High Vibration 💥💥

The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large💥

As we get closer to this date, it will become important to keep your vibration high.

The higher the frequency of the planet at the moment of “split,” the greater the range of new frequencies that will be unlocked for us.

By keeping our vibration high, we can also raise the frequency of the planet, making it more difficult for others to sink into lower vibrations.

We can keep our vibration high not by trying to be positive all the time, but by staying true to ourselves.

Our vibration resonates at its most when we are true to how we feel, connected and accept who we are: flaws and all.
This “split” that is taking place on Earth is ultimately helping us to reach new levels of growth. There will be more light on offer for us, and with that more hope, more peace and more prosperity.

December 19, 20, 21, 2020 would be the perfect day for a manifestation ritual, to visualize what you want to attract and what you want for the world.

It is a good day to be clear about what you wish to focus on, to get in touch with your spirituality and to be very clear about your heart-focused intentions.And your consciousness will be Days, which we have never seen, never on. earth, the Vitoria of the light of our planet Earth, the end of slavery, of the population,) these are my thoughts, on this planet of ours, heartfelt thanks, all United with a planetary Meditacióne, in those days.

By ace101

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