Story Teller

The Arcturians


We ask you to close your eyes and imagine a place of infinite splendour and wonderment.
Where the energy field is beyond your expectations, beyond the construct on your current reality.


Where beings unite and merge as way showers of knowledge and infinite expansion.

In your dimension the Planet appears desolate and uninhabitable, that is expected. For our world resonates in the Higher Light Spectrum. Where Light is infinite and worlds are endless.

My Personal Journey to Arcturus

As I visit my Arcturian Light Family on the ship, as I connect and merge with the Arcturian frequency.

I was told its time, in that moment my view changed to a planet, as we were moving closer.

As I entered the higher dimensional light system. I was immersed in a world of colour brilliance and balance. Of a high vibrational intelligence humming from everything I saw.

A feeling of peace, tranquility and galactic intelligence. Where pure universal love radiated, freedom and white light shined.

I saw a Light City of consciousness and light. A world where the essence of life was integrated within every structure.

The colours were shades of blue, mauve, white and silver. It was a beautiful stream of colours perfectly aligned with the vibrational energies I was feeling.

I was informed the colours of the city can change, just like the leaves of a tree, as the energies align and flow with the universal light codes.

The experience is imprinted within my soul. It has activated aspects of me, expanded my knowledge of the Arcturian frequency.


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