She’s A Man Eater 💯💥💥

“MS. FAIRLIE’S* ADVICE TO CLOWNS THAT ACT UP IN HER CLASS.” a poem, for October 17, 2019 (Thor’s Day)

I went to Carol Fairlie* and I askedHerHowIcouldBE,

A FAIRLY goo ood artist clown, and this she said to me:

“I really do not know, you clown, for I’mAnAMAZING (pause) ‘Art(e)ist,’

BUT IF you want to be like me, the thing that’s really hardest,

Is just to KEEP ON SWIMMINGinThePaint AND getYourFingersDirty,

For, often, MESSY is notAbadWay to really make things purty.”

But, also, this she said: “WhenYouCompleteIT, youKnow INyour ‘Mona Lisa style,’

Clean up your stuff, just like MAnet, and then The World will smile,

Upon you when they see that you, that you are very neat,

And your paintings TOO, extraordinary, so they will want to greet,

You at your fine receptions and buy lots of your work;

ANYWAY, (pause) THAT’S MY ADVICE,” and, then,

The questioning, costumed jerk,

You know THAT CLOWN GUY just sprAng (pause) he headed out the door,

Presumably, to sniff some psychedelic paint; will he sniff forevermore?

And (pause) as he gotInHisSleigh & reindeer soared, Rudolf asked him: “Boss,

HowDidYouDoInTheFrancoisBuilding?” “Well, M(r)s. Fairlie* was fairly cross,

‘Cause she doesn’t care for interruptions from artists, you know, like St. Nick.”

“Oh, (pause) so Carol was a little cold?” “Yeah, butIcouldTellSheThoughtIlookedSlick.”

AND, as they all raced out of sight with Santa in his flowing gown,

Brandon Apodaca was still kind of scared of prettyMuch every clown,

Brandon is still a💟clown😂🤣😅

But, although Brandon might have still been afraid of that costumed gent,

He put his 95 bucksInAnEnvelope so he could get an original Carol Fairley;

Yes, that is where it went.

And, if you don’t think this scene really happened, well, you should think again,

For this is ALPINE, TEXAS, The Home of THE Arts and, also,

Some fairly (pause) interesting sin.

fin ♥

  • -Professor of Arts, Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Texas, U. S. A.
She’s A Man Eater 💯❤

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