Now ⚜

If your heart can dream it, then your hands can build it.

You are the forward edge of life’s advancement; at this moment in time, you are the finest expression of life’s brilliance.

All of history has pointed its refining focus to your life this moment.

You are the culmination of all that ever was.

You are the highest point of the vast pyramid of history and your own life.

Eons of suffering, brutality and struggle have paved the way through the corridors of time to create this moment, where you exist as an exalted expression of life.

Life is ever reaching for strength, vitality, survival and the fulfilment of perpetuating its inherent message of continuance.

You are that reach! Nature has placed you on the throne of royalty as the heir of all life that preceded you.

Did you not inherit the Earth and all of life? You are the grand estate and administrator of – now.

Do not squander your endowment. Dare not surrender to weakness you divine creation! Stand-up! You are the apex, the zenith, and the capstone.

Your power and brilliance is the most awesome force life could muster.

Do not forget or take for granted the splendour of God’s unconditional love and Majesty.

Your mind, your motion and your expression is an animation to marvel and to praise.

All of life and history is holding you on its shoulders so you can stretch one atom further.

Seize this moment and feel the glory of life’s gift coursing in your deepest sinews.

Relish at this moment. Be astounded. You are nothing less than a miracle ⚜

By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen