive and compensatory damages.

Read the full lawsuit here.

The 510-foot wooden ark, modeled after the one in the biblical story of Noah, opened in July 2016.

The group that built the ark, Answers in Genesis, promotes a literal interpretation of the Bible’s Old Testament and predicted 2.2 million visitors a year.

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Before it is to late I suggest you study a Bible
KAY Wise

Good night my friendsโ€ฆ perhaps we should seriously consider this when impeachment proceedings beginโ€ฆ

American President RONALD REGAN

Did you know that, only in America
Did you know that

Funny that ๐Ÿ˜‚ only in AMERICA ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”


Only in America

Looking up here there are a couple of ringinsโ€™

Price Charles thinks he an AMERICAN TOO.

Mr Putin believe in Mr Trump being his house boy next year, did you know that ๐Ÿ˜‚

Well your guess is probably better than my American knowledge who these Dudes are up above. Oh my goodness gracious how did AMERICA SURVIVE THEIR INTERNAL POLITICS.

Gee wiz congratulations AMERICA

Misplaced Hopes and Teddy Bears ๐Ÿคฉ

“MISPLACED HOPES & DREAMS, GUARDED BY TEDDY!” a poem: May 18, 2019 (Saturday) possibly the most pitiful thing anyone has ever written!

TOGETHER! We-can-find all-our-lost hopes and dreams!
They MIGHT be just under the bed! and, I think it seems,
I should have been able to locate them, years-ago-by-myself!
I always thought – I put them, over on the shelf!

But, NO! Here they are! and they’ve been laying here a long, long time!
NOW, somehow! TOGETHER-we’ve-found-them, and, y’-know? I’m,
So very glad! that I-m re-locating them with-you NOW!
‘Cause-earlier! I-wouldn’t-have-been-with-you! NOW! Some-how,

HERE-THEY-ARE! For – Me! and-you, my-special-Honey!
They are covered with a lot of dust; you-know, it’s pretty funny,
That they now appear – so obvious and ready,
After all this time! and! OH, MY-GOSH! (pause) It’s TEDDY!

We had found my Teddy Ruxpin; it was my favorite doll!
And-here-he-was, guarding-all-my-dreams! Guarding them all!
For, he’s a cuddly teddy, BUT – also fit and trim!

Teddy’s-almost-smiling! is-he-saying: “I’ve-saved-your-dreams!?
And, I-also-recognize-your-new-found-friend!” [A little tear then streams!]
Yes, he-has-tears for-EVERY-ONE! I-think-he-had-predicted,
That-we’d-ALL get-back-some day, after-all-life’s-pain’s-inflicted!

NOW, here we are! I-thought-we-were – the perfect, happy pair,
Looking-for-dreams, ‘neath-the-bed – but, together-we’ve-found-my-bear,
Yes, we are bare, and he is bear, holding-hopes-&-dreams!
We lift him from-his cloistered realm, and Teddy almost beams!

Does-he-whisper: “Oh, gosh, guys! May-I-please-come-too?
I just love fresh air and sunshine! What-great-things three can do!
We’ll have the-best adventures!” and-He-raises his steadfast paw,
Swearing an oath! forever-and-ever to-our menage-a-trois!

fin <3

Watch “Honest Government Ad | Julian Assange” on YouTube


Hello, again, I filled my thirst of knowledge and inspiration of your amazing writings Sir Amen

“Dear Julian Assange, We Do Hope That Your Captors Will Feed You Some Nice Things You Like!” ~ Kindness

“HOPE BY ANY OTHER NAME IS JUST AS SWEET!” a poem a.k.a.: “Dear Julian Assange, We Do Hope That Your Captors Will Feed You Some Nice Things You Like!” April 14, 2019 (Another Sunday of Hope!)

There are SO MANY stories and phil-o-so-phies
Supposedly-Passed-Down – through-our-“his-tor-ies,”
From Gilgamesh – to-Flood-Tales – to-Ladies-of-The-Lakes;
Cultural mythology from-different-languages-often-makes,
For a rich, rich anthology – of-divergent-thought,
But-it’s-a-confusion-of-terror – that we’re finally brought!

So, trying-to-maintain what we CALL “sanity,”
Pockets of people steer-from (?) sure VANITY,* (?)
By grasping, white-knuckled, in-an-attempt-to-prevail,
With “some semblance” of hope, through this nasty travail!
But “diehards” are dying! They just die right-hard,
But THEY FINALLY DO DIE (it seems) despite-“being-on-guard!”

We’ve seen visions fading! And, with-them, hopes-and-dreams,
Of Utopia, Nirvana – or-some Heavenly beams,
While stories of dystopia and hell flood the cinema,
Which used to be hopefully-laced with-Happy-Ending-stimulae!
In the days of my parents, each one found a mate,
And lived happily-ever-after (after one pleasant date)!

Then-when-I “grew-right-up,” there’s-pollution + ‘bad-waves,”
Invisible and toxic! from-Broadcast-Station caves!
But THAT’S NOTHING! For, NOW?-we’ve “cellular-inundation,”
And spectacular potentials, no-matter-where-you-go-on-vacation!
For mass murder on crew ships can happen just like at schools,
Where shootings are “usual,” despite security tools!

Mothers’ eyes are quite bloodshot, fearing for jun[i]or,
Growing-up in a place where later, or much-soon-er,
You encounter “Brave New World”** on steroids to the max,
With governments and secret groups – tight-en-ing “the racks!”
Well, I-must apologize – for-the-ridiculous “disguise,”
In which My-Heart-(too) cries, faced-with numerous lies!

There’s such lack of hope, and-it’s-so profound,
That younger folks, I-think, are-sometimes bound,
To pound their chests – and seek to find,
BLACK HOLES out “there” or just behind,
The vacant stares and lack of smiles,
Of fellow humans, engaged in “trials!”

Plus, if-I’m-writing-HERE – “words of hope,”
Just say: “You’ve failed, you Poetic Dope!”
But one good story – that “cults” will use,
I LIKE – because it-tends-to-infuse,
Us human beings with a little spark,
OF-HOPE, amidst 50-Shades of-Dark!

The HOPEFUL MORAL goes like this:
“When-the-sun-burns-out, and-you’ve-no-more-bliss,
When ‘God’ is dead – and no-one’s-left-to-kiss,
When all your family’s gone, and Daddy [and/or Mommy] you-miss,
And you’re-on – the-edge of A Great Abyss,
Where, one step more, and YOU’RE ‘GONE,’ I guess!

And-It’s-FOR-SURE you’re-gonna-be “a-total-wreck!”
Destruction is imminent! Well! (Yup!) At-the-[very]-last-‘sec,’
‘Something’ will grab you, with the fondest embrace,
And-pull-you-back-to-safety! AND-Her name is GRACE!”
So, try-to-BUCK-UP, Julian, even-if-all-hope-seems-gone,

fin <3