Torment 😔

My Heart Belongs to San Francisco 🖤

I’ll Go

I know its been hard and yes I know you’ve been scared i know you’ve been excumunicated i know you’ve been barred from feeling closer and centered deep within your heart
Still I need you to know

I’ll Go

Yes i know you’ve felt like a leppard a viral gone free a last thought a shepard without his flock a time bomb tickicking away at the clock
You perform for an audience that refuses
to show a orchestra with horns drums string and bow
But I need you to know

I’ll Go

I understand your a present who’s never been unwrrapped a gift a treasure but lost on the map
i can see you’ve been the giver yet always attaked the healer to the wounded while all others retract

A guide for the journeyman while the world was on your back
But please know this… that yes…

I’ll Go

Don’t give up when you can’t see the ground
It’s trying enough when life seems up when it should be down

Its painful to be seen right when your already wrong its hard to stay the course when the roads so long
But you’ve got to know this…. In times like this

I’ll Go

Because I’m here
now and that’s what matters the most beyound the archers with their arrows the demons with their ghost
You have to know and know.. that
I’ll Go

I want you to know that love is this and this love is here in times of rain and snow

You can ask me please…
yes allow it to be me .
I need you to know here is where we grow

So ..again your not alone you just need to know

That …

I’ll Go

Yours always …Love

By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen

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