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The Ghostly Nurse of Bexar County Hospital According to legend, a murderous apparition went from room to room at the old Bexar County Hospital, killing patients in order of their room number.
In one particular ward that seemed to be the hotspot, patients kept asking about “the nurse in the old-fashioned uniform.” Bewildered, hospital staff checked the security monitors and noticed patients behaving strangely, seemingly speaking to someone who wasn’t there or grasping for something when nothing was in front of them. The staff became more suspicious when the patients started dying in room number order. The deaths ended when the next room in the sequence was vacant.

Sadly, San Antonio had a very real angel of death in their midst at Bexar County Hospital, in the form of Genene Jones, who was convicted of poisoning somewhere between 11 and 50 infants between 1977 and 1982. She is currently serving a life sentence at the Dr Lane Murray Unit in Gatesville, Texas.


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