Scarborough Fair~


“SCARBOROUGH FAIR!” * a poem, a.k.a.: “A Diversified Portfolio!” 4 Aug 2019 (Sunday)

“Stay loose and limp! Breathe long and sigh!

Do not believe – all-the[se]-things-‘catchin’-your-eye!’

Diversify your-‘portfolio’ with 20% to-The-“Arts,”

20% to the government! and 20% to smelling f – – ts!

20% might-go to-your Cabin in-The-Wood,

Where you-can-grow-some-lettuce, just-like-our-forefathers-could,

And raise a chicken – or maybe a cow or two,

And, when you cry, hopefully-it’ll-be-a-happy milieu?”

This LIFE? It seems – like-such-a-corn-u -co-pia;

Perhaps dystopia! or, maybe, utopia!

Who-knows? Tell me to love you – or tell me to die;

Laugh if you will! or we-can both cry!

Who knows what tomorrow – brings-for-us, My Dear!

Shall we be hopeful? or shed a big tear?

You can imagine a God, who’s nice and kind,

Or a big, devil guy – who is stuck in your mind!

Both-though will-expect-you – to-worship THEIR THEME!

Or-you’ll-maybe-worship: Big Pharma? or-a-“meme?”**

fin ♥

[And]-the-other-20%? Why-not-keep-it-for-YOU,

To-invest-with (in) or “blow,” as you-see-fit to!?

  • – Life is a FAIR! and! also an-af-fair,

And-sometimes-it-seems LIFE-ISN’T-FAIR!

Do-you carry SCARs? picked-up-along-The-Way?

Probably so, probably so – but here’s what I say:

“Just-a-keep going, with a good, steady pace,

And-don’t-talk-to ‘haters!’ They’re-all-over-the-place!”

** – an element of culture, passed from generation to generation by IMITATION,

OR – is it SIMPLY a cute image or video, passed rapidly by Internet users? You decide!