The taste of life

There’s nothing more than an astronomical
delight from strawberries to peppercorn to spices that bite
Put out your toung and drink from the grapes the old ones and the young .

Role in the apples that have fallen from the trees and look around at the mangos that hang from it’s leaves
Can you believe the drip of the mellon
like the art of Picasso and Magellain

Burry yourself in the smell of tangerines then get lost in it’s flavor like the memory of a dream
Rubarb so bizar while tamatos move you as pacannie”s one stringed cello
In the gardens so wild.

Ooh let’s not forget the pair the feel of sand yet the host of man and
with a sweetness so precious it’s held by
The rich to the unfortunates hand

Have you ever stop to think you’re more than all of these fruits and taste bud organisms

See you’re made from the maker of all things eatable for the universe knew it would be you who would be the one to taste theses sensstatiable cold and warm mouth-watering flights

Simply because you are unmistakably

The taste of life

From the mind and soul of Brent G Hutchins 🙏

By ace101

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