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Brisbane neurosurgeon Peter Lucas will not serve a day behind bars despite being caught with vile child exploitation material featuring a toddler.

::::::::::::::::::::TRIGGER WARNING:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Brain surgeon Peter Geoffrey Lucas, 45, was the member of an online group which described itself as a “safe place” for people attracted to minors and adopted the hashtag #pedosexuals. Lucas recently pleaded guilty in the Brisbane District Court to one charge of distributing child exploitation material in June last year after he was caught when he unwittingly sent the material to an undercover police officer online.

The court heard tragically Lucas had been the victim of notorious paedophile Kevin Lynch, a counsellor at the Brisbane Grammar School from 1989 to 1997 who abused at least 100 children and committed suicide upon being charged.

Prosecutor Noel Needham said on June 20, Lucas contacted another person in the “pedosexuals” group and without being asked, sent them one photo and two videos depicting child pornography. One image was of a naked girl aged about 12 years old, another was a 23-second video of a girl aged about 14 in the shower touching herself sexually, and a particularly appalling two-minute video of a female toddler being sexually abused with a toothbrush before an adult male ejaculates on her.

“It is absolutely heinous that there was a video of a very young child being ejaculated on,” the prosecutor said.

“The material itself was highly sexually charged.”

Defence barrister Saul Holt said Lucas accepted his behaviour was
“appalling and disgraceful” and said he did not rely on his abuse at the hands of Lynch as an excuse for his behaviour. Mr Holt said Lucas’ since being caught, Lucas’ marriage had broken down, he was living with his parents, his successful Spring Hill private medical practice had collapsed and he was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Judge Paul Smith said those outcomes were as a result of Lucas’ own actions and he had “brought this on himself”. Judge Smith noted when Lucas sent the images to the police officer, he engaged in discussion with the undercover police officer about the images and suggested he had engaged in sexual activity with children but the court heard there was no evidence of that and he accepted it was “fantasy talk”.

“Fantasy talk but serious talk indeed,” Judge Smith said.

“The crown accepts there is no evidence you’ve touched children actually.

“Deterrence is crucial in this area, general deterrence is paramount. It is not a victimless crime.”

Yes your honour Deterrence IS crucial and this IS NOT a victimless crime however giving an entirely suspended sentence IS NOT a deterrent and DOES NOT help bring justice to the victims of this crime !

Judge Smith said while the abuse by Lynch was not an excuse, it did help to explain why he had engaged in the behaviour. Lucas has not practiced medicine since the charge was laid and Mr Holt said if he chose to try and return to that work, he would have a long road ahead trying to convince the medical authorities to reinstate him. Lucas was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment wholly suspended. A conviction was recorded.

Peter Lucas you should be behind bars for a VERY long time. How you can think it’s ok to discuss “fantasy talk” about raping children or pass out videos of toddlers being raped is beyond me. How you can then blame your own victimisation like it is an excuse is just pathetic. Ask any survivor any real survivor and they will tell you that they wouldn’t inflict the hell they went through upon their very worst enemy !

Suspended sentences bring no justice no deterrence and are an utter waste of a judgement !

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