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Rest in Peace innocent 4 year old Willow, she was allegedly left to die by her “father.”

Rest in Peace innocent 4 year old Willow, she was allegedly left to die by her “father.”


At 7pm there will be an online candlelight vigil for baby girl Willow Dunn, you can join in by using the hashtags #HerNameIsWillow and #T21Community.

Baby girl deserved so much better than she was given. Please share your tributes for little Willow using the hashtags.

:::::::::::::::::TRIGGER WARNING::::::::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::::TRIGGER WARNING::::::::::::::::::::::::

Willow Dunn, 4, was found dead at a Cannon Hill address on Monday morning but police allege she was murdered by her father on Saturday and left in her bed.

A 43 year old man has been arrested and charged with her murder. He did not appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Tuesday and has been remanded in custody to reappear in the same court later in July. He allegedly told police he found Willow dead in her cot, and later saw signs she had been attacked by rats, but no one raised the alarm for two days.

Apparently when paramedics arrived in his home after he called them MONDAY (she passed away on Saturday night !) and saw the abhorrent state his daughter was in he remarked “I am in trouble aren’t I” His daughter is lying dead in her crib and he is worried about the trouble he is in…. I have no words for this level of inhumanity. This is the last we will speak of him.

Police would not confirm the girl’s cause of death or whether a postmortem examination has been completed, but The Courier Mail reports the four-year-old had horrific sores on her body after being starved and left to die. They allege she had burns to her scalp, and infected bone-deep sores on her hips.

The newspaper reports Willow had sores on her hips so deep the bones were exposed when police found her at the home on Bent Street on Monday. The Mail also reports that the child’s stepmother lived at the home with children of her own but no one else has been charged.

Little Willow’s mother sadly passed away due to complications during Willow’s birth.

Neighbours of the family told The Australian they never knew about Willow.

“They’ve been there for that long and we didn’t know a little girl lived there,” one neighbour said. “I can’t believe it.” ‘That’s the big take-home for me. I can’t believe it.’
Police will allege Willow had been left with no food, and was badly malnourished.

Down Syndrome Australia issued a statement after the heartbreaking news. “The (alleged) neglect or abuse of any child is not acceptable,” Down Syndrome Australia CEO Dr Ellen Skladzien said.
“Children with disabilities, as any other children in the community, should be protected and cared for.”

Rest in peace little angelic Willow, that this could happen in 2020 is incomprehensible. We are all responsible for the safety of all children, and we must ensure this never happens again. The Department of Child Safety has confirmed it had contact with the family in relation to Willow, and still this happened to Willow.

HerNameWasWillow and she will not be forgotten.

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