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Secrets of a teenager


I remember crossing the road in Syndey long ago

By the grace of God, we hit head on

What a whack in the face Rod Stuart was

My heart goes into the rapid pace

Oh my goodness

Me on my backside


On the footpath

I started to have tears running down my face

That day I was a kid of fourteen who thought she knew everything

He pulled me up so graciously

Dusting me off with dirt down my legs

I died of shame that day and suddenly here I was nose to nose with my hero

My impression still shames me

My hero was my hight with skinny legs. At least my long hair hide my shame


I couldn’t string two words together

To shy to say ” sorry ”

He had a lovely smile

Stupid me blushing, voiceless

My Brother Diamond Harry pushed me aside like a sack of dirty potatoes

Getting himself in the spotlight

Needless to say Diamond accepted the two tickets to the nightclub where Rod Stewart performed that night


Yes he went in all his glory but not me because I was the runt of the litter

So close, so faraway from my fantasy performer

Thinking back maybe he wasn’t my first!

Saved from the filly stables!

What a blessing to be a virgin

Redeemed for another day when I married

And I was no party either

Gee, I’m happy to have been a teenager full of naivety

Rod Stewart will always be a hero in my mind

Wonderful memories

My Brother Diamond Harry R. I. P. Passed over to young. Always on my mind

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