“A CLOSE SHAVE!” a poem a.k.a.: “Sheared For Love!” in the series: “Love of Skin!” July 13, 2019 (Saturday)

I shaved-off all my hair so-my-skin-is-so-exposed;

Then, I got a sunburn, and-I-also sup-posed,

That I-would-get-a-rash – oh, what’s-this I-have–done?

To smooth off my skin – just-to have-a-little-fun?

No, no, I-did “the close shave,” so-I-can rub-‘gainst-you,

As close as-humanly pos-sible – This-is all-brand-new,

To-have someone-else – also-cra-zy-a-bout-skin!

Skin-to-Skin Contact! Is-it really a-sin?

For, I just want-to get so-close – that our-pores-might-embrace,

That the-epidermal becomes-one, from place to place!

Skin-to-Skin-a-Contact – with nothing in-between!

It’s the-closest-thing to-Heaven – that I-have ever seen!

“HOLD ME-CLOSE!” a well-used phrase,

But-can-it-be REAL-close, unless you’re-allowed-to-gaze,

At each-others’ skin and-see right-in,

To the soul – and-hear -the-drop-of-a-pin?

Together! Shall-we – walk- “The-[fabled] Razor’s-Edge,”

Making a solemn-vow, to-get-us to-The-Edge,

Of molding together – as-one amorphous “blob!”

Screw it-in right-here! “That-portal” needs-“a-knob!”

fin <3


By ace101

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