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Narcissistic personality disorder this monster self gratification ejaculation. Next time this monster will say she wanted to be murdered.

Cornelus Bezuidenhout molested a 6 year old girl then told the court “she knew exactly what she was doing and wanted it” He will be deported after serving just 7 months !

This absolutely vile pervert tried to blame his 6 year old victim for him molesting her !

Once again a child abuser proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they cannot be rehabilitated because they simply do not acknowledge that they have done anything wrong !

A pervert who sexually assaulted a kindergarten student claimed she ‘knew exactly what she was doing’ and ‘wanted it’. Cornelus Bezuidenhout, 75, who claimed to be a ‘good Christian’, made the vile comments to police last January after the girl pleaded with her parents to keep him away.

That’s not very Christian of you Cornelus, not only did you molest one of god’s chosen (the children) and forever traumatize the little innocent angel, but then instead of owning your mistake and asking forgiveness you tried to pass the buck to the 6 YEAR OLD GIRL !
I doubt very highly that Jesus would be behind you on this one !

The South African national – a father of five – who now lives in Melbourne, had been looking after the girl after befriending the parents of his niece’s friend. He had repeatedly molested the child after collecting her from kindergarten, taking her on trips to the park and playing dolls in a bedroom. On one occasion he touched the little girl while he shared a meal with her parents.

The brazen sex offender was caught after his terrified victim pleaded with her parents not to let him come around to their house. ‘He’s not as nice as he seems,’ she warned, telling her shocked parents Bezuidenhout had ‘touched her private parts’.

What an incredibly brave and articulate child, showing courage and wisdom beyond her years.

The child was forced to recount her ordeal to the court just days before Christmas last year, telling a judge her abuser had hurt her. The devout Baptist pleaded guilty to two charges of sexually assaulting a child aged under 16. He had initially denied abusing the girl, telling his wife of 26 years that nothing was wrong.

He continued his outrageous behaviour when questioned by police, telling them the little girl was trouble.

Bezuidenhout blamed his victim for her abuse, telling detectives ‘it was no accident’. ‘It was purely for her, as she wanted it,’ he said. ‘It was a game … she knew exactly what she was doing.’


Bezuidenhout said he abused the girl only to ‘please her’ and that he was a ‘good Christian’ who had been unable to maintain an erection for the past five years. What does that have to do with anything ? You don’t need an erection to be a child sex offender.

He actually had the gall to tell the police-
‘This little girl should know boundaries because she’ll get herself into trouble,’
Umm no Cornelus, it is YOU who should know boundaries and it is YOU who has gotten himself in trouble…. but it is nothing you don’t deserve !

He went on to muse that it was ‘unbelievable a five-year old seduces a 75-year old man’.
County Court of Victoria Judge Gabriele Cannon agreed. ‘The punishment must be just,’ she said.

Judge Cannon condemned Bezuidenhout for his ‘gross breach of trust’ and labelled his comments to police as ‘repugnant’.

‘You knew what you did was wrong … you blame the six-year old victim,’ she said. She sentenced the civil engineer to 22 months in jail, with a non-parole period of 10 months. With time served, Bezuidenhout will likely be deported back to South Africa in a little under seven months.

So Judge Cannon says “the punishment must be just” and then gives him what equates to 7 more months in prison ? Somehow that doesn’t sound very just to me.

Our judges comments suggest that they get the impact that child abuse has on our children, but then their actions speak much louder… when they hand them pathetically lenient sentences which equate to nothing more than a slap on the wrist. This gives the opposite message that our children’s lives are not valued by our society.

We simply must start punishing these vile creatures with much harsher sentences to send a loud and clear message that our children are valued by us and that if you hurt them, you are going to prison for a VERY long time !

One good piece of news is that He will return to South Africa alone after his wife filed for divorce. I guess he’ll blame the little girl for that too.

Cornelus Bezuidenhout you make me physically sick ! You should do everyone a favour when you get back to South Africa and go play with a Hippo ! How dare you try to blame an innocent little child for your sick perversions!

It never ceases to amaze me how arrogant and deluded these disgusting perverts are, blaming an innocent 6 year old for his heinous actions. Unbelievable!

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Adelaide schoolgirl stab accused ‘had target list’ – https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/11/01/19/39/adelaide-schoolgirl-stab-accused-allegedly-had-target-list

Question by Reader

Mim Cerviney Marshall I know just shocking that children are doing this even thinking this way. Something terrible wrong with our younger generations 🤗


Pam Morrow I can’t fathom events that will lead these horrifying thoughts. Is it drug related? PROBABLY, is it the way these kids were educated? Look at the past. History shows maybe that families internally become dysfunctional. Divorce rate is out of control, families break down. Children are hurt beyound endurance of family upheaval. Extended families work for the best interest of the child. The blame rests with us. Child born to you and me is our responsibility until the day we die. Children are not disposable toys. They grow to have children of their own. Still you the Grandma who gave birth to this lineage is our responsibility. That’s life folk. If you don’t understand what giving birth will do to your life, keep you legs together lol. 😁

Online trolls in NSW will now face being hit with AVO’s and could get up to 5 years behind bars.

Online trolls in NSW will now face being hit with AVO’s and could get up to 5 years behind bars.

NSW state parliament has written laws in line with Dolly’s law. For those unfamiliar with Amy ‘Dolly’ Everett’s story, she was the 14 year old Northern Territory girl who was cyber-bullied horrendously until sadly she took her own life. Her family have since fought hard to bring in Dolly’s law, a series of laws helping to end cyber bullying once and for all.

We at FACAA couldn’t applaud her family more, for their awareness raising campaign after Dolly’s death, to find the strength to rise up from such genuine tragedy and help to make such a lasting and real impact in their daughter’s name is nothing short of extraordinary.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Attorney General Mark Speakman have announced that under new amendments to the Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act, NSW Police will soon be able to slap online trolls with an apprehended violence order.

Police will also have the right to arrest offenders, who could face imprisonment of up to five years. Commonwealth laws currently enforce maximum sentences of just three years. The changes are designed to protect people from serious online abuse, ranging from serious cases of cyberbullying and trolling, through to the stalking and harassment of victims of domestic and personal violence.

The new legislation will be introduced into state parliament over the next few weeks. “The change we are announcing today recognises that online abuse can cause victims significant psychological trauma and have potentially devastating, even tragic consequences,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“These changes are not aimed at policing free speech. They are aimed at preventing abuse.”

Examples of abuse that these amendments aim to tackle include posting threatening or hurtful messages, images or videos online, repeatedly sending unwanted messages online, and sending abusive emails.

Mr Speakman said the reforms addressed an emerging trend of offenders threatening and harassing victims on social media.

“This activity can make its victims feel scared, powerless and depressed,” he said.

“The NSW Government is committed to protecting domestic violence victims and other members of the community from new threats that arise with advances in technology.”

We at FACAA have worked closely with the NSW state government and the attorney general Mark Speakman. While we do not endorse any particular political party we absolutely must applaud the efforts of Mr Speakman and his team to bring in laws that will prevent various forms of child abuse.

One law changed at a time and together, we will end child abuse, Rest in peace Dolly your name has been used to inspire laws that will help kids for generations.

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(60) (TODAY) A Song came to mind: “I Think I Love You” – by The Partridge Family. Another Song (too!), a (Chant) OM NAMAH SHIVAYA – done, wonderfully, by the devotees of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (NOT the sitar player, but the guru – Well, actually, I don’t know! He MIGHT play the sitar too!!) YouTube Om Namah Shivaya: calls upon Shiva to aid in the death of the ego & in rebirth (through meditation – devotion?) Reminder: a quote from Anonymous – GO IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR GREATEST HAPPINESS . . . IF you’ve lost your direction, maybe it’s best just to stay put (for a while). On the last page, the last few lines of Joseph Campbell’s “Flight of The Wild Gander:” “For there is, in fact, in quiet places, a great deal of deep spiritual quest & finding . . . . outside the sanctified social centers, beyond their purview & control: in small groups, here & there, and more often, more typically, by ones & two [Muffie & me] there entering the forest at those points which they themselves have chosen, where they see it to be most dark, and there is no beaten way or path. – – – What would I LIKE my life’s purpose to be? A: Helping to point Muffie in the “right” direction. Issue: Can your mind create a fantastic life for you? DAD – – to – – J – – ” . . . Glad we had this chat (About fastereft) Time: 1:11 P. M. Song selections: “You’re Just Too Good To Be True.” “(I Love You) Just The Way You Are.”

* – Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya – – – Raco Mozos (?) [Deva Premah: Om Namo Bhagavate”] “You have to BE A LIGHT TO YOURSELF” ; Krishnamurti “Don’t get caught in method” what Ram DASS said Neem Karoli Baba taught him after Baba took many pills of LSD & NOTHING HAPPENED! * “It’s ALL A STAND-UP COMEDY * 🙂


FB_IMG_1541432837215.jpgThings that money can’t buy

  • Sincerely
  • Manners
  • Respect
  • Common sense
  • Trust
  • Patience
  • Class
  • Love


INTERGRITY is a personal quality of fairness that we all aspire to having strong moral principles

Honesty is the ability to tell the TRUTH

TRUST ISSUES occur when all the above are used against you just for the predator for their own Narcissistic personality disorder.

The KINDNESS thing to do is not JUDGE




Don’t be the ENABLER




How stupid are we to even investigate things that happen in battle or on the battlefields.
Yes mistakes will be made but in moments when your life is in the balance what choice do you have.
The Government needs to stand up for our servicemen no matter what the situation or stop sending them into these shitholes where they are unsure of who they are fighting.

(56)  In the next moment – today is Thursday, March Something 😮😮

(56) In the next moment – today is Thursday, March something, Sam {My Dad!} walks in with a package (out of the blue – completely) from Rita Snipes 501 Nth 1st St – Alpine, TEX. – This is, to me, VERY disturbing!! VERY disturbing: (therefore) perhaps it is EXACTLY what I need – There is no good or bad . . . I still think I will wait to open (it) until I speak with YOU. “The unwanted is a most valuable time!” Bart Marshall: “I OPEN MY MOUTH & I’M LYING TO YOU.” Poem: “THE ETERNAL NOW!” Unraveling the thread of reality (What Reality?) The Eternal . . . NOW . . . I don’t know if the stories of our lives are not really . . . more truly mythologies, rather than histories & that we are more like refined (?) archetypes, rather than persons living any history. all that’s happening . . . it is? ARE we really here, NOW(?) But, There is nobody here, is there? This moment, (is) just a card CALLED NOW – now on top of an INFINITE deck of cards, all happening simultaneously – just with the top card the most apparent, recent manifestation of one eternal reality, apparent, somehow related to every other card apparently underneath . . . Endless, eternal succession – Unfathomable because how can one experience all these apparent events from all those apparent perspectives simultaneously(?)- It would, perhaps, just seem like a blur, or blackness, or whiteness, all streaming together, no sense, no purpose, all apparently related & then again having no relation at all POOF! Proof? = The near death experience, where one apparent entity reports apparently dying & having a “life review,” where all events seem to transpire in an instant, of self experiences & the experiences of “all others,” happening at once, but with a clarity of experiencing everything in some eternal moment. The Eternal . . . NOW. & WHAT ARE WE DOING, what am I writing – Spinning Our Wheels in endless effort to try to verbally clarify – the eternal condition of the absolute. an infinite number of descriptions – How many do we need, before we say, “ENOUGH!” But, then, what do we do? Well, we deal the next card – A mystery, for the future always is, isn’t it? & what if, suddenly, in the present, we really forget the PAST. If I do, will I still be asking The Beloved* to marry me? 🙂

{* The Beloved is an archetype, a SOMETHING – that we so identify with, that we feel we must be with! IF we are alone, we are LONE-ly, an apparently pitiable condition!}

What is it the human searching for answers to life? In the scheme of things does it really matter? Maybe, mankind looks for answers cause we were blessed with a unique brain. A Higher Voice once said “search and you will receive” Mad Mans Diary is just that!


(AREA) 51
A path of heart may not be hard, but it might be really hard on you . . .
in other words, it may not require much of any of what you PERCEIVE
to be “your effort: – i.e.: It might just seem to happen to you – out of
your control . . . like a stroke, or falling into 3 days of coma, or
an out-of-body experience from being hit by a car. So, those things
are really hard, in a sense . . . it’s just that it appears (that you) didn’t
make profound conscious effort to achieve them. Whew! – – – So what
do you do, just wait for IT? A: Evidently not, but you don’t go seeking
for it either. What if every existence is a path of Heart & you
are just not always aware of it? ex: one phase or lifetime COULD APPEAR
VERY MUCH NOT PART of The Heart (like being a mass murderer) – What about that?
THIS IS VERY dangerous thinking, isn’t it! But IF the lifetime can
only be understood in the context of all the other lifetimes (assuming you believe in the rubbish of reincarnation) it would make sense. You would need the big picture though & the big picture may only be identifiable by “FAITH,” because such proved revelation
would only defeat that lifetime’s “HEART” which is to be really
ignorant & depressed & distressed. This concept could not possibly
be true – or could it? Suddenly Charles Manson’s life & the life of
Hitler & The Son-of-Sam are transformed; any judgment of them becomes
different, yet IF they killed or tortured you in that lifetime, it
would probably not alter your pain IF you knew of the “big picture”
at the time of your (apparent) death. It would perhaps help you though to love
your enemies & you could say “they don’t know what they’re doing;
so I can perhaps really forgive them.” Jesus was said to say LOVE
YOUR ENEMIES, a next-to-impossible thing sometimes.

When Richard Rose was young, he had an event. One day, in his room,
his head started to really hurt! He thought it might be a stroke! “He” seemed
to fly out of his body & went & experienced whatever he thought. then, he
thought what OBLIVION might be like; suddenly, he “passed out.” The next
thing he knew, he was “back in his body.” So, I guess, oblivion is just
like passing out – nothing. My thought: he had an EVENT, just “something!”
Could that same “something,” for another person, be experienced as a
stroke? So, in a real way he did have a stroke, but his experience of
that something was not as the typical stroke is reported. THE POINT:
the same experience is not interpreted by all folks the same way! Some
folks, I suppose, are lucky: the similar, intense event can be what seems
like a real “good” event for them – it might still be pretty intense & even . . .

Diary of a Madman🕴🕴🕴🕴

. . . (49) . . . to an end, where procreation & real marriage are legitimate
objectives, not lust & sensual immersion/enjoyment, for its own
sake. Boy, oh boy, have I ever missed the mark (sinned).
I have to remember that this stuff can easily go “the other way”
& turn into self-righteousness & unkindness & demonization of
all “animal desires,” which are human desires which simply must
be recognized, & tamed or exploited, not demonized. Such an attitude
is itself, perhaps, as grievous as indulge(ance). The Peace that pass-eth
all understanding, then, has to be “the razor’s edge,” equanimity,
but ONLY by the “grace of God” is anyone Able to traverse this path (?)
I left “the path” (IF I was ever even approximately near/on it), it feels,
so long ago to my destruction and regret. America seems to have
done much the same thing, reflecting my “process.”
I’ve been reading “The Flight of the Wild Gander,” by Joseph Campbell,
& am reminded of the dream of the snake woman, who destroys
an Indian who lusts after her & then is consumed by the snakes of
his own passions. MY story . . . to my horror & regret. To live
long enough to recognize it is interesting, but regrettable unless,
I guess, I could again, somehow, take the position of: Is it bad;
is it good. who knows – I don’t even know, even though my
initial thought (or is it initial?) is (it’s) bad to fall, but to recognize
the fall, but HAVE I REALLY LEARNED A LESSON? The only way
to know is to live life, but I feel sure my life is over. It surely
seems that way = Another recurrent theme of this journal. –
Ladies, for the sake(s) of silly men (&many/most are) please, ladies,
dress & act modestly. Swami Rama said it was the advice to the
renunciant on the path, “Avoid money, women & fame.” – – – money might
get you beaten & robbed or killed; women are likely to confuse and
take(n) you off “the path,” through marriage & /or householder requirements,
& fame will use up all your time & possibly lead to self-adulation:
THE PATH IS narrow & steep, but for God’s grace, who can
traverse it?
(at this point, my mother must have just showed up!!) There’s Mom again, a seemingly perpetual “cleaner.” She was trained
with excellence, as a housekeeper & family provider. A noble
path. Truly she is to be recognized and applauded, rather then,
as I have done, despised for her apparent obsessive compulsiveness . . .(which is a trait that most of us might be wise to applaud and exploit, but we are now TAUGHT, by the medical/pharmaceutical establishment, to TREAT IT!! THEY tell us what is bad and good, and we buy into it!! . . . to our financial and health detriment. Sigh!)

Editor: These Journal pages break my heart into a million pieces too.

If I receive the writers permission an email received from a fellow suffer of a Broken Soul wrote in answer to these Pages. I will post here 😓

Stupid me💥💥💥

Suddenly that person

Just disappeared

You know how it feels

When he finally reappears

Out of the dark

“Sorry I meet someone else”

Being “no-one” all my life

Like you know making out it’s not a big deal anyway

Easy for me cause I am “Nobody” anyway

“Its Ok, I understand

She’s skinnier

She’s funnier

She’s prettier

Don’t worry,

I wouldn’t choose ME either