FROM MY SERIES POEMES philosophiques


I am just a seagull winging over the sea
Embracing the surface, or skimming the waters.

One day I tried to beat convention, ascend higher
And then perceived a dot on the stratosphere.
I telescoped my eyes as far as the lens can go
A crow passed that way black as midnight
Winging slow clumsy, un-streamlined shape
It found me staring at the heights and told me
“You are watching an eagle; so royal, you foolish bird,
With longing, wanting, wishing, like crazy.”
“Caw, caw,” he guffawed, his red tongue lolling out.
“You fool, once I perceived you, became envious,
How you fly and dive, so dexterous, so streamlined
You hit the water, a fish is in your beak, anytime.
To be satisfied with leftovers is my lot.”
I looked at him with disgust, distrust, sly as a fox
Dirty and slovenly and mundane to the roots.
I said, “Pshaw,” and left him, the eagle still in my eyes.

I wanted to ponder, to plan to be an eagle
Not satisfied with my lot like the oily crow.
Flew out to the sea to a crop of romantic rocks
That I used to go with my lovely on tow.
Once there I landed on a flat rock, wings closed.
Eyes raised heavenward, my body tense
Feathers hugging my torso, my beak so bleak,
Grew terrified for a moment, self-fear.
Aiming myself straight at the eagle
Soaring still in the high heavens,
Tensing my shape to potent strength
Heavenward, I launched myself.

Cleaving the air to smithereens
In a streamlined dive upward
Surged my torso limbs and all
In a heady adrenalin climb.

The thrust initial soon began to lose force
Friction came into potent play
My force waned, but I did not waver
Gravitation pulled me down
Friction with all its force opposed
I fought, rebelled, a Prometheus
My feathers lost their purchase
The shallow roots came undone
In a moment I became bald
I did not give up, my mind surged
My body resisted, the bones
The tendons creaking
The muscles coming undone
A machine de-assembled.

Pain excruciating, heart thundering
Breathing like bellows
Body floundering
I heard the crow from far away
Guffawing booing mocking.
I steeled myself, mind focused
Made a desperate spring upward
I almost collapsed and then
Wonder of wonders
My torso lengthened
My beak sharpened
My wings toughened
My legs full-clawed and huge
Red brown feathers spurted
All over, long and smooth
With a pristine white collar
Eyes agate lit from within
Virile, handsome and regal;
And lo! I’d become an eagle!
Emperor of all skies
Blue, grey, foggy and cloudy
My abode the Himalayas
Embracing the heavens
With all the gods smiling on me.

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