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Positive Expectations
Practicing the Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful techniques you can use to become a positive person and to ensure positive outcomes and better results in your life. Your expectations become your own self-fulfilling prophesies.
Whatever you expect, with confidence, seems to come into your life. Since you can control your expectations, you should always expect the best.

Expect to be successful
Expect to be popular when you meet new people. Expect to achieve great goals and create a wonderful life for yourself. When you constantly expect good things to happen, you will seldom be disappointed.

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Morning motivation🌼🌼

Highlights in history on this date: 12 March ~ Did You KNOW THIS ✔

Highlights in history on this date:

1325 – Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec Empire, is founded.

1639 – America’s famous Harvard University is named for clergyman John Harvard.

1781 – Sir William Herschel discovers Uranus.

1852 – Familiar symbol of the United States, Uncle Sam, makes his debut as a cartoon character in the New York Lantern.

1881 – Russia’s Tsar Alexander II is assassinated and succeeded by Alexander III.

1906 – Death of Susan B Anthony, pioneer and leader of the women’s suffrage movement in the United States.

1943 – A plot to kill German leader Adolf Hitler ends in failure when a bomb planted by German officers on his plane fails to detonate.

1967 – Death of Sir Frank Worrell, West Indian cricket captain, who was knighted in 1964 for his contributions to the sport.

1969 – The Apollo 9 astronauts splash down, ending a mission that included the successful testing of the Lunar Module.

1972 – Australian soap opera Number 96 is broadcast for the first time. Network Ten has promised it will be the night “Australian television loses its virginity”.

1974 – Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris is inaugurated.

1982 – Richard Court, who later becomes WA premier, wins his father Sir Charles Court’s old seat of Nedlands in a West Australian state by-election.

1991 – Exxon Corporation agrees to pay a $US100 million fine and more than $US900 million in civil damages in the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska.

1993 – ALP led by Paul Keating defeats Liberal-National parties in a federal election upset attributed to the coalition’s support of a Goods and Services Tax.

1996 – A gunman in Dunblane, Scotland, kills 16 children and a teacher before shooting himself.

1998 – Sydney businessman and Labor councillor Phuong Ngo is charged, along with two others, with the 1994 murder of NSW state Labor MP John Newman.

2001 – Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban complete the destruction of two ancient statues of the Buddha in Bamiyan.

2011 – The estimated death toll from Japan’s earthquake and tsunami climbs past 10,000 as authorities race to combat the threat of multiple nuclear reactor meltdowns.

2012 – Former News International executive Rebekah Brooks and her racehorse trainer husband Charlie are arrested in dawn raidsover the spreading UK phone-hacking scandal.

2013 – Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a Jesuit from Argentina, is elected pope, becoming the first pontiff from the Americas. He chooses the name Francis.

2014 – Brett Peter Cowan is found guilty of the 2003 abduction and murder of 13-year-old Sunshine Coast schoolboy Daniel Morcombe.

2015 – Cyclone Pam sweeps through Vanuatu, with winds reaching 250km/h, causing devastation and at least 16 deaths.

2017 – Australian woman Sara Connor is sentenced to four years jail over the death of a Bali police officer on Kuta Beach.

2016 – Experts at the World Science Festival in Brisbane say there may never be a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but say a preventative vaccine could be on the way.

2018 – The banking royal commission kicks off with a focus on car financing and dodgy home loans.

Today’s Birthdays:

Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II (1741-1790); Mike Stoller, US songwriter (1933-2011); Neil Sedaka, US singer (1939-); George Negus, Australian journalist (1942-); Joe Bugner, Australian boxing champion (1950-); William H Macy, US actor (1950-); Mark Colvin, Australian journalist (1952-2017); Deborah Raffin, US actress (1953-2012); Dana Delany, US actress (1956-); Adam Clayton, Irish rock musician of U2 fame (1960-); Annabeth Gish, US actress (1971-); Emile Hirsch, American actor (1985-).

Thought For Today:

The history of the world is the verdict of the world. – Friedrich von Schiller, German author (1759-1805).

“THE MASTER CAME TO ME & SAT DOWN BESIDE!”  a poem  March 11, 2019 [Mon.] ~ J Jay SAMUEL DAVIS

“THE MASTER CAME TO ME & SAT DOWN BESIDE!” a poem March 11, 2019 [Mon.]

The Master came to me – and sat down, beside:
“Come along, Little Voyager; let’s both take a ride!
We’ll talk about love – and I’ll pour the tea!”
So, we traveled along together – on-top-of The Sea!

We sipped, and we noticed – The Clouds in the air!
“Every cloud loves you, but none can compare,
To another – for each cloud has its design;
So each, in ITS own way – will say: ‘You are mine!’
And so it is with people! All will love you as they will;
Some will try to feed you! Some will force a pill!
Some will want to be close! (pause) and, Yes! Some! Far away,
But ALL LOVE IS GOOD LOVE – Don’t judge The Array!
Accept each lover’s offering, with a respect and with a calm!
Some may try to kill you! Yes, it might even be your mom,
Who will listen to the suggestion(s) – of The World’s Killing Thieves,
And, yes, they don’t love you less! (pause) They just ‘sport’ a few more ‘cleaves,”
Apparent-in – ‘unclean?’ feet, although their ‘tastes’ are ‘sublime!’
Some of your lovers feel – they should be more prominent in your rhyme,
So, it follows, they will need more – material attention,
Such as seeking out: doctors! and lawyers! and Divine Intervention!
EVERYONE HAS ‘THEIR’ ‘LOVE STYLE;’ accept ALL with great love too;
However, you needn’t eat all that they might serve to you,
But, they don’t need to know that – so TAKE! THANK! and REFLECT,
That YOUR love may not be considered ‘perfect’ – by those who are wrecked,
On their islands of broken expectations of dreams YOU didn’t fulfill,
For, some will never realize: ONLY T H E Y CAN ‘FIT THE BILL!’ “

fin ❤

And so the MASTER speaks the truth
Interpret your way
Never underestimate the words of the Story Teller
J.Jay Samuel Davis 〰️ Author

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Be the most honest person that you know. Be trustworthy – worthy of the trust of others.😁

Be the most honest person that you know. Be trustworthy – worthy of the trust of others.

Curb your worldly desires and you will strengthen your will. He who is deeply bound to material things runs into difficulty and unhappiness when they are taken away. Happy people enjoy worldly objects but do not become bound or wedded to them. Live a simple, uncluttered and productive existence. To simplify your life today, consider selling your television, stopping the junk mail, spending less, learning yoga, selling your car, practising meditation every morning and unplugging your ringing phone once in a while.

If you have not laughed today, you have not lived today. Laugh hard and loud. As William James said: “we don’t laugh because we are happy, we are happy because we laugh.”

Read The Charisma Factor – How to Develop Your Natural Leadership Ability by Robert J. Richardson and S. Katharine Thayer. It is a superb book for any aspiring leader, or a current one, who seeks to advance to the next level.

Travel often. The perspective offered by visiting new lands is important and allows one to appreciate the existence that we generally take for granted.

Each month set a physical fitness goal for yourself. Start to swim in July or learn to ski in January. The key is to arrive at a goal for the month, write it down, consider how to execute it and then, as the NIKE ad says: “Just Do It!”.

Things are always created twice. There is always the mental creation which precedes the physical creation. Just as plans for a house must first be set down on paper before the house is started, so too should your day be planned within your mind early in the morning before the day begins. Visualize the wonders you desire this life to bring and they will materialize as your subconscious mind starts to focus on the attainment of goals. This is a true law of Nature.

Walk to work and notice the wonderful beauty in Nature.

Sleep less, spend less, do more, live longer and be greater.

Start a Meetup group

Building Social-Confidence and Social-Leadership

Start a Meetup group
Meetup groups are not just a fantastic way of meeting new people, but they are a fantastic way of practicing social interaction in a comfortable environment. What I have found is that there are always new people coming to Meetups and that you will never be the only person that does not know anyone. This can help you to start to create your very own social circle that you can practice taking the lead in.

Starting your own Meetup group is another fantastic way of enabling you to truly show your uniqueness. You can design your group’s site, pick the locations and choose your target audience, allowing you to build social leadership in a way that is suited to your life.

Join Toastmasters
Toastmasters is undoubtedly one of the best ways of building your confidence in front of people. For those that do not know, Toastmasters is a non-profit organisation helping individuals build communication and leadership skills. Essentially, you go through a variety of exercise, games and simulations that help you think on your feet, prepare key messages and speak in front of an audience.

Spend just 6 weeks with toastmasters and I’m sure you will feel a vast improvement in your social confidence and social leadership.

Develop and deliver a presentation on your topic of expertise
What is it that you are an expert in? What do people come to you for when they need help? Develop and deliver a presentation on your topic of expertise and enhance your social confidence and social leadership. Giving a presentation not only enables you to practice your speaking and communication skills in front of an audience, but it helps you develop authority in the topic that you are choosing.

Have you noticed that after giving a presentation people seem more interested in talking to you? Getting up and presenting in front of an audience gives other’s an insight into who you are as a person, enabling them to feel more comfortable in approaching you. This enables you to easily develop your social confidence and social leadership amongst something that you have expertise in and in an environment where you feel more comfortable.

Do something silly and make it public!
The world is simply one big playground! I absolutely love this one and it is something my friends and I do regularly. Never underestimate it’s power in enhancing your social confidence and social leadership.

Jump outside of your comfort zone and do something silly in public. Perhaps it’s singing in public, dancing in public, wearing an outlandish t-shirt in public. Perhaps it’s organising a day out wearing ridiculous outfits with friends. Whatever it is, make sure it’s silly, fun and something that you normally would not do.

Being silly in public helps you learn that life is simply about having fun and that social interactions do not have to be daunting or serious. It also enables you to truly show your uniqueness and bring out another side of your personality for the world to see.

Go to networking events
There is a lot of stigma around networking events, but in saying that there is also a lot of awesome value. Networking events are everywhere these days and for a range of different purposes. Find a networking event that suits your interests and practice meeting new people. The more that you practice interacting with others and the more you observe others interacting , you will quickly build your social confidence and also enhance your social leadership, allowing you to be more comfortable in expressing who you truly are.

Go to singles events
Even if you’re not single, going to single’s events can be a fantastic way of putting yourself out there and practicing your social skills. The good thing is, everyone is there to meet new people and simply have a good time. Sure, you might be spending more time with the opposite sex here, but they make up about 50% of the population so it’s not a bad place to start.

As an added bonus, if you’re single and you’ve developed your social confidence and social leadership, you will most likely walk away with a few dates to come your way!

Be the organizer of events amongst your friends
Last but definitely not least, be the organizer of events among your friends. You already have a good relationship with your friends and you will no doubt have social confidence amongst them. Being the organizer of events is a great way of developing your social leadership, allowing you to show your uniqueness and do activities that most interest you and that you feel more comfortable in doing. Your friends will see you as a social leader, also helping you to develop your social confidence.

Having complete social confidence and social leadership is not something that is found overnight. It is built and developed from taking action, putting yourself out there, learning more about yourself and experiencing the world.

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Boost Confidence 🌼

Accept that you have made mistakes
We have all made mistakes in our lives. But you can choose to see those mistakes as lessons. If you look back on all the choices in your life that you regret, I know you will find a lesson. Sometimes they are buried deep, but they are always there.
Your mistakes may have hurt people. Maybe other people’s mistakes have hurt you. Either way, you need to let them go if you want to change your life. Carrying around shame, blame or guilt for things that have happened in the past only blocks your heart from being able to manifest for you to life you want and deserve. So give yourself permission to let it go.
Watch your thoughts
Negative thoughts will always arise, but you have the power to choose how much air-time you give them. It is totally within your control whether your negative thoughts about yourself or your life get prime time or end up on the cutting room floor.
When you notice a negative though coming up for you, change what you are doing. Stand up, sit down, shake your head, take a deep breath, do something. You need to practice removing the unconscious negativity program that is on repeat in the back of your mind, and by moving your body or making a sound, you disrupt that thought process.
Bring in the positive
Once you become aware of a negative thought, replace it. Use the new awareness you have gained to speak nicely to yourself, even give yourself an internal high five! Focus on bringing a positive feeling of love or joy into your mind and then visualise your life from this place.
Practice these steps daily, hourly, whenever you can! Pretty soon you’ll notice how your self-confidence, and your life, has changed for the better.
Choose your thoughts every day. Choose thoughts of confidence and possibility. Mix these thoughts with feelings of gratitude, and you will soon realise that your self-confidence is improving, simply because you say so. Consciously.
The law of self-praise works for BOTH types of people: those who believe they are great and deserve success, and those who believe they are poor and deserve misery or failure. The question is: what do you believe about yourself? And how do you install new thoughts into your mind to attract success instead of failure?
One way is to use affirmations and declarations. Write down positive words, inspirational quotes and motivational sayings on a daily basis. Repeat these over and over again, a few times a day, first thing in the morning, throughout the day and late at night, or before you go to sleep. Make them part of your thinking routine, and eliminate and replace the non-supportive thoughts every time you are aware of them.
We learned how to improve self-confidence using Positive affirmations consciously.
You know how successful people build self-confidence, self-esteem and self-respect right seed at the right time, always believing in their possibility. You recognise that what think of, you attract. And when you emotionalise your thoughts Surround yourself with positive people, and form the habit of repeating positive, encouraging affirmations, on a daily basis. This is the key to increase self-confidence.