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Cardinal Pell Loses Appeal Against Conviction For Sexually Abusing Children | Michael Stone

Good news: Top Vatican official Cardinal George Pell has lost his appeal after having been convicted of sexually abusing minors by a criminal court in Australia.
— Read on www.patheos.com/blogs/progressivesecularhumanist/2019/08/cardinal-pell-loses-appeal-against-conviction-for-sexually-abusing-children/

We are keenly waiting for the Pope to defrock him. That will make history 📜 so be it. If the Pope refuses or doesn’t act immediately to defrock this Pedophile found guilty by the Law of the Land. God may burn his Pedophile Vatican City to the Ground. Amen 🙇


“CRYSTAL HEARTS BROKEN!” a poem, a.k.a.: “The Shattering of Karaoke Dreams!” August 20, 2019 (Tuesday) ALPHINE texas

“CRYSTAL HEARTS BROKEN!” a poem, a.k.a.: “The Shattering of Karaoke Dreams!” August 20, 2019 (Tuesday)

Thursday night “Crystalline Karaoke” has been shattered, over at The Ole Bar!

Ole! Ole! Gone forever? We’ll need to wait and see, but near and far,

As men do scream and women weep,

Yearning for that special Ole Bar Karaoke peep,

All are TRULY WAITING! to see how things develop now!

Will Thursday Night business DRIFT? MAYBE- to:-“The-Blues” some how?

For, without THAT SPECIAL NIGHT, that for so-many has-been so dear,

NO! (pause) Probably people will stay at home, and it’ll be “crystal clear,”

That, without their Thursday karaoke, they MUST cry! Cry-into- the-night!

Yearning! For Their-“Precious!” Karaoke! to-be: “In Sight!”

“What’s becoming of this world?” People, in “The Tri-County,” throw up every arm,

Praying to Heaven – Issuing: THE KARAOKE ALARM!

“We need karaoke,” they shout, “especially on Thors’-DAY!

Then, our glass hearts won’t break! and things-will-be: K*-O-Kay!”

fin ♥

* – Karaoke OK!

    Originally named Macguire’s Punt by some bloke with a dirty mind and poor spelling skills, Shepparton began life as a sheep station, before transforming into a rail hub, before finally ending up in its current incarnation as a smouldering post-apocalyptic crater. … Read more

Nursing home staff allegedly filmed themselves harassing a 91-year-old woman | 7NEWS.com.au

We are slowly engaging in a subject many hide behind closed doors. Thank heavens for this Royal Inquiry. We do need to flood Social Media to voice our horror concerning Elder Abuse. I have seen it. I have seen what is termed the Alzimers FAMILY MEMBERS epidemic that take to the hills when mothers and fathers need to be protected from incessant torture. We fought every day for child protection from abuse and that is any human hot spot of perpetrators, elderly are prime targets to. Wake up kids look after your parents that gave you a life. Many folk are left there to abuse. My Father died suddenly and thank God for that. My mother unfortunately had Dementia for 10 years of pure hell. It’s the most demeaning way to die. You are jailed, your rights are in the hands of money making unsupervised, tax-free companies. Your parents are your responsibility 24/7. Don’t live in remorse thinking you looked after your flesh and blood. Sure some folk who work in Elderly Care do care but a what price to themselves, they see the injustices to elder folk unable to say yes or let alone feel SAFE from vulnerable abuse and physical abuse from Organizations not fulfilling the Human rights aspect of legislation. Don’t keep blaming Governments for the treatment of the elderly blame yourself for lack of your not wanting to know what’s going on behind closed doors. Australia is a great Country but this hidden epidemics of abuse physically and monetary are happening as I WRITE. Become a Whistler blower in this INDUSTRY and you will yourself be treated with contempt by Providers. This Royal Commission needs you dude’s to stand up and talk at the Commissioner Hearings more than ever. One day this poor soul in this story maybe you. Criminals in jail are treated better. Shock horror that’s fact.

Michael Hyde 🥵

“Lollipop man” Michael Hyde, has been convicted of filming himself sexually abusing children as young as 22 months old !

22 months old is a baby ! A defenceless, innocent baby and this monster filmed himself sexually abusing that poor toddler !

Of course in stereotypical child abuser form he has denied his crimes all the way to sentencing, despite there being video evidence of his heinous crimes. He said he was wiping potato chip crumbs and sand off the children ….. the worst part is he truly believes we should accept his lies as fact. Like most child predators he believes he has done nothing wrong, and this is why they can NEVER be rehabilitated.

Michael Cyril Hyde, 60, stood trial and was convicted in the District Court of WA of eight counts of child sexual abuse committed between 2011 and 2016, including persistently engaging in sexual conduct with a child under 16 and producing child exploitation material.

Hyde’s recordings of the abuse were found, along with tens of thousands of child exploitation videos and images he had downloaded from the internet, when police raided his home. Two of the victims were sisters aged between 6 and 10, while the unrelated infant was aged 22 months. He also produced child exploitation material of another girl when she was aged 11 or 12.

What an absolute monster, filming the abuse he perpetrates upon these innocent children.

We know online predators groups insist upon members supplying videos and pictures of children being abused in order to become, and remain, a member. These heinous groups allow child predators to participate in swapping and sharing the mulitude of child abuse images they make, with other like minded predators around the world.

Every single child featured in these child abuse images is a REAL child, their emotions are REAL, their torment is REAL, and the horror and pain on their little faces is also REAL !

None of the children testified during the trial, so the case hinged on several hours of these videos, which were shown to the jury in a closed court. The court heard Hyde made obscene comments in the videos including asking one girl “how much she would cost and how long he could have her for.” Remember this was an innocent child that he was speaking to as if she were a sex worker.

Hyde admitted making the recordings, but denied his conduct was sexual, claiming he was brushing potato chip crumbs and sand off the children.

“You were unable to appreciate what was plain to everyone during your trial,” Judge Felicity Davis said on Friday, adding the proceedings had been confronting for all concerned.

She said there was a “high degree of perversion” and persistence involved with Hyde’s indecent dealing offences. “All the children were very young and they could not have been more vulnerable,” she said.

The crimes were also brazen given others were nearby on some occasions, including the mother of a victim. A detective described the child exploitation material as some of the most graphic he had seen “in a long, long time.”

More than 2500 of the images were in the two most severe categories and some showed the children in visible distress.

Hyde has already been in custody for more than three years and will be eligible for parole after serving 10 years and six months behind bars.

As far as we at FACAA are concerned, Hyde deserves to be locked up for the rest of his natural life and should never again be let out.

However compared to some sentences, sadly 12 years is a decent start. We can only hope other judges use this sentence as a guide and continue to give decade long sentences and more, for child abuse.

No one can be trusted with your children !
Not even the lollipop man who we trust to guide our children across the road safely.

Sadly, having a position of trust is not the same as being trustworthy. Just as being a ‘nice’ person, is not the same as being a ‘good’ person, differences we need to teach our children.

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