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Every now and then we all have days we want to have a do over.

Though we try to avoid negative energy, it still shows up in some times, unexpected ways.

For the last 60 days days or so I have been efforting to have our master bathroom looked in on. Turns out my eville daughter has some blame here. As do I as spirit has been nagging me about having that bathroom checked on.

Turns out there was a burst water intake hose to the toilet. Lots of water flooding the bathroom and bedroom. Perhaps for weeks. The water bill will tell the story.

We could be upset that the problem wasn’t dealt with earlier. Or we could see it as an opportunity for a remodeling of the master bedroom and bathroom. Can’t let this negative energy control our harmony.

Blame doesn’t fix a problem. Acknowledging the problems and dealing with them is required. I should have found a way to check what spirit was warning me about. Eville should have done what we requested 10 days ago and not said it was done when it wasn’t. Problems acknowledged, now report an insurance claim. Knowing it will raise the insurance rates as we actually used the insurance!

May we all be blessed to be calm in situations that make being calm difficult. May we recognize that creating negative energy is counter productive and choose to see the bright side. Even if we have to be creative about finding the bright side.

By ace101

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