Diwakar Methil Poet

Romance ~


If I have ears
Sensitive antennae
Attuned to nature

The singing of a lark
Threnody of waves

Patter of rain
On a tiled roof

Soft wind blowing
Leaves murmur
Their sweet pleasure

Bird’s lonesome call
To a far off mate

Infants’ laughter
Quarrelsome kids

The sound of a piano
Whispering Für Elise
John Lennon’s
Rendition, Imagine.

An then…
I am attuned
To my beloved

Peals of laughter
Throaty moan
Endless pleasure
Of being with you.

No more I wander.
Nor my senses too.


By J. J. Samels Davis

Your problem isn't the problem
Your reaction is the problem😌
When you genuinely want something goes after it
Without limiting yourself, the Universe will make it be ~Shalom ~