Titled The Conversation ⚜

How do you feel? Well, it’s lonely in here.
and it’s hard to breathe it’s dark and I can barely see clear

Tell me what can I do for you? You could tell me how to live a life without this fear of being forgotten where no one hears

Ok I can try to supply you with a few things to help you in this awful place I can see that your in

My lord ! it looks like I should hurry,
I’m starting to worry!
I’m getting to understand your unfortunate position I can see you need some vital attition

Hang in there !

I’m trying but it’s difficult to stop crying if I’m honest it’s as though I’m dying

No need for hiding because when trapped there’s no use for lying anymore so speak up and tell me what you need

Yes i know I’ve been in pain and hurt before but not to say to this extinct where there’s nothing more .

Yes I understand.

I’ll look right here i believe I’ve got some food along with some tools to get you out ooh dear!

This mess well it must feel like the worst kind of test without any clues
Thank you no really thank you a lot I could use some good news

Well no matter what happens I’m here with

Humm ….i know that voice it’s familiar like that sound in a church a synogage or mosque you know that silent but hopeful choir clapping thing.

Yes exactly us spirits sound kinda like that at times and other times a familiar childlike rhyme !

Look i understand where you are right now but in fact it was nice in the mist of everything us having these conversations back

So just one thing I need to know .
Do you think you could muster up this one small ask of me ?

Sure if I can will see if I can some how

Yes it’s just a bit tricky from where you are with all the rain and cloud i know this ask will feel forign and afar

Well I’ll try!


accordingly could you lean back and just try and relax chest out and don’t look back and realize this that

your life’s on track your soul and me your spirit has never left

So peace be with you
and let’s speak soon .

By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen