Start in Over ~

Starting over.

Sometimes life requires us to start over, whether we want to or not.

Life-crushing events throw us off track, and even knock us down. We imagine our lives going a certain way and then BAM! Things flip out of control. We find ourselves living (suffering) in the aftermath, wondering how we are going to move forward. We’ve hit bottom.

Oddly, this is where the magic begins to happen. And it’s in this sacred place where we learn to reboot.

This is where “shift happens” or what my friend and medium Lisa Potts The Multifaceted Medium calls a “HOLY shift” moment. We crack open, as painful as it is, and find ourselves on a journey to find the answers in order to reconstruct and reinvent our lives. This is our second chance.

Starting over is not a sign of failure. Rather, it is a mark of courage.

We can’t change the past, but we can use it to our advantage by learning from it, giving us the freedom to create the life we truly want.

By ace101

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