Secret Love ~

Secret Love

When SECRET LOVE becomes-FULLblownLOVE, Everyone applauds! * A truly, really SECRET LOVE – excludes “the other broads!” * Because a SECRET LOVE like ours is super-duper neat! * A SECRET LOVE like ours, My Love – well-you just-can-not -beat! * It makes the morning sun to rise and makes the birdies sing! * These-are The Keys of a SECRET LOVE, which is-NOT a silly fling! * Because Two Hearts with SECRET LOVE, are happy evermore! * SECRET LOVE! It is OUR LOVE, and it is at The Core! * The Core of SECRET LOVE’s The-Center, of all creation, Dear! * That is why you never, ever need to ever fear! * For, at the center, there-are NO-LOCKS, so-we-can throw away any key! * OUR LOVE IS OUT, Oh JOY, My Love; The SECRET? (is) Our-LOVE will-always-be!