Rewarding Self-Discipline:

Delaying Gratification

The satisfaction of desire is not happiness Wisdom

Not many people will have the discipline to delay gratification. In fact, with the leaps and bounds in modern technology, we can have almost everything we want at practically the push of a button. And this is where you, with your self-discipline, will stand out from the crowd. If you’re disciplined, it will be easier for you to say “no” to instant gratification and wait for some time before rewarding yourself.

In place of seeking immediate rewards, you can instead pat yourself on the back and praise yourself. Then you can encourage yourself to wait just a little bit more and do some more work before you finally reward yourself with a sweet treat. This practice is self-discipline at its finest.

Acknowledging your self-discipline provides a great mental boost and allows you to build your self-confidence, too. Encouraging yourself to continue doing what you’re doing does excellent wonders for yourself. And don’t think only the crazies talk to themselves because we ALL speak to ourselves. You just need to block out all the nonsense and negative thoughts in your head and focus only on positive mental chatter.

Another important benefit of delaying gratification is you’re strengthening your self-control, too. If you’ve set your mind to only rewarding yourself after you’ve done a particular task, then you will do your best to make sure you finish the task early and to a good standard (nope, haphazard quality work doesn’t count). Otherwise, if you fail to complete it, then you will not be rewarding yourself.

Conceding if you’re planning to reward yourself with a movie ticket to the newest Hollywood blockbuster, then you’ll stop procrastinating and Googling details about the movie and its leading stars, where it was filmed, and maybe even some funny bloopers.

Rather, you’ll close out unnecessary tabs on your browser and laser-focus on your tasks. You’ll also tell yourself that if you don’t finish within the day, then you can kiss that movie ticket goodbye because you won’t be watching it on the big screen. With any luck, it might be on Netflix in a few months, but you know just how awesome it feels when you’re watching a movie in a darkened theatre with a hundred other people screaming and laughing with you!

Postponing gratification is an excellent exercise for improving your focus and concentration. It keeps procrastination at bay and motivates you to do more so you can reward yourself. In some ways, it is like stressing yourself in tiny doses, but this is not the wrong kind of stress, mind you. Managing good stress is quite easy if you have self-discipline and when coupled with an excellent rewards system, then you can reach your goals with small steps in the right direction.

When you delay instant gratification, you will experience long term satisfaction


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