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This painting of a young woman breastfeeding an old man in a prison cell was sold for Euros 30 million.

The painting may look perverse but the story behind is from historical records.

The poor man was sentenced to β€œdeath by starvation” for stealing a loaf of bread during the reign of Louis XIV in France.

The woman was his only daughter and the only visitor to his cell. She was allowed to visit him daily but was frisked thoroughly such that no food was taken in.

When after 4 months the man still survived with no weight loss, the authorities were perplexed and started spying on her in the cell and to their utter astonishment found her to breastfeed her father to the fullest sharing her baby’s milk.

The judges then realizing the compassion and love of the woman for her father, pardoned the father and set him free.

This piece of history brings into focus how deep is a woman’s compassion in our daily lives that men often tend to overlook.


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