American Native Indian Predicts America’s Future 😔

Yeah, what a big bag of wind Trump is.

And Biden is the sorriest most useless puppet of the corporate enemy this country has ever produced.

This country is going to regret ever having elected him.

We are going to see our taxes go spiralling upwards and the prices of food rent and utilities go reeling out of control and our fundamental human rights are going to be stripped from us. The whole nation is going to go the way California has.

Our vote is meaningless in California.

Every initiative on the ballot we pass gets overturned in either the state legislature or The California Supreme Court.

The State has stripped us already of most of the Civil Rights guaranteed in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights by redefining them to mean something not even close to what they were originally intended not even close to the meaning of the written words.

It has been abstracted to mean anything they want it to mean.

It can mean anything they want it to and can change from one court case to the next with the judges ruling for whatever the district attorney decides to define them.

All the corporation wants Biden will give them cos he is a weakling that has never had a backbone.

The corporations will run wild and roughshod over the Constitution and the rights of the people and enacting the legislation it wants to further the short-sighted sakes of their miserly profit.

The USA is about to enter the darkest days of her history and the freedom what’s left of it will be no more.           

   This country is in for a corporate takeover the likes the world has never seen, and it’s going to spread like a disease to all the shores including your own. The takeover will be swift and complete. Already there are large concentration camps in the USA storing millions of empty coffins in them.

These facts have already become public complete with the areas where they are built with the photos of them and even the huge stacks of empty coffins stored there.

It is easily found on the internet for all to see with easy access to it and yet the people are still blind.

Still believe what they see on TV and refuse even to see the reality of their fates.

Those mass of coffins alone should spark some curiosity.

Why would there suddenly be a hundred million coffins mass-produced without explanation? 

    The answer is simple: they plan on filling them.

They are going to decide who lives and who dies.

Your people need to open their own eyes because they are in for a similar fate as is the rest of the world.

China released the Covid pandemic on a people living in a poor province admittedly, and the United Nations and the rest of the world have not raised any objection or protest.

China still holds it’s a seat in the UN on the committee for Human Rights Violàtions.

Ask yourself why is it no longer a violation in the eyes of the world to unleash such a deadly virus on its people for the reason that it’s okay cos it’s only the poor.

And this virus did not spread over the whole world practically overnight cos so many people going to and from China by the airline.

First of all business people don’t fly to or make business deals with poor people who live in poor, isolated provinces and poor people in poor isolation provinces don’t travel outside their poor provinces and certainly can’t afford to travel abroad even if their Government allowed it.

It is not allowed for any Chinese citizens to travel freely abroad except for few that have special permission for special people.

This pandemic was introduced to the whole world in every corner of it.

I have never been a believer in ALL these conspiracy theories.

I saw this coming in visions long ago.

I tried to warn as many people as I could long ago.

I told them NOW is the time to seize the time.

No one listened, and I fear even to tell them what awaits them soon and the after-effects from it.

But the future always outgueses the human race and the corporate enemy’s plans are not going to turn out the way they had hoped and the world wide destruction far more significant than they had planned.

The ensuing chaos is going to destroy any dreams of the worldwide domination they had expected for.

The Earth mother will stop yielding crops the rains will seldom fall the people rather than will fall upon each other for their grisly sustenance.

Why such visions would be given to someone of little note as I am with hardly the influence to stop anything nearly of this magnitude is beyond me.

Makes little sense to provide these prophetic visions to an obscure medicine man who is, for the most part, unfamiliar to his people.

I wrote these off as just the nightmares of my overimaginative inventive mind until decades later I began to see the newsreels and watched in horror as they unfolded before my eyes and ears EXACTLY one by one as I saw years before and was able to astound many I knew of discoveries and events just before they happened.

I can only tell them things are going to get a LOT worse before they get better if they do get any better

But as I was about to say get any better at all.

My visions ended with the Earth Mother exploding in a mass of destruction of numerous catastrophes of earthquakes storms and significant volcanic eruptions leaving a barren and lifeless landscape covered in almost complete darkness and blanketed in vast sheets of ice.

If it is the end of all human race or ALL life is something I was not shown.

I can only hope that a few of our species somehow manage to survive this.

By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen

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