“REDEMPTION.” a poem 14 January 2020 [Tuesday]

Can you find peace in your pain now?

I turned to music; I thought, somehow,

Peace of mind, then might descend,

Upon me. No. Is this the end?

Who knows what suffering’s right for me?

Where is happiness? Is there a key,

For finding Hope? Is She still there?

Pandora’s Box it looks so bare.

Is this Purgatory? or is it Hell?

Heaven, I thought. Can we tell?

Was I mistaken? MuchTortureCan,

Be appreciated by a thankful man.

“Give up yet?” “Yes, I’ve had enough;

It all seems, I think, pretty tough.”

Suffering, they say is good for a soul;

Can’t mercy also be a goal?

Where’s mercy now? I’ve no excuse.

I’ve lived this life. Was I of use?

I do not know, but, in grateful state,

I thank You at this latest date.

Thank you for my fam i ly.

Thank you for good compan y.

Thank you mostly for thankfulness;

I give thanks for an apparent mess.

I need to try; I need to hope,

That Grace can help me not to mope,

But to be grateful, for whate’er,

Happens here, including Fear.

I thank the pain in body & mind.

With thanks, you know, I think I’ll find,

Redemption waiting at the door;

May I be thankful evermore.

fin ♥

Mystic Poet

By ace101

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