Story Teller 🕊📝

Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save

The 127-year-old man

There was a legendary story some say a myth or fairytale told to the young children who sit next to the train rails begging for food hoping to find work instead of jail

As the legends go and it’s slightly different I’m warned that every time of the 127-year-old who decides

Age without the help of herbs like sage and new medicines man-made.

On one blistering hot day, a man stopped and played with some of the children who played near the tracks.

As he begins to speak of this tale a young boy raised his hand waving it likes ships windy sail
He shouted out “hey can you please just tell us is it truly is the man you knew did he live to be 127 years old just like you ”

Never let what’s giving you grace ever be replaced by what’s emphasizing you straight to your face.

Love the one your with because it’s them who leave the gift after the stories are long gone

Be mindful now however and wherever your place is home

See there’s very little time to waste
On fairy tales to debate

So please try and understand that life is the

Of the 127-year-old man 💥

By ace101

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