Shalom 🕯️🙇🌟✨💫

Morning Blessing:

May God lift your chin, awaken your heart, and open your eyes to all you possess in Him.

May you refuse to let your disappointments define you.

May you instead stand on that barren land and envision a harvest.

May you experience a revival of faith in the very place of your heartbreak! Instead of rehashing your losses, determine to rehearse His promises because they’re truer than your circumstances.

Believe that God is true and faithful to His promises.

Understand that perseverance must have its perfect work in us in order for us to mature.

God trains us, teaches us, and entrusts us with a calling that’s beyond us.

As long as we walk this earth, we’ll be stewarding today’s assignment while believing God for our next one.

God is writing a beautiful story with your life.

Today’s a good day to embrace faith, to give thanks, and to worship the One who keeps His promises.

In due time, you’ll see a breakthrough. Have a blessed life

Shalom ✌️👑🙇🕯️🔆✨

By ace101

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