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Man who was wrongfully convicted of WA murder is killed in hit-run – Yahoo News

Man who was wrongfully convicted of WA murder is killed in hit-run – Yahoo News


Vile child rapist Ruecha Tokputza raped 13 children, the youngest being 17 months old. He doesnโ€™t even think he did anything wrong. AUSTRALIA ~ S.A.

Vile child rapist Ruecha Tokputza raped 13 children, the youngest being 17 months old.
He doesnโ€™t even think he did anything wrong.

Ruecha Tokputza, 31, is one of South Australia’s worst predatory sex tourists, he has โ€œshown no remorseโ€ for the abuse of at least 13 boys during a six-and-a-half-year period.

This case could be one of the worst in Australian legal history, they are literally comparing Tokputza to darkweb, child rape material giant and former Families SA worker, Shannon McCoole. Heath Barklay SC, prosecuting, told the court โ€œit is hard to think of more serious offendingโ€. โ€œThe sexual exploitation of all of these children, over all of these years, in all of the forms โ€ฆ is in many ways simply breathtaking”. โ€œIt sits in the highest category of this type of offending.โ€

Tokputza has pleaded guilty to 50 charges in the District Court including aggravated indecent assault, unlawful sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 14, having sex with children outside of Australia, persistent exploitation of a child outside Australia and transmitting child exploitation material. (We know it should be called rape, but these are the actual charges)

The charges relate to the grooming of Australian and Thai children for sex. (Again, rape) He also filmed their torment and encouraged fellow predators to do the same. His vile offending only ended when he was arrested after a joint investigation by Australian Federal Police, SA Police, NSW Police and Interpol in January last year.

Make no mistake about it, if Ruecha was not caught he would still be raping children and producing vile child exploitation material, child rapists of this level do not ever stop until they are literally forced to stop, by incarceration or other methods.

The court has previously heard Tokputza, 31, of Mile End, possessed 12,500 images and 650 videos of child exploitation material. He had also used an online messaging app to transmit the material to other offenders.

Mr Heath Barklay SC (the prosecutor) said Tokputza had shown no remorse and his prospects of rehabilitation were โ€œpoorโ€ and stated he would not have stopped offending if he was not arrested.

Judge Liesl Chapman said the only comparable case she was aware of was that of notorious Families SA paedophile Shannon McCoole. Mr Barklay said Tokputza had abused a boy as young as 17-months-old. He had also promised a Swiss man that he could โ€œhook you upโ€ with young children if he travelled to Thailand.

โ€œThat is another layer that in my submission makes it all the more serious,โ€ he said.

Mr Barklay said there was โ€œnot one word of remorse or contrition or regret for the offendingโ€ from Tokputza.
โ€œYour Honour should find that troubling,โ€ he said. He said his lack of insight included that he felt his victims โ€œwere happyโ€.

There it is right there, every paedophile we know of believes they are making their victims โ€œhappyโ€ or certainly not harming them, they are merelyโ€œlovingโ€ their victims. Unbelievable! But sadly, very true.

This is just their way of justifying their horrific offending and downright destruction of an innocent child !
In their minds they must find a way to justify it, because to consider the fact that you are an outright monster is not something the human consciousness can possibly comprehend.

We have heard survivors tell us that their abusers would say things like โ€œI know you love this because you started it allโ€ or โ€œYou made me do this, you know that rightโ€ or โ€œThis is how we show love for each otherโ€ and those are the cleaner versions of what we get told. Fact is all of that is an outright lie. Love has nothing to do with what these monsters do and no child EVER has led on an adult and caused themselves to be raped. NO matter what they wore or did not wear, said or did not say, did or did not do, NO CHILD HAS EVER ASKED TO BE RAPED !

Craig Caldicott, for Tokputza, said elements of his โ€œterribleโ€ upbringing from a young age โ€œdid not excuse but explainedโ€ his offending. He said his client had a moderate risk of reoffending and needed rehabilitation. Mr Caldicott your client CANNOT BE REHABILITATED !

โ€œHe clearly fits the description of a paedophile,โ€ he said.

Hence why he cannot be rehabilitated Mr Caldicott.

The court heard Tokputza will be declared a serious repeat offender, meaning the court must sentence an offender with a non-parole period no less than 4/5 of the head sentence. Mr Caldicott urged Judge Chapman not to impose a โ€œcrushingโ€ prison term when she sentences Tokputza next month.

Mr Caldicott we ask that you think about the survivors for just a second, before you ever ask a judge to not impose a “CRUSHING” prison term on a persistent predator who raped, abused and exploited many, many children with the youngest being only 17 months old.

Then you may just realise that he damn well should be CRUSHED! Crushed beneath the weight of a life sentence without the possibility of parole ! Without the possibility of ever being able to harm another child.

He should be absolutely CRUSHED by the sheer volume of offences, of which he has been found guilty !
The sheer number of children’s lives he has forever changed, the children he has physically and mentally tortured and exploited.
He should be totally and completely CRUSHED by the realisation that he will never again see the outside of prison walls, that he will never again be a free man, because that is what he deserves for the pain and suffering he has caused many children and their families.

Ruecha Tokputza deserves nothing less than life behind bars without the possibility of parole. He deserves no mercy, for he showed absolutely none to his innocent young victims here and in Thailand. He has shown no remorse and not even the slightest regret for his actions, in fact he stated that he believes his victims โ€œwere happyโ€ that total lack of insight into what he has done to these children means he will, given the opportunity, re-offend. He must never be given the opportunity!

Ruecha Tokputza we sincerely hope you get a life sentence without the possibility of parole, because the fact is you deserve nothing less !

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Miracle Teenager Survives On His Own For Almost 6 Hours With No Wi-Fi โ€“ Waterford Whispers News ๐Ÿค๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚ Breaking News


Breaking News oh, my goodness gracious wow said the little ” no WiFi ” ๐Ÿค๐Ÿค๐Ÿค๐Ÿค

YouTube fact-checking tool links Notre Dame fire to September 11 attack – Yahoo News

YouTube fact-checking tool links Notre Dame fire to September 11 attack – Yahoo News



What caused the Notre Dame Cathedral fire? – Yahoo News

What caused the Notre Dame Cathedral fire? – Yahoo News


Share petition ยท Free Julian Assange, before it’s too late. STOP USA EXTRADITION ยท Change.org


We certainly live in a lucky country and should never forget the men and women who have sacrificed so we can have so much. As we lead up to ANZAC Day, hereโ€™s another tribute to our Aussie Service men and women from our Mythic Australia artist Ian Coate – Artist / Illustrator

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Black Satire
Not funny lol ๐Ÿค๐Ÿค

I am NOT suggesting that anyone follow the teaching of Eckhart Tolle; ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค

“NON SUFFERING!” a poem 04/12/2019 (F) Please let me say here, I am NOT suggesting that anyone follow the teaching of Eckhart Tolle; HOWEVER, if you want to, THAT IS GREAT! More power to you! I just thought this quote was nice! ๐Ÿ™‚ – OK?

I approached The Buddhist Master, a-sitting on his Throne;
I noticed that The Rinpoche – was very much alone!

After several hours, he “stirred,” and eyes did open!
“How-do-you-know-you’ve-MADE-IT?” A devil’s* always hopin’,”
To break the “separate screen,” and let the demons “fly!”
“Because-I-no-longer-suffer!!” was his curt reply.

I left that day – a-fairly ske-ptical-observer;
“Go into The World,” I thought; “and experience the fervor,
Of life’s abrasive testing, for-a-HOLY-MAN-on-a-hill,
Loves his Hinayana, but is still (to me) a PILL!”

If-you do not SUFFER, then you’ve [maybe] lost connection to,
All whom you are ONE with; TESTING MAKES THINGS TRUE,
So-you-can get-yourself used-to – The Terror of This Place,
But IF you like The Monroe Doctrine,** please-find “your-shielded-place,”
And give up all experiences, that Life will offer you!
WHAT ABOUT A COLD WATER*** “JUMP? in-to-“Con-ditional-Blue!”

[et al:]
Yes, stop-eating “red” meat; you’ll feel so much calmer,
And stop ever getting angry, so-you’ll-not-be-like Jeffrey Dahmer!****
Put on a nice happy face, meditating twice a day,
But if Jesus comes, He MIGHT suggest: “There’s-value in-a good-fray!”
fin โค

* – (devil’s) advocate
** – some countries like to declare of state of isolation, so they can “grow,” apart from the influences of outside political influence!
*** – or IN THE FIRE! To The Divine, it’s possibly all the same!
**** – a famous criminal


“LOVE FOR JULIAN!”* a poem April 12, 2019 (Friday)

Julian, Dear Julian, I-think-your-motives are “key,”
To setting The World “on its edge” and-dissolving in-famy!

You are to-me a Darling rose, and, I think, by-any-other-name,
You are – fra-grant, although prick-ly! But now the-full-blown-blame,
That’s followed you (and Chelsea) – and-martyrs throughout-all-time,
Must manifest in-a-court-of-justice (?) declared: a heinous crime,
By the very ones – who-are feeling caught,
By declarations – [that]-Wikileaks-has-brought!

I send you all my love – and, of course, I pray for hope,
As we see these “villians” tying-their-hanging-rope,
To silence you – for simply “following-your-Heart!”
Of course, these devils – they-too!! play their little part!
So, I-also-send-THEM* yes, some-LOVE to-loosen-all -that-dross,
Of PRIDEfulness, cocksure-edness – in short, “decaying-moss!

“Pride grows strong, in-a-human-being,
Like-fat-on-pigs!”** That’s-what-I’m-seeing!

fin โค

* – Donald * – Vladimir * – NamelessWorldManipulators! * – EVERYONE!

** – paraphrasing Solzhenitsyn.

Innocent until proven otherwise ๐Ÿค

Now, we can focus on Assange* ๐Ÿค

“AT LARGE!” a poem, which is TOTALLY MY opinion and ONLY speculation, to the nth degree! Friday: April 12, 2019

Congratulations, Mr. Trump, for your brilliant, smooth, political move!
Now, we can focus on Assange* and what will that prove?

It’s getting close to “election time,” so let’s look away from The White House,
And-the-stuff-going-on-there! NO!-I’m-NOT-saying-you’re a “louse,”
But you are a shrewd, smooth operating dude,
With-pretty-good-strategies-like: “ASSANGE IS MORE LEWD,
THAN ME!” You-are-arguably simply-a-politically-motivated man?
You and Dear Vladimir – possibly have some poorly conceived plan,
But I’m convinced! as shrewd and devious as you are,
You’ll go down HARD, like a dead, burned-out star!

You’re GOOD! and-Julian’s-is-GOOD-too,
And, what we’re seeing – is nothing much new:
Like Pilate, you’re just “courting” The High Jewish Leaders,**
Who-are-persecuting another Jesus, and-you’re-appeasing-these-“evil?”-deeders!!

And, Mr. President, I’m sure you know – YOU REALLY AIN’T IN CHARGE!***

fin โค

* – Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Founder, recently arrested, awaiting (?) extradition to The United States!

** – Modern-day Silly Willy s, like the so-called “Illuminati?” and Black Ops, Dark Ops, all gathering where the sun don’t shine!

*** – I am reminded of a Jimmy Carter interview, and President Carter say that he was operating from a weak platform, suggesting the presidential position is largely controlled by people “behind the scenes!”

Now, we can focus on Assange*

Innocent until proven otherwise

Washington State Is Suing Facebook And Google For Violating Election Advertisement Laws ~ News Flash ๐Ÿ’ฅ


Whoa ๐Ÿค—